I decided to write this blog post to warn fellow Amazon sellers to watch out for false customer reviews on Amazon. Unfortunately, it seems that some ineligible customer reviews slip through the Amazon’s Review Policy “filter” and may cost you loss of sales and harm your business in many ways.

eBay Customer Left Negative Review On Our Amazon Listing

Imagine our surprise when we noticed a negative review on one of our Amazon product listings from a customer that:
» 1. Never purchased from us.
» 2. Even worse… had bought her item on eBay.

This reviewer was literally stating that she bought her item on eBay, but that it came in a similar box, and therefore claimed it had to be the same item. She was commanding people not to buy our product – that it was fake, not authentic etc. She was comparing it to the product she bought on eBay that was all crap. She listed lots of things that were not relevant to our product at all. It was not even the same item!

How On Earth Could Amazon Let This Happen?

Watch Out For False Customer Reviews On Amazon! Make A Living From Home

Stop wining you may think! Just tell Amazon to put it down.

Well, that was exactly what we did, but it took us 20 calls to the support department (always getting different people on the line forcing us to repeat the story over and over), 5 review removal requests through seller central, and 4 WEEKS of headache. During these 4 weeks we lost out on all sales. We got zero, NADA, sales from this product because of the review!

Correct Me If I Am Wrong – I Thought You First Had To Have Purchased The Product You Are Reviewing?!

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What is the meaning of customer reviews otherwise? Reviews should be unbiased comments on your experience of the item you purchased, which can help other customers in their decision process whether to buy the item or not. In that sense reviews are really helpful.

What About The Seller Protection?

Where is the seller protection in all this? If anyone can leave a review of just any item on Amazon, people can use this to destroy a product or you as a seller. I know that you have to purchase for $50 and have a valid credit card on Amazon to be able to leave a review, but still, you should not be able to review an item you never bought in the first place.

More so, you should not be able to leave a review on Amazon when you purchased your product on eBay! It does not make sense.

Have any of you sellers experienced a similar event on Amazon?

When Forcing Amazon To Actually Read The False Review

We never really got any explanation how this happened. At first, we were plainly told by one of the Amazon customer service representatives that they encourage customers to leave reviews to keep Amazon a “free of speech” platform. Of course, but did he not hear what we just said?! This guy did not understand the context of what we were telling him.

When we used the “heavy machinery” and forced Amazon’s support representatives to read the review, (and the fact that the reviewer is stating she bought her item on eBay ) instead of just listening with half an ear, they all got very surprised. They ensured us they would brief the review department to also read the review before taking a decision and we were promised they would delete the review asap.

Lot Of Harm Can Be Done During The Time It Takes For Amazon To React

Good right!?
Well, the only issue is that it took 4 weeks for them to take action on this matter and delete the review. During this time period we did not get ANY sales. Customers did not dare to purchase our product (and I do not blame them) after reading the review we were stuck with. Note that this was a brand new product listing at the time and we did not have other positive reviews to make up for this bad review. Our product listing appeared really bad.

I now want to advice all Amazon sellers to keep track on their product reviews and Amazon’s Review Policy, so this issue does not happen to any of you. Luckily, we started getting sales again the same day after this false review was removed, but we would have made so much MORE profit if this would not happened.

Please leave me your comments on this subject or any related that you want to share. I am dying to hear your insights and experiences with Amazon.


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