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Zero Energy, Zero Gravity And The UFO Disclosure – Save The Planet!

Zero Energy, Zero Gravity And The UFO Disclosure - Save The Planet! Make A Living From Home

I have been thinking whether to write this article for quite some time, and I really hope my blog will not get compromised after releasing it. I just feel I have to speak up. The more people who demand full disclosure, the more likely we will get it, and can work in unity for a better world.

I am not claiming that any of the information in this article is the one truth, but it is my interpretation of the research I have done and the communication I have received from extraterrestrial beings. It is up to each and everyone of you to make your own judgement whether the information seems to be correct or not.

If the information I will share awakens something in you, or may confirm events for the already awakened person, this article has reached its purpose.


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Although, I hope it will make you think a bit extra on what YOU as an individual can do for the environment and the control system we are slaves under.

What would it take to create a world where we all can live a life in peace and harmony, without destroying our precious home and each other? A world without greed, corruption, injustice and violence, where there is no poverty. Sounds like utopia? It does not have to be.

Free Zero Energy Nikola Tesla –
What Happened?

We have a responsibility towards our planet. Yes, read that line again and let it sink in. It is time to act and stop the world’s Elite or Shadow Government that are ruling this planet, from completely destroying it.

From greed and hunger for power, the rulers are clinging onto still running this planet on fossil fuel, oil, and gas when the technology of Free Zero Energy was invented over 100 years ago.

Apart from air pollution, fossil fuel contributes to environmental hazards such as; the Greenhouse Effect, acid rain, land and building cracks from underground mining, risk for fires etc. The workers in the mines also risk developing black lung disease from all dust.

Do the money hungry Elite rulers care about the environmental aspect or the people? The answer is; NO.

Zero Energy, Zero Gravity And The UFO Disclosure - Save The Planet! Make A Living From HomeIn 1904, Nikola Tesla invented Free Energy for all, but he was stopped by the Elite (people believed to belong to the Illuminati or the Cabal, the Rockefeller family, and the Masons) from making it a reality .

“Tesla’s Wardenclyffe tower for FREE ENERGY wireless power transmission completed in 1904. In 1905, the project was abandoned per the withdrawal of support by JP Morgan”, source:

Nikola Tesla wanted to give Free Energy to the world through creating a wireless power grid. Free wireless energy could definitely been a reality if Tesla was not stopped. With the radiant energy Tesla invented, he created electrical arcs that were essentially man-made lightning. Tesla tested his theory and could prove that with his invention he could wirelessly power light-bulbs.

“Tesla confirmed that the Earth itself could be used as an electrical conductor, and verified some of his suspicions regarding the conductivity of the ionosphere”,
source: Damn Interesting.

Imagine what wireless free energy would do for the starving tribes in Africa – just to mention an example.



Living in Florida, I cannot even imagine a day without the cooling of an indoor AC. It is almost surreal, and extremely unfair, that the world is so divided between humane and not humane living conditions – the luxury of an electrically equipped home compared to a small handmade hut with no electricity, nor plumbing.

Can You Believe That 60 Percent Of The World’s Population Still Do Not
Have Plumbing And A Proper Indoor Toilet?

Also, the fact that some people have ridiculous amounts of money, when other people hardly afford to put food on the table. Some people do not even have a table. You get my point.

While researching this, I get reminded what a blessed life I have lived just from having the luxury of an indoor toilet you can flush and a shower to enjoy long hot showers. We easily take this for granted.

We, the people, have to demand and work towards a change. We have been “dumbed-down” by the system long enough, and just accepted things as they are.

It is time to wake up! It is time to evolve and demand justice for all!

When Will The UFO Disclosure Happen?

Who Is Responsible?

There is documentation supporting that we have been visited by several extraterrestrial species/beings since 1940. Even earlier, it seems, judging by the Egyptian pyramids and the hieroglyphs inside – showing future innovations such as; today’s helicopters and airplanes.

But mostly, the fact that the pyramids were built in the first place. The pyramids are built with laser sharp measurements, and the walls are exact mirror images of each other. This could not have been executed by the human civilization of that era, still carving in stone.

Or was there a much more evolved human civilization even before that era?

We are also frequently contacted by extraterrestrial beings – without them having to physically travel here – through so called telepathic communication.

However, the Secret Space Program is going to extremes covering it all up. They know that a UFO disclosure will make people take too much interest in the UFO technology. People would start questioning why we are not using zero gravity, zero energy, and propulsion technologies when we have the knowledge. People would hopefully even demand a change.


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Back/Reverse Engineered UFO Spacecrafts

The Secret Space Program has been briefed by several ET species/beings for at least 60 years now on their technology, which is light years ahead of ours, and has back/reverse engineered several different UFO spacecrafts. It may, in fact, be a U.S Government spacecraft you see when having a UFO sighting.

What we need to be concerned about is that the U.S Government is staging “Alien” abductions to make them appear scary and threatening. They do not want people to find out that most ET’s are benevolent and often want to help humanity.

The Government wants to keep people, the masses, under control with fear. It is easier to control the masses if they believe they are protected from an external threat.

In Reality, People Who Have Been In Contact With Extraterrestrials, Say It Is An Experiences Of Pure Unconditional Love

Like coming home and meet dear loved ones. They often deliver the message of wanting to help save the planet, and save us from our destructive ways.


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I got the exact same message communicated when I had a telepathic encounter with blue ET beings, called the Andromedans. The Andromeda is an all-bearing name for a large number of civilizations that live in a specific group of stars – the constellation of Andromeda. They are known to be assisting Earth in making it a better place.

The Andromedans told me that I, together with an awakened friend of mine (I will keep him anonymous since he is sharing sensitive information about the vaccine industry among other things), had to help save the planet. That it was part of our mission to do so. My first reaction was to tell them about my heartfelt desire to stop animal abuse, if anything. They then answered that ending animal abuse would follow the bigger plan of saving the planet.

It felt like a huge responsibility at the time, but I now understand that it is our contribution they are after, not us two personally saving the planet, which would be impossible. More about my interaction with the Andromedans further down.

This message was also confirmed by my Guardians/Masters, who told me my mission in this life is to help people awaken by sharing my own experiences with other highly evolved beings and dimensions, and the messages they communicate.



When more and more people are awakening and evolve spiritually, we will raise our mutual vibration and share love for the planet, and each other, instead of destroying it.

People would automatically work towards serving one another and Mother Earth, instead of making self-serving egoistic choices that may negatively impact other people and the environment. This is something we could learn from the highly spiritually evolved extraterrestrial beings, who look at us as an extremely violent race.

What Would A UFO Disclosure Mean?

With a public UFO disclosure, the fossil fuel energy economy would crash and the Elite would loose huge amounts of money. It seems that this is the number one reason that the Shadow Government, The Military Industrial Complex, and The Secret Space Program are covering it all up.

Entertainment Earth


It is not because they are thinking about us, the people, even that they say they are trying to avoid a mass panic. I honestly think people would take a UFO disclosure with a pretty laid back attitude, since we have been programmed with UFO’s, Aliens, time travel, stargates, and characters with super human powers from the movie industry.

The programming from all media has a purpose. IF they would decide to come out with a UFO/Alien disclosure, we would already be used to seeing UFO’s and Aliens.

There is also a reason it is such a demand for these type of movies. People suspect it is out there and want to know.

The famous whistleblower, Cory Goode, who was recruited by the Secret Space Program already as a child for his empathic and psychic abilities, explains what a disclosure would mean for the Elite, perfectly:

“As you can imagine the real threat to disclosure is not that humanity cannot handle the truth or will be able to reconcile “Cosmic Life” with their religious beliefs. The real reason is that these technologies (meaning Free Energy, Frequency and Light Healing, and Neurological Interface Technologies) would immediately collapse the world economies and make the “Babylonian Money Magic Slave System” of no use anymore. It means the “Loss of Control” of the .01% (Elite) over the “Masses” and a complete “Paradigm Change”. In short it means “Freedom”! Freedom for the first time in humanity’s “known” recorded history”, source: Cory Goode, Sphere Being Alliance.


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His statement sums it up quite good. I do not know about you, but freedom feels very tempting to me.

We need to wake up and take our freedom back!

What Would It Mean For Religious Beliefs?

It is not my intention to offend anyone with this information, but with risk of stepping on somebody’s toes, I still dare to claim it may be difficult for the religious person to realize that their beliefs are based on a lie. The bible was not written by Moses, but by the Annunaki (explained further down), as a controlling mechanism. This, after noticing that their new slave race (humankind) evolved into a too intelligent race to accept their destiny as slaves.

The Annunaki needed to hinder humans to find out the truth about themselves, what they were, where they came from, and how powerful they really were (are), so they came up with the idea of a heaven to strive for and a hell to fear. Making people fear they would end up in hell if going against the norm, was a smart way of controlling them, and make sure they obeyed by the rules.

The commandments are basically a way to instruct the masses to work and slave, not think for themselves, not question anything, just do what they are told.

How Do We Know The Commandments Were Not Composed By The Creator?

Actually, what gives the commandments away as false, and not composed/written by The Divine Creator/Source/God, is first of all, the fact that the 1st commandment says: “God is a jealous God, hence why you should not have any other Gods before him”.
If you are spiritually awakened, you know that The Creator/Source/God would never partake in such a low vibration as jealousy. It is one of the lowest levels of vibration there is, and those who have met The Creator in for example NDE’s (Near Death Experiences), can confirm He/She is nothing but unconditional love. He/She is not judgemental, and not even the least interested in being worshiped in a church.

Second, The Creator/Source/God has no judgment. He/She wants us to experience life and make the most out of it, not accept being “dumbed down” and limited by controlling mechanisms – a statement from many NDE’s.

Why Antarctica Is Banned Visiting

Zero Energy, Zero Gravity And The UFO Disclosure - Save The Planet! Make A Living From Home

Evidence also states that some ET civilizations are not only visiting, but are currently living here on Earth. The most debated location, where ET’s supposedly are living, is Antarctica. They have found ruins from an ancient frozen civilization of 10-12 foot tall “Pre-Adamites” with elongated skulls.

“In early January 2017, the whistleblower Corey Goode says he was taken to Antarctica to witness the first scientific excavations of ruins from an ancient flash frozen civilization buried under two miles of ice”, source:

Other whistleblowers who have been active in the Secret Space Program have sketched illustrations of large, futuristic underground cities and spacecrafts, which they have depictured from their visits to Antarctica.
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In fact, Corey Goode was escorted by an Inner Earth civilization, called Anshar, to Antarctica and was shown their advanced cities and technologies.

“Goode says that shortly after New Year, 2017, he was taken to Antarctica by an “Anshar” spacecraft. The Anshar are one of the seven Inner Earth civilizations that Goode has met with. He has in earlier reports described being taken to the main underground city belonging to the Anshar, where he witnessed their advanced technologies”, source:

If Cory, among other whistleblowers, are not telling the truth, there would not be any reason to ban us from Antarctica. Why are we not allowed to visit certain destinations in Antarctica?

The general argument that Antarctica is too cold to visit is a lie. Antarctica has seasons and during summer it is very manageable.

Zero Energy, Zero Gravity And The UFO Disclosure - Save The Planet! Make A Living From HomeThe U.S Secretary of State, John Forbes Kerry (on the picture), does not seem to be freezing on his visit to Antarctica in 2016.

What are they keeping from us? Is it the ET civilization or the HAARP Program? Or both? (More about the HAARP Program further down).

There is proof of the Annunaki giant civilization in Antarctica and other parts of the world – archeologists have found skeleton remains of huge Annunaki Nephilims. 

The Annunakis‘ were thought of as descended Sun Gods. The name Annunaki means: “Those Who From Heaven To Earth Came”.

The Annunaki were originally from the orbited planet, Nibiru. Nibiru’s atmosphere began to deteriorate and became a hostile place, and in order to restore it, the Annunaki needed one important element for their atmosphere, which was gold. They traveled to Earth to mine gold.

When their own workforce was not enough, they genetically engineered a slave race, which was the homo-sapiens. Although, the Annunaki may not have been the engineers of human kind. Some says it was the Draconians, and that humans are their hybrid creations.

It gets more confusing…

The RH Negative Mystery

A few weeks ago, I received a telepathic communication from one of my Guardians/Masters, who told me I was partly Centaurian – from the Alpha Centauri star system – among other extraterrestrial races. I still am not sure how much my RH negative blood type has to do with it, but it sure is significant to some extent.

Most humans have the RH positive factor in their blood, originating from the Rhesus monkey, but about 15% of the World’s population has the RH negative blood type. It has some common traits, and one of them is that the blood cannot be cloned. Scientists do not really know where the blood comes from. A common belief is that people with RH negative blood are descendants from extraterrestrials, Nephilim Gods, or Atlanteans.  It is also thought to be royal blood.

RH negative people have some characteristics that may seem strange to other people:

A feeling of not belonging
Truth seekers
Sense of a “mission” in life
Empathy and compassion for Mankind
An extra rib or vertebra
Higher than average IQ
ESP ability (extrasensory perception)
Love of space and science
More sensitive vision, smell, hearing, and other senses
Increased of psychic/intuitive abilities
Lower body temperature
Higher blood pressure (some say lower)
Predominantly blue, green, or hazel eyes
Red or reddish tint hair color
Increased sensitivity to heat & sunlight
Empathetic illnesses
Ability to disrupt electrical devices
Experience strange unexplained phenomenon
Psychic dreams
Prone to Alien abductions

I cannot claim that I have higher IQ than the average person, I have never even tested my IQ, but I can confirm all other traits to be true for me. People who know me can confirm many of the characteristics listed, and especially strong intuition and physic abilities. I speak with the dead and highly evolved beings almost daily. Although, I did suppress this ability for years from fear of not fitting in. I did not want my family and friends to think I was crazy.




My strong sense of smell often puts me in trouble, since I smell things I do not wish to smell. It has been an advantage of tracking mold and moist in my first apartment and my mom and dad’s basement though. They did not believe me until they brought a specialist to measure the moist level, which confirmed I was right. They now call me their sniff dog.

Doctors have been dazzled by my low body temperature, which almost had me killed from a burst appendix. The doctor took other cases before me, believing I was not in any immediate danger, since my fever was not alarmingly high to them. But for me it was! I was taken into surgery 12 hours later, after 5 hours with ruptured appendix (I could feel it happening and the pus flowing out in my body). The next day when the doctor woke me up, he told me I was lucky to be alive because I had so much pus all over my stomach. Are you kidding me!

Fly and Stay Cheap!

Enough of this and back to my telepathic communication with the Centaurians… The next day, a synchronicity happened. I opened the YouTube app on my Smartphone and came straight to the video below. The person behind this incredible event, was told by the ET’s abducting him, that the human race is a creation by the Centaurians.

The Centaurians are scientists, who are working together with The Creator/Source/God to genetically engineer all species of the Universe. Watch the video and see what you think about it. I personally believe human kind is a hybrid of many extraterrestrial races.

Unfortunately, the first video had been removed from YouTube (like with most things the Government wants to censor) but I found another video talking about the Centaurians.


The Disclosure Project – Steven Greer

I highly recommend watching the movie Unacknowledged with Dr Steven Greer. Steven started his career as an emergency trauma doctor, but had several experiences with UFO’s and ET’s – all beautiful and loving experiences.

He has since then, for the last 40 years, dedicated his time to work for a public UFO disclosure, and has briefed several CIA and Government officials on the subject. He is also teaching people how to peacefully contact extraterrestrial civilizations.

If you search on Steven Greer on YouTube, you can watch real recorded extraterrestrial encounters with him and the groups he is teaching. For more information about Steven Greer and the UFO disclosure, visit The Disclosure Project.

The Movie Unacknowledged – Trailer



The HAARP Program

Another reason why we are not allowed to visit Antarctica may also be because of the HAARP program. For you who do not know what HAARP is – it stands for High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. The HAARP program has stations all around the world but the most famous stations, to my knowledge, are located in Alaska and Antarctica.

The HAARP research program is manipulating the weather by beaming high frequency auroral light into the atmosphere. HAARP can create earth quakes, hurricanes, thunder storms etc.

Zero Energy, Zero Gravity And The UFO Disclosure - Save The Planet! Make A Living From Home

Hurricane Irma is claimed to be a result of the HAARP program. There were many unnatural aspects to Irma. The hurricane traveled way too slow – lasted over 24 hours on each location, it changed path abruptly and was enormous in with – as big as the whole France.

Have you seen recordings of or heard about the strange lights in the sky before the big earth quakes in Mexico, Japan, Hawaii etc., that happened lately? There was also a weird low humming noise accompanying these nature disasters. It is all believed to be a creation by HAARP.



They would never admit it, but the HAARP Program is the new way of population control. What is better than a natural disaster to eliminate people? It is “natural” and cannot be traced back to murder.

Often, a natural disaster affects the poor and non-contributing population the worst, since they do not have sheltered hurricane proof housing etc. This is also the main goal with depopulation through natural disasters.

This, together with all the vaccines they are injecting our bodies with. Vaccines are bio weapons and are only meant to make us unhealthy, and keep humanity under control. The vaccines ensure future illness that in turn force us to spend money on the pharmaceutical industry and medical care (huge money makers).



Also, there are theories meaning that vaccines prevent us from developing our true powers of intuition and other psychic abilities, but also telekinesis, astral travel, telepathy and so forth. GMO’s and chemtrails are more bio weapons that keep people from evolving. The world is not what we thought it was. It is hard to believe that this is even going on, but it is.

A Message From The Andromedans

I have something amazing to share. You believe you are writing something that may never be read, nor recognized and all of a sudden something wonderful happens.

I was laying in bed, on my way to fall asleep, when I heard a voice telling me: “Stina, you have to publish your article!” “It is important information”. “People need to know.” I asked who was asking me to publish my article, and I instantly got the answer: “We are the Andromedans. “We have spoken to you before.” “We are working with people on Earth, people like yourself, to awaken and help save the planet.”

I was shocked, but answered that I was grateful they came through to give me this message, and also asked if my blog would be compromised for sharing this information. The answer I received was that they would protect me, and that the forces are with me. I told them I trusted them and would publish the article.

I could not help asking if I would ever meet them in person. I received the answer: “You have met us many times before, you have just forgotten about it”. I told them I did not wish to forget about our meetings. The woman I spoke with (I sensed it was a female) answered: “We promise, we will make you remember next time.” I said I was looking forward to it, and she said: “Farewell for now Stina”.

Right after the interaction stopped and with my eyes closed, I saw visions of blue faces appearing in front of me. I felt amazed with what had just happened and more motivated than ever to continue writing this article.

I understand that this sounds unbelievable and is hard to take in for many. You can call me crazy if you want. I would probably have called my future self crazy 20 years ago, when I was still suppressing most of my supernatural happenings and mysteries. I know in my heart my experiences are real. That is the most important and not whether I can convince anyone else.




If you are interested in more of these events, I am writing on a journal that is meant to be published as an eBook in the near future. My spiritual awakening has been intense, to say the least. You can also read about the spiritual awakening process and symptoms in prior article:

⇒ Spiritual Awakening And Kundalini Rising – I Am Awakened!

I am also sharing more of my spiritual awakening, and the strange events happening to me on a daily basis in my journal; Conversations With Spirit And Extraterrestrial Beings.

I hope this article served you well. Please share your views on the subject and leave me a comment (or several) in the comment section below. If you could also share the article with your network, we can help enlighten people about what is going on behind closed doors together, and fight for a disclosure. People deserve to know the truth.

Let’s save the planet together!

Stina Pettersson
Founder – The Future Is Your Creation
Email: [email protected]

About The Author

Stina Pettersson - Founder Of The Future Is Your Creation/Make A Living From Home

Stina Pettersson is an aspiring entrepreneur, who is working on achieving her goals as an affiliate marketer/blogger, real estate investor and eCommerce business owner.

Stina Pettersson is originally from Sweden, but have resided in the U.S. for the past 6 years. She started her American journey in Miami, Florida, and recently moved to Austin, Texas.

Stina was active as a professional dancer for 21 years, but after ACL surgery in both knees, she was forced to slow down her dancing. She is now back to her roots, with her beloved horses, and also enjoys every day out in nature with her two adorable dogs, Max and Abigail.

Stina has the gift of being able to receive communication from the spirit and extraterrestrial world, which she also loves sharing with her readers.

“My main goal is to always maintain a flexible lifestyle, where I set my own schedule. Even that I work harder than many, I love what I do every day and have the opportunity to help other people, which is a huge gift.”


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    • Stina Pettersson

      Thanks Berry for your kind feedback and for suggesting my site to your friends! I appreciate it and I hope they’ll check it out.

      Stina Pettersson
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  2. Dexter Ferrell

    This world we live in is definitely on a real 3D lock down…The average person living in this physical reality does not realize this planet has been turned into a prison planet literally.. Evidence of such a situation that we all are existing in is all around us, but the average person is under a form of hypnotic mind control & indoctrination and are too unconscious to see the truth of what is occurring directly before there very eyes..Humanity must awaken to the truth of this corrupt & rigged global system that we are all prisoners of..We must awaken to recognize that the momentum of tragic events , so called natural disasters that are occurring in the world is no accident..IT’S ALL BY DESIGN… It’s as if everything that is happening around us isn’t moving US forward… It’s as if EVERYTHING around us is being manipulated to have us going BACKWARDS…STOP AND THINK FOR A MOMENT! THEN YOU REALIZE SOMETHING IS TERRIBLY WRONG…

    • Stina Pettersson

      Hi Dexter,
      Thank you so much for your well written and informative comment! You are right on spot that our “dumbing down system” is all by design.
      We ARE going backwards! There is so much evidence showing that humanity was more spiritually and technically evolved and advanced way back in time, when the pyramids were built, as an example. Also, the fact that extraterrestrials were here to help humanity advancing then – like they STILL are…people are just kept form this information.

      This 3D lock down you are mentioning is very true. There are forces out there keeping us from evolving to every cost. We see time and time again the mysterious passing’s of people trying to take humanity a leap forward and work towards a healthy planet, and its habitats.

      Like you are mentioning, mind control is also very real. With all chemicals, GMO’s, and toxic vaccines, they make sure we are occupied will health struggles and brain fog. David Whilcock talks about advanced AI technology monitoring people, and when they start awakening it gives them nervousness, depression and so forth to keep their thoughts occupied with their symptoms instead of increasing in awareness. It sounds surreal, but it may not be!

      Again, thank you for leaving your feedback.
      Together we can awaken to the truth and spread awareness!

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