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15 Signs You Are Having A Spiritual Awakening!

Spiritual Awakening Kundalini Rising - I Am Awakened - Make A Living From Home In 2017

What do I mean with spiritual awakening?

Well, let me explain this state of awareness or consciousness from my perspective, complemented with some useful information I found during my research when trying to figure out what was going on with me.

How Many Of You Have Had A Spiritual Awakening?

Spiritual Awakening Kundalini Rising - I Am Awakened

I would love to hear from you that has had a spiritual awakening. How was that experience for you? Please share it in the comment section below so we can all share the L.O.V.E.

Let me share my spiritual awakening with you.

My awakening started about six years ago. Ever since I was a little girl, I have been aware of the spirit world and how spirits and other highly evolved energy beings are trying to make themselves recognized from time to time.

I remember having my first spirit encounter when I was five years old. It was not frightening in any sense, just a bit strange. The incident has stuck with me and I remember it like it was yesterday.

I had just crawled up against my parents in their big bed. I was always sneaking down at night because I was terrified of darkness. All noises seemed louder at night and I had the feeling of being watched by someone I could not see. Sleeping between my mother and father made me feel safe.

While lying there with my mother to the right side of me and my father to the left, I suddenly saw my mother standing at the end of the bed watching me. She was somewhat transparent but I could clearly make out that it was my mother.

The whole incident felt comforting and peaceful.

I remember turning my head to the right just to double-check what I already knew… My mother was lying beside me sleeping and snoring, but at the same time, she was standing watching over me at the end of the bed.

I remember thinking it was a bit strange but it did not frighten me. After a while, the version of my mother standing next to the bed disappeared, and I did not think about this incident until years later. I mean, I was just a child and could not really wrap my head around the experience anyway.

Now, after getting older and thinking back on this experience, I am convinced it was my Guardian Angel that was taking the shape of my mother to not scare me.

Spiritual Awakening Kundalini Rising - I Am Awakened When in my teens, I repressed a lot of my spirit encounters or did not wish to talk about them.

There is so much hormone-related stuff going on in your body, and you just want to “fit in”. Having the right jeans brand, hairstyle, and so forth, felt more important at the time.

What would your classmates and friends say if you told them you are seeing “ghosts” from time to time?!

I should add that I do not like the word ghost since they are people in spirit form, but it is a common description of the phenomena, I guess.

No, I did not wish to find out how they would react.

Especially, when coming from Sweden where people are not overly spiritual (yet, I must add! We are moving in the right direction and are becoming more open-minded every day).

My father is a good example, he is predominantly left-brain steered and only believes in Science. Everything has a logical and rational explanation, according to him.

My mother is somewhere in the middle. She experienced a frightening “ghost happening” together with me while we were on vacation in Spain, but after talking to my father and receiving a rational lecture, she became convinced it was just a bad dream.

What I have come to understand during my spiritual awakening is that it is okay that some people do not believe or have not gotten there YET. It is okay that some people believe I am crazy when sharing my experiences.

I do get the occasional look of “that girl has seriously gone bunkers”. When I see this expression, I am thinking “Oh boy, you do not know ANYTHING yet, and jeez you are losing out on some really cool stuff. WAKE UP!”

On a more serious note, we are all on different awakening levels since we are all on different paths in life and came here to fulfill different missions. Some have already tuned in with the Universe and its higher forces (the Divine force or Home Source that many call God), some will awaken later in life, some will not.

It all depends on what you came here to experience, your personality, your surroundings, and how sensitive you are to higher frequencies. For me, it took a move across the world, from Sweden to the USA, to awaken (what I already somewhat knew) and start trusting the process.

I met a man, already awake, by a coincidence (remember, there are no coincidences, and this you will get to experience more and more often during the awakening process) who turn out to become an important piece of the puzzle for me and who also kept reminding me of the fact that I am NOT crazy despite everything that is going on.

This man, (I need to keep him anonymous for his safety because he has taken upon himself to reveal a lot of what is “really going on” in this world. Among other things, he is sharing conspiracy theories under a fake name intended to wake people up to the truth) is now a good friend and someone I can share my new knowledge with without any judgment.

He has already experienced what I am going through and reminds me to put aside the fear that is sometimes lurking around the corner.

Fear is the worst state to be in because it has a low vibration. You feel anxious and ill at ease. You cannot choose the path of least resistance for yourself because your mind is clouded.

“The Elite” that is ruling this world uses fear as a weapon to control humanity.

Ask yourself, why do all news channels always show terrible and frightening news?

Because it is a form of mind-control that keeps us in a low vibration because of all sadness and devastation! It takes away our focus on remembering who we truly are and what we came here to do. When vibrating with fear, you cannot evolve and grow.

I wish you could all meet my friend. What he has to share, from his experiences, is incredible.

The wonderful woman, I was first put together with through (by the Universe, in other words) when looking for a place to rent for my vacation in Miami, before actually moving there, has also played an important role in my awakening process.

» On a side note: If you are thinking of becoming a host with airbnb, check out a prior blog post:

⇒ Need Extra Income? Become A Host With Airbnb

She is an amazing woman with a pure heart who is serving the Light and who has been connected to Angels and other spirit beings for years. She opened up my beliefs in something bigger. A Divine force that is always there, guiding and helping us throughout life. We just need to tune in to its vibration.

Also, the fact that I feel she sincerely always believes in my experiences and prays for me in the process.

We are still meeting every week, together with some other awakened people, to share our awakening process and experiences. It is one of the highlights of the week.
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Kundalini Rising

As we open the gateway into the higher energies of the new paradigm, you will notice an increase in energy as well as various symptoms that manifest physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually within your personal reality.

During the process of a spiritual awakening, you will feel as if your life and belief system have turned completely upside down.

What Is Kundalini Energy?

Spiritual Awakening Kundalini Rising - I Am Awakened

To give you the short version, Kundalini is a type of energy that sits dormant in the first chakra, at the base of the spine. This energy is released during orgasm through the second chakra as the body attempts to create a child.

During life-threatening situations, the Kundalini energy is often released. This is how people suddenly have the superhuman strength to save themselves or a loved one.

Kundalini is also called the “serpent” and is described as a snake moving up the spine. The Kundalini rises from the base of the spinal column, all the way to the top of the head, where the thousand-petaled-lotus chakra is located. When Kundalini reaches the seventh chakra with its entire power, this spiritual energy develops its full majestic force in the form of enlightenment.


15 Signs You Are Having An Awakening

Let me share common signs or symptoms when going through a spiritual awakening.

Sign #1. Emotional Upheaval

Also called, “the bipolar roller coaster of your emotions”. This is where you will experience the extreme polarity of emotions, moving from euphoria to depression, as if you feel like your emotions are completely out of your control.

This is the result of your hormones changing through your endocrine system. You are feeling on top of the world one minute, and the next, you encounter deep waves of emotion and the feeling of being depressed.

Sign #2. Feeling Lost/Confused/Identity Crisis

This is not just a feeling of loneliness, it is a feeling of confusion about what is the truth and what is real. You start realizing what you have been indoctrinated with all your life may not be true.

You are beginning to see that we are living in a Matrix that is built to control Humankind with fear and you now understand that it is so much more to life. You start questioning the whole “running in the hamster wheel system” and start thinking about what is really important in life. Important to you!

It becomes not only hard to relate to others but there is a deep sadness when everyone around you no longer understands you. You may develop a deep fear of the fact that you cannot deal with reality as everyone around you is still in illusion.

As your frequency shifts, your interests and relationships will change. You attract what you are and put your focus on.

Your old friendships and relationships will fall away for more soulful aligned relationships. This is a dark time, but that is positive in form. This is where the Ego starts losing its bearings over your consciousness.

What Is The Matrix?

Here is a great video clip that explains the Matrix, and how to exit from it, that I highly recommend watching. It will speed up the awakening process even further.

YouTube video

Sign #3. Feeling/Seeing Energy And Vibrations

The doctor tells you your eyesight is normal but you are coming home perplexed as to why these orbs of light do not seem to disappear from your vision.

Our world IS ENERGY.

Everything is made of energy, and once we start awakening, our senses become heightened into seeing beyond ordinary realities.

You start seeing and feeling energy around yourself, objects, and others. You are seeing orbs of light with your peripheral vision, light and color flashes, energy fields coming out around trees and other objects.

You are also experiencing tingling or vibrating sensations from head to toe (especially, on top of the head), feeling of warmth in hands or feet, etc. You may also experience a feeling of being touched by someone while in bed or in a relaxed state.

Sign #4. Increased Intuition/Psychic Abilities

For some reason, you just knew the car was going to come over into your lane without signaling before it actually happened.

You start becoming very sensitive to other people’s emotions and can feel the heaviness after a fight when walking into a room you have never been.

What was once known as paranormal activity, has now become a part of your everyday life.

Synchronicities are becoming too difficult to ignore because they are happening more and more often. You start predicting events before they occur.

You may also embody the essence of telepathy – You just know what others are thinking before they say it.

More signs of psychic abilities are precognitive dreaming, channeling, developing a deep empathy towards people, and having an “inner knowing”. Or the more common terms of Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Clairscentist, Clairgustance, Claircognizance, etc.
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Sign #5. Zero Tolerance For Lower Energy

You feel drained, you cannot stomach certain people anymore, and to be around them brings you down even further. There is an innate desire to interact with “like-minded people” and to create healthy relationships.

You simply cannot tolerate lower vibrational environments, duality behavior, or toxic unhealthy relationships any longer.

Sign #6. Clear Communication With Your Higher Self/Mind

You find yourself talking to yourself or feel more in tune with listening to the silence. You feel a desire to speak with this “inner voice” and opening up the third eye for spiritual guidance.

Many awakened people are experiencing meeting and/or communicating with their Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels this way. This is also the frequency where you can speak to spirits, deceased loved ones, our star family, and various other beings.

Channeling is an innate power and is becoming more and more natural to us, as we open ourselves and are becoming a receptive channel to the spirit world and the Divine source.

Sign #7. Moments Of Euphoria

Once awakened, you begin to feel more at peace with yourself and your reality. This creates moments of bliss and euphoria. You are realizing you are never alone and you are the creator of your own experience.

You always have Divine guidance, you just have to ask for it and let it in. The Law of Attraction would call this being in alignment with Source.

Sign #8. Different Reality Jumps

You begin to feel as if you are in a different reality or dual realities. As the dimensions are merely states of consciousness, we begin to experience a changing perception from 3D to 4D thinking and to 5D feeling of the heart center.

Our consciousness is ready for a higher understanding and to later enter the new triad of 5D-6D-7D and beyond.

Sign #9. Out Of Body Experiences/Astral Projection

This can either be accidental or from a desire to leave the body as if you need to trigger an out-of-body experience to gather information and explore your consciousness further.

When we become more aware, our connection to other worlds is greatly increased and we are able to tap into the astral world easier than ever before. You may also be doing more dreamwork, or work in the astral planes, unconsciously as you sleep.

Sign #10. Frequent Headaches/Central Forehead Pain

Since everything is connected to energy, we can go through points of illness, aches, or general discomfort where the energy releases itself and heals.

This can manifest as pressure around the forehead, temples, back of the head, or anywhere connected to the sinuses. This is a result of the Crown Chakra expanding, as well as the Pineal/Pituitary gland opening and releasing energy.

I feel an intense burst of headache before I receive communication from energy beings or spirits so it can be a sign of someone trying to communicate a message as well.

Sign #11. Ringing In The Ears

Ringing in the ears when spirits are close is a common symptom that many who are in the early stages of spiritual awakening are experiencing.

This can often be confused with Tinnitus but people experiencing this have found (when getting their hearing checked) that they are completely healthy. It can manifest as hearing tones of frequency, ringing, or buzzing within the ears at random times.

Sign #12. Natural Spiritual High

The natural spiritual high state can feel like a blissful euphoria that merely comes over you in waves. Other times, it can be compared to a feeling of being “stoned” without exposure to drugs.

It is here you can feel your vibrations increase at a tenfold.

Some people say it feels as if they are getting flashbacks of a drug trip or a distinct feeling that they are tripping despite being completely sober.

In actuality, this is because we are then connected to the spirit world. Once awakened, it is much easier to tap into these subtle currents of higher vibrations because they do exist within all human beings.

This phenomenon is explained as Kundalini rising. We are all born with an active Kundalini, but unfortunately, we tend to suppress its presence because “society” tells us it is not real.

When the Kundalini energy gets activated again – often by yoga, meditation, LSD trips, or by visiting Yoga gurus who can share this wonderful state – we can experience a state of Nirvana, and possibly also reach total enlightenment.

Sign #13. Changes In Diet/Wanting To Eat More Clean

You have a strange craving for vegetables and raw food even that you used to hate it growing up.

What is going on you may think?

When our consciousness shifts, our energy changes, and with all change, we begin to oscillate towards different vibrations than our past experiences. We get sensitive to and want to eat what we need in order to increase our frequency and heal.

This can mean that you need more grounding foods such as meat and protein or that you need more light foods to detox your energy with fruits and vegetables.

No matter what other people recommend, you should listen to what the body itself needs and craves, as you heal your energy.

Your health is important as the body is truly the “temple of the soul”. Listen to your body and the healing energy will follow.
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Sign #14. Body Temperature Changes

Having hot flashes in the middle of winter may seem a bit strange for just about anyone who is not menopausal but is exactly what it can feel like!

It literally feels as if a rapid energy surge is going through your body and causing your temperature to change abruptly, from being very cold to extremely hot, in the blink of an eye.

This is usually due to a change in energy from the body.  A strange feeling to encounter but it passes just as quickly as it came.

Sign #15. Looking Younger

As you clear emotional issues, release limiting beliefs, and heavy baggage from the past, you are actually becoming lighter.

Your frequency is oscillating higher than before and you begin to feel not only healthier but more lively than ever before. You are loving yourself, appreciate life more, and are experiencing a general peace of mind.

Carrying the world’s troubles on your shoulders will make you age and wrinkle faster but when you begin to resonate with your peaceful higher self you will stay younger-looking and shine as you are beautiful inside and out.

To find a full list of spiritual awakening/kundalini rising symptoms, you should check out the article Symptoms of Awakening.

My Own Experience Of Spiritual Awakening/Kundalini Rising

Spiritual Awakening Kundalini Rising - I Am Awakened

Let me start by saying:

“Oh My..!”

I would never have thought a spiritual awakening would be this intense. I feel completely exhausted from all bodily symptoms but wonderfully peaceful and HAPPY.

The understanding there is more to life is so mind-blowing and uplifting. There is no death, only a crossing over to other realities, dimensions, and timelines. This information is extremely comforting for me that was scared of dying when I was a child.

I did have a moment when I was totally terrified of what was going on with me. When in bed, I was experiencing someone touching me, starting from my feet and moving all the way up to my head.

At times, the vibrations from the spirit realm were so strong I could not move my arms.

This experience was terrifying at first!

I also felt strong currents of electricity around my body when an energy presence was near. The electricity was so strong that it hurt, at times.

I could get the feeling of heat and like someone was holding a lighter close to my skin. It was burning different parts of my body.

This was a bit uncomfortable and frightening at first.

Now, after receiving information that it is my Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides who are coming to communicate, comfort, and work on me, I totally trust the process and feel blessed by their Divine presence and guidance.

Before I could receive communication from “the other side”, spirits were making themselves heard in a number of humorous ways such as:

My things mysteriously moving around (the very peculiar is when my makeup is being thrown in the trash – happens now and then), lamps lit up or being shut off by themselves, alarms going off in the middle of the night from alarm clocks I do not have or an occasional fire alarm for no reason, vases getting thrown on the floor shattering into pieces, sounds of doors slamming and things falling from shelves, and so forth.

The spirits have worked hard for me to start recognizing them, and not just push all paranormal activities away, thinking it cannot be happening.

Below is photo evidence of a few things I have documented:

This vase was pushed from a piece of decorative stair furniture and smashed into pieces in front of my eyes. Luckily, my roommate was there to witness the incident as well. It got her pretty shaken up.

I mentioned my makeup being thrown in the trash. Every morning it was a new piece of makeup in the trash. I was searching and searching for my makeup, but I later learned to always check the trash first.

When I shrugged this off thinking it was probably an accident the different pieces of makeup were thrown in the trash, the spirit (who was playing a joke on me) really showed me that this was no coincidence. As you can see in the photo, he put an empty bottle on top of my eyeshadow this time.

That CANNOT happen from the eyeshadow falling down by itself!

Much of the events were connected to my bathroom and I do believe it was because I knew exactly where I had put things in there and would notice. I have a bit of an OCD personality and have to put things back exactly where I first placed them.

This is a vase that was standing on top of the jacuzzi. It had been pushed down after me only leaving the bathroom for two minutes.

Some days later, I found my bracelet on the floor. The bracelet had been taken off a hanger with various plastic compartments and was thrown on the floor.

These are only a few events that have happened to get my attention. It took a while, but I later found out it was a deceased dear friend of mine who wanted to say hello in his own playful way.

The vase that shattered on the floor, I am not so sure who it was. It felt more invasive. Right before that incident happened, I sensed intense and painful electricity around my head. The whole situation was a bit scary, to be honest.

Keep The Kundalini Rising Going

Spiritual Awakening Kundalini Rising - I Am Awakened

The symptom that is the most amazing and fascinating so far is sign
#12. Natural Spiritual High.


How can I explain…

With the risk of sounding totally bananas, I will do my best to try and explain what I am experiencing.

My highly evolved friends up there (we can call them my star family. This is how they are presenting themselves, at least) are putting me in such a high state that I feel totally stoned.

I never use drugs but have undergone a number of serious surgeries, and on these occasions, the doctor has given me morphine straight into my veins. The morphine rush feels pretty good and makes you happy, carefree, and drowsy, all at the same time. That is exactly what I am feeling when my star family is near.

Please, pleeeease… keep it coming!

Of course, I do not experience this high state all the time. That would be exhausting. But I do in periods throughout the day and night. It can last for hours and sometimes only a few seconds.

I feel completely calm and peaceful. There are absolutely no worries whatsoever. It feels like the room is spinning even that it does not make me dizzy. I feel light and warm, especially in my feet and legs.

I sometimes feel like I am levitating or floating. I am seeing beautiful patterns in front of my eyes and shimmer of gold and silver. I can see this both with my eyes opened and closed. It is incredible.

I also feel pure love and peace. You have an inner knowing of how much you love these wonderful beings and that they love you. You know you have met them many times before, in-between lives, and past lives. It is hard to explain.

With my eyes closed, I often see a strong white or pink light, and sometimes also blue light. The other night, I saw waves of pink, yellow, and green. Just like the rainbow.

Thinking back, I noticed the sky had the colors of the rainbow during sunset the same night. It was stunning and I remember regretting not bringing my camera.

I am receiving wave after wave of energy rushes that make me smile and feel sooo blissful. So incredibly good!

About two years ago, I started seeing energy fields or auras around trees, people, and objects. When I am in this state of higher vibration, the color auras intensify drastically around all objects. The colors are getting so strong and vivid.

My star family is activating my Kundalini energy when I am feeling all these incredible emotions and heightened awareness. I am probably experiencing a state of Nirvana when they are around.

I hope they will keep visiting with me forever!

If they leave, I will beg them to come back. I would not want to lose out on the feeling of being connected to something much bigger than life on this planet. There is so much more to life and this third-density existence.

I am also having visions of things related to my life’s journey and the people in it. I get scenarios sent to me before they actually happen more and more often.

The other day, while driving on the highway, I got into a slight right turn and instantly got a vision of the car next to me coming into the left lane where I was driving without signaling. A second later, it actually happened, but because I was prepared I could put on the brakes and avoid a bad accident from happening.

I thank my Guardian Angels or star family every day for protecting me. But also for keeping my dogs and my family and friends safe. Just for being present in my life and guiding me to stay on the right track.

I never used to do that, ever!

I now feel I have a mission in life and it gets clearer every day.

I was not sure if I believed in Angels prior to my awakening. I now know, for a fact, they really do exist, whatever name you want to call them.

We are all connected to the Universe but some of us have tuned in a bit more than others. We all have different paths to walk on this planet and we are ready when we are ready.

I highly recommend to read the Tenth Insight by James Redfield as the first eye-opener to higher vibrations and the evolution of human consciousness:

The book I am reading right now is also super fascinating and will open up many doors in the awakening process. It is called Reconnective Healing by Eric Pearl:

First Time Using The CE 5 Protocols

Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind: Contact Has Begun
Another incredible event I have discovered in my awakening process is contacting extraterrestrial intelligence through the CE 5 contact protocols developed by Dr. Steven Greer.

I have followed Dr. Steven Greer now for a bit more than three years and his work is truly phenomenal.

Everyone needs to know about the work Dr. Greer is doing!

His work plays a crucial part in waking us up to a higher state of consciousness. We all need to wake up to this frequency of love in order to stop all wars, pollution, and destruction in the world.

For you that do not know much about Dr. Steven Greer, he has been fighting for a full ET/UFO disclosure for more than thirty years now. He has interviewed numerous military and Government witnesses to collect information about extraterrestrial intelligence and UFOs.

Dr. Greer is an extraordinary person for more reasons than this. About thirty years ago, Dr. Greer started developing the so-called CE 5 contact protocols with the intention for people to peacefully initiate and experience close encounters of the fifth kind, meaning contact with extraterrestrial intelligence.

Dr. Greer teaches people how to invite extraterrestrial intelligence through meditation and consciousness. He wants us all to become peaceful ambassadors for Earth and also show people that they (the EI’s) do not possess any threat to Humankind.

Dr. Greer is preparing us for a false flag of an alien invasion. The Government may pull that trick on us to cover up what is really going on and to make us frightened of an outer threat. Dr. Geer is encouraging people to gather a group of people and invite extraterrestrial intelligence using the CE 5 protocols so they can see, for themselves, how benevolent the EIs are.

People must understand that if “they” would like to hurt us, “they” would have done so long ago!

In his new documentary, Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind: Contact Has Begun, you get to experience several of these incredible CE 5 meetings and watch different space crafts materialize and dematerialize.

I highly recommend that you watch it. You will get amazed!

My dear friend Jenny and I participated in the Global CE 5 Event
(on June 6, 2020) and we were astonished by how well the CE 5 contact protocols work!

You could be located anywhere in the world and was directed to start the CE 5 meditation, developed by Dr. Steven Greer, at 9 PM your local time.

It was our first time using the CE 5 protocols and I did not believe it would work for the two of us only. Normally, you are a larger group of people, but to our amazement, we got a light orb on video.


Please watch the video and see what you think.

YouTube video

I Have Kept A Journal

My Guardian Angels or Star Family have kept visiting me daily for months now. It has been a mind-blowing experience, to say the least.

I have been told my part in all of this is to awaken other people by sharing my experiences and help people understand the truth about who they really are, the afterlife and our immortality, and the importance of vibrating on a higher frequency of love.

We should never forget to stay obedient to the light, meaning living our lives from a state of unconditional love towards ourselves and others.

I have kept a journal to keep track of things during these past months and to not forget about the communication given to me. My journal will be published in chapters on my blog in the near future. I hope you will do me the honor of reading it. Keep watching out for it.

The First 4 Episodes Are Here!

Conversations With Spirit And Extraterrestrial Beings Journal Part 1 - Author Stina PetterssonConversations With Spirit And Extraterrestrial Beings Journal Part 2 - Author Stina Pettersson

I hope this blog post was interesting and has assisted in understanding what is going on if you are experiencing any of the 15 signs of a spiritual awakening. You will probably not experience all of them since every awakening process is unique.

You may have experienced something else that you want to share? Please leave me a comment in the comment section below and let us help each other in the process of awakening.

Can you imagine a world of awakened people?

Wars and other controlling mechanisms would disappear for good. People would come together, as one, happily supporting each other no matter race or financial status.

Remember this: The Future Is Your Creation!

Stina Pettersson
The Future Is Your Creation
Email: [email protected]

About The Author

Stina Pettersson - The Future Is Your CreationStina Pettersson is an aspiring entrepreneur who is working on achieving her goals as an Internet Marketer.

Stina Pettersson is originally from Sweden but has resided in the U.S. for the past six years. She started her American journey in Miami, Florida, and recently moved to Austin, Texas.

Stina was active as a professional dancer for 21 years, but after ACL surgery in both knees, she was forced to slow down and now enjoys dancing as a hobby.

She recently went back to her roots with her beloved horses and also loves long nature walks with her two adorable dogs, Max and Abigail.

Stina has the gift of receiving communication from the spirit and extraterrestrial world which she also loves sharing with her readers.

“My main goal is to maintain a flexible lifestyle, where I set my own schedule. Even that I work hard, I love what I do every day, and I also have the opportunity to help other people which is a huge gift.”

I aim to provide the best and most accurate information to my readers on this website. Some of the links in this post are from sponsors. Read my Advertising Disclosure.



  1. henry

    Very interesting, but just a note of caution. Don’t lose discernment as to what you allow to enter your energy fields Stina, especially when you are open and vulnerable. As the veils are ‘thinning’ all kinds of forces are able to make themselves present to us, both good and bad, and it can sometimes be difficult to tell the difference. They may be “Guardian Angels” (or “Guardians”) or they may not. Don’t accept things at face value (like in your professional life).
    As long as you do not allow full possession or transposition of identity you should be ok.
    Good luck on your journey.

    • Stina Pettersson

      Hi Henry,
      thanks so much for your comment and words of caution! Yes, you are right that one needs to be a bit careful. I had an attack that was not particularly pleasant, in fact it was terrifying, so I have experienced what can come through thinning veils. I have learn the difference between meetings like those and the visits from my Guardian Angels. When my angels are present, which they are so often, they guide me in a good direction and make me feel loved (beyond words) and completely safe. They are helping me towards what I believe is my mission in life that I may share later on.

      Do you have any experiences like mine, or something totally different you want to share? I would love to hear it?:-D
      Again, thank you for paying attention to my article.
      All the best and blessings to you!

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