Financial Crisis 2020: 10 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Silver

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Financial Crisis 2020: 11 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Silver

The 2020 stock market crash is a global stock market crash that began on February 20, 2020. From February 24 to 28, stock markets worldwide reported their largest one-week declines since the 2008 financial crisis.

The demand for silver has been skyrocketing for the last few years, and in time of the global stock market crash and the 2020 financial crisis, even more so.

At this point in history, there are compelling reasons to add physical silver to your investment portfolio, and the #1 reason is that the price of silver will continue to rise.


The Price Of Silver Increases More Than Gold In An Unstable Market

Silver Is True “Real” Money

Silver Correlates Positively To Inflation

Silver Is Important For Diversification

Silver Is More Affordable

Silver As Financial Insurance

Silver Is More Practical

Silver Inventories Are Falling

The Industrial Use Of Silver Is Growing

The Gold To Silver Ratio Is Perfect For Silver Investors

Finding A Trustworthy Silver Dealer

What To Watch Out For!

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#1. The Price Of Silver Increases More Than Gold In An Unstable Market

If you think that gold is a better investment than silver, think again. Silver is the perfect tool for wealth-building.

This precious metal does not disappoint, due to the fact that silver prices do not dip low that often.

If you pay attention to the spot silver price, it increases significantly more than gold does in a Bull Market and especially in an unstable market.

The reasons to invest in silver are manifold. Silver is a liquid investment and compared with stocks and paper investments, gold and silver are generally seen as safe-havens for investment during market instability.

Due to the existing 2020 financial crisis, gold prices are expected to rise and silver prices are expected to rise even more.

The price of silver is historically more mobile than the price of gold.

Silver’s price moves rapidly and in bull markets, silver will soar much further and faster than gold.

#2. Silver Is True “Real” Money

Silver offers the opportunity to move into real money, an actual store of value, with potential for substantial gains if the current cycle continues.

Silver, along with gold, is the ultimate form of money since it cannot be created out of thin air (and thus depreciated) like paper or digital forms. Silver is also one of the few assets that you can carry with you in your pocket.

Silver enables investors to protect themselves and their families by acquiring an asset with intrinsic value and thereby insulating themselves from the potentially destructive policies of central bankers.

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#3. Silver Correlates Positively To Inflation

The fact that silver correlates positively to inflation is extremely important right now as there is a good possibility for inflation after the Covid-19 breakout and its devastating effect on the economy.

Inflation is a decrease in the value of paper money, unbacked by metals, and silver is a known inflation hedge.

Investing in silver is a good way to protect assets in times of economic turmoil and against the ever-present long-term threat of inflation.


#4. Silver Is Important For Diversification

Like gold, silver is part of the precious metals asset class and acts as a hedge against inflation, all forms of hacking, and cybercrime. Silver is a store of value and has retained its purchasing power over long periods of time.

Investors often utilize silver as a portfolio diversification tool to mitigate geopolitical, monetary, and systemic risks.

Best is to maintain a good balance between silver coins and silver bars. By doing so, the chances of attracting more attention from investors will increase, due to the fact a mixture of investments will enhance portfolio diversity.

To succeed in your quest to achieve portfolio diversification, aim to acquire the proof or bullion version of coins.

#5. Silver Is More Affordable

Silver is more affordable for the average investor, and yet as a precious metal will help maintain your standard of living as good as gold.

If you cannot afford to buy a full ounce of gold, silver can be your ticket to holding some precious metals. $1,000 buys up to 50 ounces of silver, while $1,000 buys less than one ounce of gold.

The present affordability of silver makes it one of the most undervalued assets in recent memory.


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#6. Silver As Financial Insurance

The next financial crisis (after the great recession of 2008) is here and history shows that those who come out on top after a recession is investors in precious metals, such as gold and silver.

Investments in physical silver and gold protect wealth and allow it to appreciate significantly. It should be seen as financial insurance.

#7. Silver Is More Practical

Silver is more practical when you need to sell since it frequently comes in smaller denominations than gold.

Silver coins and bars bullion can also be sold virtually anywhere in the world.

#8. Silver Inventories Are Falling

The majority of the world’s silver comes from nations marked with political turmoil, labor unrest, and undeveloped economies.

Mexico and Peru account for the largest share of production, both of which have fragile political systems and primitive infrastructure.

Geopolitical instability and poor infrastructure, in turn, significantly strain silver supplies, predicting a dramatic price increase in the coming years.
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#9. The Industrial Use Of Silver Is Growing

Modern life, as we know it, would not exist without silver. Due to silver’s rare characteristics, the number of industrial applications for silver has skyrocketed.

In demand consumer products such as cell phones, cameras, laptops, mirrors, solar panels, batteries, and monitors all contain trace amounts of silver.

Silver is everywhere, whether you see it or not.

As our information age progresses and silver’s chemical uniqueness is more fully understood, demand for this irreplaceable metal is expected to rise.

Financial Crisis 2020: 11 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Silver

#10. The Gold To Silver Ratio Is Perfect For Silver Investors

Throughout the last 2000 years, the gold to silver ratio has a historical average of 12 to 1.

The gold to silver ratio currently hovers around 72 to 1.

There is tremendous upside potential for an investor purchasing silver at this ratio.


Finding A Trustworthy Silver Dealer

As a prospective buyer of IRA approved silver, you should take the time to research the best company to work with for your IRA eligible silver.

Read unbiased reviews in order to determine what company is best for you. Always be careful when buying silver on the Internet, because if you do not research the dealer first, you may work with less than honest dealers.

Millions of investors are turning to silver in IRA coins for a safer long-term asset.

However, only certain metal products are permitted to be placed in IRAs.  Learn more about the rules for eligible silver metals in your retirement account from a Goldco IRA Expert.

GoldcoWhat To Watch Out For!

If a silver dealer would recommend investing all your capital in precious metals, the company does not have your best interest in mind. The whole idea is to diversify your assets.

The IRA Experts at Goldco will carefully consider your long-term investing goals and recommend the best solution for you.

Internal Revenue Code For IRA Approved Silver:

  • The Silver must be at least 99.9% fine to qualify for an IRA.
  • Silver bullion rounds and bars must be fabricated by COMEX, NYMEX, or an ISO 9000 approved manufacturer in order to be accepted.
  • Proof Coins cannot be graded and must come in the original Mint packaging with a Certificate of Authenticity to be eligible.


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Goldco Review 2020 - The Best Gold IRA Company? The Future Is Your Creation


Disclaimer: The owner of this website is not licensed as an investment advisor and, accordingly, does not make any recommendations regarding clients’ personal investment portfolios. It is recommended that you carefully evaluate and research the risks and rewards associated with investing in alternative assets such as physical precious metals and cryptocurrencies before you make a purchase.

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