Most Amazon Training Programs Are A Scam - The Future Is Your Creation

There are many eCommerce training programs online claiming they have the golden formula to make thousands of $$$ after a few days/weeks on Amazon and eBay without any start-up capital.

Do NOT believe in this!

They are all scammers, in the sense, it is unrealistic to make that kind of money in 30 days with no money upfront. They just want you to pay for their training.

Are These Statements Familiar To You?

#1. Make $5,000-$10,000 in the next 30 days.
#2. We will offer you a product that generates $40,000 per month.
#3. We will show you the hottest products that sell out the fastest on Amazon.
#4. We will give you a list of wholesalers where you can get great deals on popular products with huge profit margins.
#5. Start an online business with NO money out upfront!

Do you recognize any of these statements? They are common sales pitches for you to take the bait.

You can find sales pitches like these daily on Facebook and YouTube and they are meant to lure you in by promising fast cash for hardly any effort.

The advertisement often showcases a webinar or a workshop where they show you the basic principles on how to sell on Amazon and/or eBay.

They make it sound so easy to become successful and make the big bucks on Amazon/eBay. They sometimes take it as far as claiming you can run your Amazon business by only investing 15 minutes per day.

Oh boy…that is sooo far from the truth!

Like on all seminars that are meant to be selling something, they always have a successful and charismatic entrepreneur as a speaker. The speaker always talks about his/her incredible success to make you feel inspired and in awe.

Showing off a fancy car is also a common trick to make you desire what they have even more. The speaker always ends the seminar with a promise of success IF you buy into the training program the seminar is pitching.

They then charge a hefty fee for the training. Everything from $999-$35,000. They may start with offering a low entrance fee but there are ALWAYS up-sells. Something to remember!

They will tell you to pay more and more to get access to the parts of the training where you can learn how to cash in the most money.

This is where they make their money!

NOT from being successful Amazon sellers, like they claim!

Ask these people to see their actual PROFITS, not sales. I bet, you will discover they do not have much to show for, apart from the income they are making from the paid training.

Is Paid Amazon Training Worth Investing In?

Is it worth it spending a huge chunk of money on Amazon courses?

My answer is NO.

Why do I claim so?

First of all, the statement that the training will help you make $5,000-$10,000 in 30 days is just NOT POSSIBLE.

To make $10,000 per month may even be difficult for established eCommerce sellers when business is slow.

Second, there is NO WAY you could make any money on Amazon or eBay without start-up capital.

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It Takes Money To Make Money!

It is as simple as that!

To make profits of $5,000-$10,000 per month, you have to be a professional licensed reseller and have invested 4-5+ times the money in inventory. Or you have invented a good private label product that has a good profit margin and is selling like hotcakes.

To private label your own product is a process, however, and takes time, effort, and capital. You can hardly complete the whole manufacturing period, shipping your product to Amazon’s warehouse/s, prep all labels, brand your product, and get people to find it in 30 days!

Only the lead-time of manufacturing your private label product is normally 30 days. Not to mention the time it takes to search for an honest and reputable manufacturer overseas that is willing to offer you a fair price.

Do not fall for their BS!

Only a person desperate for money, with no prior experience from eCommerce, could possibly fall for this. It is wrong and unethical to mislead people like this.

You can find everything these programs are offering online. Keep reading to find out more.
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What Are The Amazon Training Programs Teaching?

eCommerce Model #1: DROPSHIPPING

What the self-claimed Amazon gurus are teaching is foremost dropshipping. If you have not heard about dropshipping before, it is an eCommerce business model where you do not have to keep any inventory.

The Dropshipping Process In Short

When a customer is buying a product from your eCommerce store or Amazon/eBay listing, you are purchasing the product from a third party supplier/wholesaler for a cheaper price and then they ship it directly to the customer.

As a result, you as a merchant (seller) never sees or handles the product. You then keep the difference as your profit.

The statement that you would not need to put any capital upfront, like the sellers of the Amazon training programs want you to believe, is FALSE, FALSE, FALSE.

There are at least two explanations to this:

Explanation #1. Amazon only pays out profits from sales every 14 days so it will take at least two weeks before you get access to the customer’s payment. Often longer. Amazon is also withholding a certain percentage of your money for possible returns.

Explanation #2. If you are dropshipping on eBay, PayPal withholds the payment from the customer until you have provided a valid tracking number. Sometimes even longer. They may release the funds faster after you have shown a good track record. NOT immediately as a new seller!

Therefore, you cannot use the customer’s payment to dropship. You will need capital to fulfill your initial orders. It takes, at least, $2,000-$3,000 to start a dropshipping business, based on experience.

You can read more about dropshipping and my experience with it in prior blog posts:

⇒ Is Dropshipping Legit? Benefits & Disadvantages Listed

⇒ Reality Check Dropshipping – The Customer Service Is Time Consuming And Demanding

⇒ Do Not Dropship From AliExpress On Amazon!

eCommerce Model #2: PRIVATE LABELING

Some of the Amazon training programs also teach private labeling. To private label a product means (according to the standards of these Amazon training programs – somewhat misconstrued if you ask me) to find a “best seller” on Amazon that is not brand sensitive and basically copy it. I have tried this as well.

⇒ What Exactly Is Retail Arbitrage? Hear It From An Arbitrage Guru

Before all online gurus started popping up everywhere, private labeling was only considered when you actually invented a unique product. Not just copied a product, not yet a big brand item.

I feel conflicted about what to think of this “copy whatever product you want from Amazon” model. It feels a bit over-saturated right now.

Back to the actual process of private labeling… You then look for a manufacturer that can produce your product for a good price. You may want them to add special packaging according to your design and possibly also make some customization to the product.

Most sellers look for manufacturers overseas (from China). You can find overseas manufacturers on websites such as,, or

Find information about the whole process of private labeling and important steps to consider here:

⇒ How To Sell On Amazon For Beginners

Find more information on how to quickly scale your Amazon business here:

How To Quickly Scale Your Amazon Business

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Do Not Pay For This Information!
You Can Find It Online

Most Amazon Training Programs Are A Scam

I would highly recommend not to pay for costly Amazon training. If you set away some time to gather information, you can find everything you need to know about selling on Amazon and eBay online.

YouTube is a great channel to get all the necessary information. There are tons of tutorials on how to start an Amazon/eBay business and what eCommerce business models are the best.

Watch the webinars from the Amazon training gurus and get bits and parts of valuable information from them but do not fall for the bait to actually pay for the training. Just search for the next webinar or YouTube clip and collect the information you are looking for.

It is also beneficial to read articles from eCommerce bloggers and to search for different forums, such as, Amazon seller central forum, or the eBay seller forum.

You will find answers to most questions on any of the forums. You can rely on the fact that tons of people have been exactly where you are right now. They all needed help and answers to their questions so there is a big chance your question is answered already.

How can I claim you can learn everything you need to know on how to become a successful eCommerce business owner from browsing the Google giant?

I make this statement purely from experience. I learned everything I know today from searching for information online and, especially, from watching YouTube tutorials.

It may take a bit longer to collect the necessary information and gain enough knowledge to become a successful entrepreneur but you will save lots of capital that you can invest in inventory instead.

Shopify Offers A Simple Solution To Build An eCommerce Store Without Any Tech Skills

Shopify - Make A Living From Home


What Is The Best eCommerce Model?

I have worked with both dropshipping and private labeling. I have been dropshipping for about two years now and have private labeled a product – sourcing it from China.

I have made many beginner mistakes but learned from them. I managed to move on and am now focusing on the business model I consider the best, online retail.

What Is Online Retail? Sell Brand Products That Are Already Selling

The online retail business model is based on selling brand name items that are already selling well. There are ways to make good estimates on your market, competition, probable profits, and how many units per month you will sell.

Good software to help you make the right estimations about what products to sell is SupplySpy. The software even offers a directory of suppliers.

Another benefit of online retail is that you do not have to spend money on costly marketing efforts. The brand owners take care of the product branding as a part of growing their brands.

You, basically, only need to focus on buying low and selling high.

There are a few steps to take before you can start using this business model:

Step #1. You have to register your business and get a resale certificate. You do not have to incorporate so it is not as difficult as it may seem.

You can find the full 10 step checklist in:

⇒ How To Start An eCommerce Business – 10 Step Checklist!

Step #2. You need to get brand approval from Amazon which gives permission to sell the product. Amazon can remove your seller privileges if you do not go through this process.

Find a brief tutorial on Amazon’s brand approval process in:

⇒ eCommerce Lessons Learned – Online Retail Is The Way To Make The Big Bucks Selling On Amazon!

Like everything in the money-making process, it does not happen overnight.

Online retail is a time-consuming business model. It takes hours and hours of product research to find profitable products to sell and authorized suppliers you can get good deals from.

However, the SupplySpy software makes it a lot easier and faster to find the golden product.

If you are planning on selling in the U.S., you HAVE TO purchase your inventory from authorized American suppliers/distributors. You will not get brand approval from Amazon to sell brands if you do not use authorized suppliers. A regular invoice from Walmart or AliExpress will not work.

You can read a more conclusive presentation of online retail here:

⇒ What Is Online Retail? Why Is It The Best Business Model For Selling On Amazon?

There is a young man, Beau Crabill, who has extensive knowledge of online retail that I recommend following. He shares really good and valuable information on his YouTube channel.

Beau has a course in online retail but you do not need a course to get started selling on Amazon (if you ask me). Beau’s bait is to get access to his list of authorized suppliers but I have read comments from Beau’s students (inside the Facebook forum) that they have to search for suppliers themselves.

Needless to say, I do believe Beau Crabill offers great value in his course but you can learn so much from just watching his channel. The rest you can find from browsing the Google giant or figure out by yourself.

*Correction – Beau Crabill left a comment below with a clarification that he does not provide his students with authorized suppliers. He teaches how to fish for them.

YouTube video

Yes! I want to earn a 6-figure side-income online (FREE training)
If you have any comments on this blog post, please feel free to share them in the comment section below.

Remember this: The Future Is Your Creation!

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Stina was active as a professional dancer for 21 years, but after ACL surgery in both knees, she was forced to slow down and now enjoys dancing as a hobby.

She recently went back to her roots with her beloved horses and also loves long nature walks with her two adorable dogs, Max and Abigail.

Stina has the gift of receiving communication from the spirit and extraterrestrial world which she also loves sharing with her readers.

“My main goal is to maintain a flexible lifestyle, where I set my own schedule. Even that I work hard, I love what I do every day, and I also have the opportunity to help other people which is a huge gift.”

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  • Beau Crabill

    Hey, This is beau here. thanks for the mention, however I would like to make it clear that I do not provide people with lists of suppliers. I teach how to fish instead of giving fish

    Just wanted to be clear on that, thank you

    • Stina Pettersson

      Hi Beau,
      thanks for leaving me a comment. I appreciate it, and also for clearing out the authorized supplier issue. I was convinced I heard in one of your videos that your students get access to your suppliers, but I must have heard it all wrong.

      Regarding the mention; anytime Beau! You share valuable information that I am grateful for myself. I have learned a lot from watching your videos. Most of all, I get motivated to push through.
      It’s all about paying it forward:-) Keep up the good work!

      Stina Pettersson
      The Future Is Your Creation/Make A Living From Home

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