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Want To Become A Real Estate Investor But Don’t Have Money To Invest? Start Wholesaling Houses!

Want To Become A Real Estate Investor But Don’t Have Money To Invest? Start Wholesaling Real Estate!

It is time to present a new subject on this blog. Not just any subject, but a HUGE money-making opportunity for my fellow entrepreneurs who want to start their own business and get out of the rat-race once and for all.

What can I possibly be talking about that is such a huge opportunity?


You may be dreaming of becoming a real estate investor but you do not have the money to invest in purchasing properties?

You may be one of many (such as myself) who thought you need a rather LARGE capital to be able to invest in real estate?

I bet the answer will surprise you.

The truth is you only need $10 to be able to make your first deal as a real estate investor.

Don’t You Need Money To Be A Real Estate Investor?

In traditional real estate: Yes.

The most common is to acquire a traditional bank loan, where you pay 10 to 20 percent of the mortgage amount in form of down payment, or you have private capital to take from and invest in real estate.

This is NOT the fact when it comes to creative real estate investing.

Especially, when applying one of the best, no money, low risk, real estate investing strategies I will present in a little bit.

Do I have your attention now?


Any entrepreneur who wants to achieve financial freedom and understand the value of wealth building with real estate will continue reading.

It is time to present the best real estate investing strategy to start out with when you are new to real estate investing and do not yet have the capital to invest.

This strategy is called wholesaling.

Wholesaling – A Low Risk, No Money Strategy For New Real Estate Investors

What does wholesaling real estate mean?

Wholesaling a property occurs when a wholesaler contracts with a person who is selling their property, markets the home to potential buyers and then assigns the contract to an end buyer (most often a cash investor).

The wholesaler makes an assignment fee i.e. profit which is the difference between the contracted price with the seller and the amount paid by the end buyer/cash investor.

There is very little risk involved when using this real estate investing strategy since you are not investing any money yourself in the property.

Or just a little. You do put down earnest money when signing the purchase agreement with the seller which normally is about $10. I would guess you can survive $10 when you have the potential to make $20-25K!

$10 will also be the amount you would lose if you cannot fulfill the purchase agreement after the option period (I am explaining this a bit further ahead).

Some wholesale investors only put down $1 dollar as earnest money. It is totally up to you and the seller to come to an agreement. If the seller is motivated enough to sell the property, they seldom care about the earnest money.
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The Main Goal Is To Get The Property Under Contract!

Remember, your main goal is to get the property under contract. This is always the first and most important step.

You then assign the contract to a buyer/cash investor who purchases the property for cash to fix it up and later flip it.

Wholesaling Is About Finding Distressed Properties

To be able to use this strategy, you have to find distressed properties or sellers in distressed situations that are motivated to sell their properties for a discount (below market value) in exchange for a fast cash transaction.

The typical buyer/investor of distressed properties only has one motive which is to rehab the property and sell it for retail price. They will make a bigger profit than you as a wholesaler, but you never had to invest any money, nor time in the property to begin with. You just assigned the contract and made your cut.

For both you and the buyer/cash investor to make a profit, the property you are looking to assign has to be highly discounted.

There are only a few extremely motivated sellers that own these types of properties and can agree to exchange their property for fast closing and the benefit of a cash payment.

When a seller chooses to sell using a realtor, they have to pay commission to the realtor. I happen to know that in Texas, the realtor commission is 6 to 7 percent of the total selling price.

On top of this, the seller has to pay for all closing costs and keep paying the holding costs during the time the property is listed and is not selling.

In most cases, the wholesaler offers to pay all closing costs as a selling argument and will extract this from the assignment fee.

It takes 3+ months to sell a property with a realtor. Often, even longer than 6 months which is a long time to wait when you want/need to sell your home.

When selling to a cash buyer/investor, the seller can sell his/her home fast and move on with his/her life.

Distressed properties are often a burden to the seller and they just want to get rid off them. The property may be vacant or in pre-foreclosure.

If the property is in pre-foreclosure, there is a time limit to sell before the property goes to foreclosure auction. Not a good place to be in as a homeowner!

Not only will the home owner’s credit be destroyed for 7 to 10 years, but the local sheriff will come and force the owner out of the home.

As it wasn’t bad enough..

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Selling Arguments When Wholesaling

Like mentioned, there are benefits for sellers to sell their home to a wholesaler. Not only will the wholesaler find him/her a cash buyer in a much shorter time frame, but the buyer/cash investor purchases the property As-Is, meaning that the seller does not need to renovate the property before selling it.

When selling for retail value, the seller needs to rehab the property to make it competitive on the market. This can be costly and takes time. Something sellers rather skip if they can.

Good Selling Arguments When Wholesaling Properties:

  • We pay cash – you walk away with a cash payment.
  • We pay all closing costs.
  • We close fast – often in as little as 14 days (or what time frame you can live up to).
  • We buy As-Is – no need for costly and time-consuming repairs.
  • No realtor commissions.
  • No cleaning or “make ready” needed.

These arguments speak for themselves and are basically the benefits of letting a wholesaler sell your home.

How Do I Make A Wholesale Offer ?

Generally, you will be able to sell a property to an end buyer at between 60 to 70 percent of the ARV (After Repair Value). Therefore, you want to be able to find a property at 50 to 65 percent of market value.

Like mentioned, this will only be possible if finding motivated sellers who really need to sell fast. They may not have the means to rehab the property and then wait for it to sell for retail/market value.

You need to take into consideration that the end buyer/cash investor needs to make a profit on the property after rehabbing it.

If there is not room enough for the buyer/cash investor to make at least 15 percent after rehab, you will not find a buyer.

As simple as that.

You have to calculate all parameters carefully before making an offer.  You also have to include the holding costs for 6 months. Holding costs mean the utility costs, etc., during the time it takes to rehab the property.

Do not forget to calculate for both closing costs and the assignment fee you want to make.

There is a general formula to calculate a wholesale offer which is 70 percent of ARV minus the repair cost.

For example:

The ARV is $200,000.
The rehab expenses are $30,000.
$200,000 x 0.70 – $30,000 = $139,970

Many experienced wholesalers like to state the following on how to make a good offer:

“If you’re not embarrassed by the offer, you are offering too much!”


What Happens If I Don’t Find A Buyer?

You have been marketing the property you have under contract to your cash buyer list, possibly even on Facebook, Craigslist, and your local REI club as well, but the deal is not good enough to get any buyers to take the bait.

What do you do now?

One way is to go back to the seller and try to renegotiate the asking price. If it is more time you need, you can also ask the seller for an extension.

However, when asking for an extension, you should always take into consideration that you are holding up the property during this period.

The seller cannot sell his/her home to anybody else during this time, and if you still did not manage to find a buyer, it will most likely piss the seller off and may give you a bad reputation.

Be vary of your limitations.

If you realize you JUST CAN’T find a buyer, you do have an option period – also called inspection period – where you legally can tear up the contract and walk away.

In Texas, you have an option period of 30 days when using a standard transaction agreement.

In other states, wholesalers use an inspection period of 14 to 30 days instead. Make sure to add this as a clause in the contract.
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You Need An Attorney, A Title Company, And An Appraiser On Your Power Team

ALWAYS use an attorney to look over the contracts. It can cost you the whole deal, and more, to not do this properly.

Try finding an attorney that is used to wholesale assignments so you do not need to pay for the attorney’s learning curve of getting accustomed to this way of doing business.

You will have to find a good title company as well. A title company ensures the buyer is buying a legitimate piece of real estate. They run a title search on the property to see if there are any liens on it.

The title company will be used at settlement, and as the attorney, they will need to be investor-friendly so you can be upfront that you are assigning the contract.

It can be good to have an appraiser on your team so you can get an appraisal of the property you intend to wholesale.

This will ensure you are paying the right price for the property and have room left to resell the contract and make a profit.

An experienced buyer/cash investor may want to see an appraisal before purchasing the property.

Most wholesalers like to have a contractor to compliment their power team. The contractor can walk through the property and give an estimate on how much the rehab expenses will cost.

It really helps your reputation if you can present an accurate rehab estimate to the end buyer and avoid possible misfortunes if the rehab expenses end up costing way more and would lower the final profit for the fix and flipper.

The buyer would not be happy with your work and never buy from you again.

Find A Local REIA To Get Good Advice And Network With Other Investors

You will need to locate your local REIA – real estate investor group/association, where you can get good advice from other real estate investors and start building your network.

At your local REIA, you can find cash buyers/investors who are continuously looking for great deals to fix and flip.

If you happen to live in Austin Texas, you should consider joining the Austin RENC – Real Estate Investor Network. I can personally recommend this REIA and I am not affiliating with them, nor am I getting paid for giving them a mention.

Another great source is the free web course by Phil Pustejovsky – Freedom Mentor. I learned a great deal from taking his web course and it is totally for free.

Note, that I do not affiliate with Freedom Mentor either. I just want to give you the best guidance I possibly can so you can make a headstart with real estate investing and crush it as an investor.

Take Your Real Estate Business To Another Level – Get Distressed Homeowners To Contact YOU!

If you have not thought of how to get distressed homeowners/sellers to contact YOU yet, you have to start today!

That is what is going to make or break your real estate investing business.

It takes time and extra effort to cold call pre-foreclosure lists and chase for distressed homeowners who are willing to sell their home to you, as an investor, to a highly discounted price.

Believe me, I have done the tedious cold calling, and it only gave me about a 2% conversion rate. You will need a lot of patience, sales skills, and a bit of luck on your side to grow your real estate business this way. Especially, if you want to get ahead and contract the BIG profitable deals FAST.

I am not saying you should not do cold calling at all.

But you need to get distressed homeowners who really need to sell their home to contact YOU instead!

For this to happen, you need to learn how to create professional lead capture funnels that collect distressed homeowners/sellers’ contact information in order for you to contact and start processing them.

You know they are interested in selling their home when they are contacting you and not the other way around. It will save you a lot of headaches and frustration.

This is an example of a lead capture funnel I used on my website:

Get distressed homeowners to contact you - Traffic Secrets
Get distressed homeowners to contact you - Traffic Secrets
The second tier idea with lead capture/sales funnels is to get access to distressed homeowners’ email addresses so that you can email them over and over. You can set up autoresponders that will send out your pre-composed emails automatically. You only need to configure this once and then never again have to worry about it.

In this sense, distressed homeowners will receive reminders that you exist and can solve their problems. They will then contact you when they are ready to sell (instead, of you calling and calling and get hung up on because they are not ready to deal with the problem yet).

There is a very affordable program, called Builderall, where you can create lead capture/sales funnels, email autoresponders, websites, landing pages, etc. I am using this program myself, and I doubled my leads in a short period of two months.

Builderall is extremely user friendly and have pre-designed lead capture/sales funnels that you can customize with easy drag and drop functions. The support is also top-notch and always there for you if you get stuck. The longest I have ever waited on a support ticket is one hour.

If you want to get a more comprehensive introduction of lead capture/sales funnels (with the common name, ClickFunnels), I highly recommend the FREE 30-Day Summit. This FREE digital summit has gathered 30 incredible marketing experts from different fields, and you will learn the blueprints for how they got their business back up and rolling again, and generating income and leads in just ONE MONTH.

You will also get help creating your first lead capture/sales funnel.

Sounds great right? But more importantly, you NEED TO DO THIS if you want to create a profitable real estate business FAST!

Invest a little bit of time in learning about ClickFunnels, build your first lead capture/sales funnel in a heartbeat, and score that BIG DEAL!

I hope this blog post gave you the means to crush it as a real estate investor.

Feel free to show me some love and leave a comment in the comment section below. It will help this blog post to rank better on search engines and make it possible for more people to find out about creative real estate investing.

I would really appreciate it if you also shared the article with someone who would benefit from this information. It is all about paying it forward!

Remember this: The Future Is Your Creation!

Stina Pettersson
The Future Is Your Creation
Email: [email protected]

I aim to provide the best and most accurate information to my readers on this website. Some of the links in this post are from sponsors. Read my Advertising Disclosure.

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