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Legit Online Jobs For Stay At Home Moms And DadsDo you want to get tips of 20 legit online jobs for stay at home moms and dads?

I do not have children myself but still decided to write about this topic because I feel it is important to give stay at home parents a chance to increase their income, flexibility, and freedom, so they have the means and time to focus on their families.

I have friends that are single parents and I see how they are struggling with 2-3 jobs to get by (this in regards to the U.S.).

It is often difficult for two parents to get by with expenses for baby supplies, baby strollers, private schools, tutoring, and food.

Imagine single parents.

Even if you are two active parents, it helps if the person who chooses to stay home can contribute financially as well.

Having to juggle all the expenses often means working long hours at a corporate job. Many parents suffer the consequences of not having enough time to really be involved in their children’s lives and to be present parents.

I want to change that now by offering 20 legit online jobs that you can do from home and that will make the financial strains and family logistics easier.

20 Work From Home Jobs That Are To My Knowledge Legit Online Jobs

Let us start with the first job:

Work At Home Job #1: Tech Support Provider

Legit Jobs For Stay At Home Mom And Dads - Make A Living From Home

Tech support providers cover a wide array of tech-related customer service questions for customers. Since there are different skill sets needed for different types of tech support jobs, the pay can vary.

Here are some examples of companies that offer this position:


Work At Home Job #2: Virtual Assistant

With most businesses operating online nowadays, the request for virtual assistants to help keep their businesses organized has increased.

Work tasks as a virtual assistant can include composing and responding to emails, responding to various business inquiries, creating and distributing business-related documents, content creation, and more technical service tasks.

This type of work is often sought by independent contractors that work remotely from home or from a remote office.

You can find virtual assistant jobs on for example,, and


Work At Home Job #3: Search Engine Evaluator

Search engine evaluator is basically about correcting and rating the results from searches on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. When you search for something on Google, the search engines are trying to collect the most accurate results through its algorithms.

However, sometimes they fail and that is where search engine evaluators come in.

These jobs usually pay about $10 – $15/per hour. You can apply to become a search engine evaluator on the following websites:

Work At Home Job #4: Web Developer/Web Designer

Legit Jobs For Stay At Home Mom And Dads - Make A Living From Home

It is fairly easy to build your own website nowadays with all “easy to learn” and accessible web platforms on the market. You do not even have to be a real “coder” or developer to build your own website if you take advantage of the many free learning opportunities online.

The absolute best and easiest website platform, where you can implement text and images without any coding is Shopify or Builderall. Both Shopify and Builderall already have pre-designed websites and a lot of themes to choose from with easy drag and drop builders. You can even create an eCommerce store with Shopify.

If you would prefer a less popular but still a very good option feel free to check out ecwid eCommerce solution.

Another free platform for web development is WordPress. This platform is used and tested by millions of developers. They continuously improve the open-source code WordPress is built on.

However, to manage to install a WordPress theme, you need to know a bit of code and how to use Plugins in order to customize your website.

Although it is somewhat easy to learn how to build a website, many business owners do not have time to acquire the skills needed and want someone to do it for them. Hence, why there is a lucrative business in today’s online market for a web developer/web designer.

The best aspect of this work opportunity is that you only need a computer/laptop and an internet connection to start developing websites and earn an income.

The national median wage for web developers was $63,160 in 2013 with the top 10 percent earning an average of $110,350 in 2013.

You can offer your web development services on You can create different gigs for free using their platform.

Work From Home Job #5: Document Translator

Legit Jobs For Stay At Home Mom And Dads - The Future Is Your Creation

If you are bilingual, you are in a favorable light right now since translators are sought after. Like the title explains, a document translator translates documents from one language to another.

Some translator jobs require a bachelor’s degree but most require you to be fluent in at least two languages. To be successful as a translator, you need to speak and write with a native tung so you can convey the meaning of the first document in the translated document and write perfect grammar.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, most translators work from home but often under tight deadlines, so you have to be able to handle stress and type relatively fast.

The national median wage for translators was $42,420 in 2013. The top 10 percent of translators earned an average income of $77,140.

Here are some examples of where you can find translation jobs:

You can also offer translation services as a freelancer on

Work From Home Job #6: Freelance Writer

Most companies stay up to date with online trends and know what it takes to become an authority online. To get your company website to rank on the first 1-2 pages on search engines, you have to produce content, content, and more relevant content.

Many companies hire writers to formulate and compose news articles and good quality content for their websites because of this.

Even that many bigger companies have in-house writers for their website content, a growing number of businesses outsource their content creation and hire expert freelance writers instead.

To be hired as a freelance writer, you have to have prior writing experience and be good with grammar, as well as naturally have a way of creating interesting angles on everyday news topics. Also, a portfolio of prior work or writing samples.

An understanding of SEO is always a plus so you know why you are writing what you are writing and keep the specific keyword phrases in mind.

You can find freelance writer jobs on for example, and Media Bistro, or post a gig on
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Work From Home Job #7: Online Tutor

Online tutors are gaining force in today’s “World Wide Web” era. Tutors have been helping students for decades but not online like now. The opportunities for online tutors are increasing.

Online tutoring enables parents to seek help for their children in a more flexible manner than with traditional tutoring. There are basically hundreds of subjects in which you can find a tutoring job. I would recommend choosing a subject you have special knowledge in and then look for tutoring jobs within that field.

To get started you will need a computer and a stable internet connection, preferably high speed. You can earn up to $500/week tutoring part-time or potentially up to 60K/year.

Here are examples of places you can find online tutoring jobs:

Work From Home Job #8: Magazine Writer

Legit Jobs For Stay At Home Mom And Dads - Make A Living From Home

Close to freelance writer – if you love to write and have excellent writing skills – you can earn a very profitable income writing for magazines. Writing for magazines is one of the most lucrative forms of writing there is.

Pay can range anywhere from $50 – $1,000 per article depending on the story theme and the particular magazine you write for.

Work At Home Job #9: Data Entry

There are many businesses in need of workers to enter various data into their computer systems. It can be data to track inventory, analyze and track the company performance, create business plans, and so forth.

Because you only need a computer and good typing skills, many data entry workers are able to work remotely and on a flexible schedule. Perfect for stay-at-home parents.

In 2013, data entry workers earned a median wage of $28,470. The top 10 percent earned about $42,120.

You can find data entry job postings on for example,, and, or post a gig on

Work At Home Job #10: Call-Center Representative

Like mentioned a couple of times earlier, many of today’s businesses operate completely online. They often need people who can answer the phone at all hours, assist customers, process orders, deal with returns, etc.

Some businesses do not have a physical office and have people working for them from home. Working as a call-center representative can require some specific software or equipment to be installed on your computer.

It is also good to have a good phone voice and experience with customer service, data entry, retail sales, or management.

You can find job openings for call-center representatives on,, and
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Work At Home Job #11: Copywriter

Copywriters are not to be mistaken with writers for magazines and bloggers that mainly write to entertain or inform readers. Copywriters focus on driving sales and are writing sales letters, newsletters, sales pages, and so forth.

A good website where you can find copywriter positions is Follow this link directly.

You can also offer your copywriting services on

Work At Home Job #12: Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is a fun job idea and is basically about quality control for customer service. You simply visit a business or buy a product and then rate the level of service you experienced.

There are tons of businesses that use mystery shoppers to make sure their employees and branches are operating as they should.

In a somewhat large city, mystery shopping is a very lucrative form of side income. There are people making 14K a year doing mystery shopping.

Here are some examples of mystery shopping companies you can sign up with:

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Work At Home Job #13: Social Media Manager

Social media is still gaining force and does not seem to disappear any day soon. Most companies have jumped on the social media bandwagon with fear of losing out on potential customers or not being up to date with current market trends if not.

Companies save money on social media, instead of having to pay for advertising in costly magazines, TV commercials, radio, etc.

Not all business has someone to manage their social media accounts which is why there is a good job opportunity to offer to help with publishing articles/posts, grow their online following, and increase online visibility.

Companies That Hire Social Media Managers Regularly

Here are some companies you can check out for social media manager and social media assistant positions:

  • $99 Social – Social Media Content Specialist
  • Appen – Social Media Evaluator
  • DVMelite – Marketing Account Manager
  • eaHELP – Virtual Social Media Assistant
  • ModSquad – Mod (Digital Engagement Pro)

You can also offer to write engaging social media posts for companies as a freelancer on
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Work At Home Job #14: Bookkeeper

If you are good with numbers and have organizational skills, bookkeeping can be an amazing opportunity. It is now possible to start a home-based bookkeeping business.

Work-from-home bookkeepers can earn an average of $40,000/year.

Unfortunately, I do not have any specific website about bookkeeping jobs but you can always use the Google giant to find out how to start a bookkeeping business.

Work From Home Job #15: Online Reseller On Amazon Or eBay

If you have a good eye for a bargain, you can make a ton of money by reselling items on third-party eCommerce websites. Look for deals at yard sales, sales at retail outlets, or even consider getting your own private label product manufactured and sell it online.

A way of avoiding purchasing costly inventory is dropshipping. You can ask me all about it since I have been trying out dropshipping for a few years now.

If you prefer to read about dropshipping instead, you can start with this article:

⇒ Is Dropshipping Legit? Benefits And Disadvantages Listed

Work From Home Job #16: Write And Sell eBooks

Legit Jobs For Stay At Home Mom And Dads

When writing an eBook you should consider these aspects carefully:

  • Is the information you are presenting useful and relevant?
  • Does your book reflect positivity?
  • Will your eBook hold the reader’s attention?
  • Your book must answer meaningful and significant answers.

Also, do your research about your audience and set clear goals. I used to believe an eBook had to be as long and comprehensive as a regular book but you can keep them as short as 30 pages and it is still considered an eBook. They just have to include relevant information about a certain topic.

When you have finished your eBook, you can sell it on your website/blog or sell it on third-party eCommerce websites such as Amazon or eBay.

You can also help other people or companies with the content creation or copywriting aspects of creating an eBook and offer your services on

There are people who want to publish eBooks and may have good ideas on topics but that are not good writers. This is where you come in and offer your services.
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Work From Home Job #17: Freelance Blogger

Freelance bloggers earn less than magazine writers but freelance blogging can still be a lucrative field. Freelance blogging is simply writing blog posts for other blogs and businesses.

The pay usually ranges anywhere from $20 to $300 per blog post depending on who you are writing for and how long/detailed the article is.

Start Your Own Blog And Make Money As A Blogger

How To Make Money As A Blogger For Beginners - The Future Is Your Creation
If you want to start your own blog and get going with affiliate marketing, I would recommend that you read this blog post:

⇒ How To Make Money As A Blogger In 2021 For Beginners

It explains all the ways you can make money as a blogger and how to start your own blog.

Find out more in Work From Home Job #20: Affiliate Marketer.

Work From Home Job #18: Travel Agent

Legit Jobs For Stay At Home Mom And Dads - Make A Living From Home

Although the demand is expected to decrease over the next decade, the opportunities are still there for travel agents who can harness the “World Wide Web” to earn clients and help them plan their adventures.

Travel agents who can offer their expertise in certain regions of the world or have experience planning tours and adventures are the most attractive.

Also, those who focus on group travels.

About 12 percent of travel agents were self-employed in 2012 but the vast majority worked in the travel arrangement and reservation services industry.

In 2013 travel agents earned a median wage of $34,530.

Work From Home Job #19: Medical Transcriptionist

Medical transcriptionists are always in demand for and they often work for hospitals or physician’s offices. Some of them actually work remotely from home as well.

Job tasks involve transcribing recorded medical dictation so you will need a computer, a work desk and an earpiece to get started. You may have to complete a postsecondary medical transcriptionist program before being hired for the position. Ask the employer if this is necessary or not.

The median wage for a medical transcriptionist is $35,490 or $16.63 per hour. These are numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2013.

You can find positions as medical transcriptionists at for example Follow this link directly for job tips on

Work At Home Job #20: Affiliate Marketer

Remote Work Opportunity 2020 - Internet Jetset

If you do not have a product of your own to sell, you can “sell other peoples’ stuff” and earn a commission from every sale you make. This process is called Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing - The Future Is Your CreationThis way of making an income (a full-time income even) is getting more and more popular since you do not have to care about inventory, patent, or trademark issues, stocking, customer service, refunds, etc.

You sell a product already invented and taken care of and earn a commission from the sale.

The only thing you need to do is to decide on a niche where you can make a good profit and choose affiliate programs that offer high levels of recurring commissions in that niche.

The best is to choose a niche that you have a passion or interest for and it will be much easier to market and sell its products and services.

The main purpose as a salesperson or marketer, in general,  is to help people to solve a problem. A good strategy is to write product reviews or review different services, create price comparisons, tutorials, etc.

Read a more thorough article on affiliate marketing here:

⇒ How To Get Started With Affiliate Marketing – Become An Expert In No Time!

There are many good affiliate marketing training programs out there but there is one course that is GREAT!

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For me, this course was invaluable in teaching me ways to speed up the income process and increase my current commissions tenfold.

You can start from zero, not knowing anything about this business model, and start earning commissions after a few weeks with John Crestani’s digital workbook.

There are several options regarding remote jobs for stay-at-home parents. I hope this list helped you come closer to finding a job that can work for you.

If you found this article helpful, I kindly ask you to share it with your network. Please also share your thoughts and feelings about these remote jobs in the comment section below.

Remember this: The Future Is Your Creation!


Stina Pettersson
The Future Is Your Creation
Email: [email protected]

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About The Author

Stina Pettersson - The Future Is Your CreationStina Pettersson is an aspiring entrepreneur who is working on achieving her goals as an Internet Marketer.

She got tired of her job in the corporate world and wanted to stand on her own two feet.

Stina is originally from Sweden but has resided in the U.S. for the past 7 years.

“My main goal is to maintain a flexible lifestyle, where I set my own schedule. Even that I work hard, I love what I do every day. I also have the opportunity to help other people which is a huge gift.”



  1. Benjamin Lim

    Wow! Very informative article! I definitely should start learning how to earn some side income as I am planning to be a stay at home dad. I am currently doing web affiliating and it is slowly paying off! The main commitment is time and the best part is that the capital needed is very minimal.

    Nice One!

    • Stina Pettersson

      Hi Benjamin,

      thanks so much for your kind words! It made my day:-) Congratulations on being a dad! I love the fact that you’re going to stay at home with your child. I love when dads are equals to moms. I’m also very happy to hear that you as well enjoy affiliate marketing and have seen the opportunities with this business. Keep going strong, it is definitely worth it and what couldn’t be more perfect for a stay at home dad.

      Stay in touch and let me know how it goes. Best of success to you with your business!


  2. Sharon Whyte

    Hi Stina,
    You covered alot of jobs here which is awesome. It seems there are many writing jobs and transcription etc. I think affiliate marketing is a great way to go as unlike the others your income doesnt really have a ceiling. But good variety. Thanks for sharing!
    Cheers Sharon

  3. Sharon Whyte

    Hi Stina,
    You covered alot of jobs here which is awesome. It seems there are many writing jobs and transcription etc. I think affiliate marketing is a great way to go as unlike the others your income doesnt really have a ceiling. But good variety. Thanks for sharing!
    Cheers Sharon

    • Stina Pettersson

      Thank you Sharon! Yes, I think I covered the ones that are most “common” and legit jobs on the market right now. Yes, I totally agree with you. Affiliate marketing is the best opportunity, since it’s only our work and dedication that decide how much to earn. You have it completely right! I hope that more people could understand the value of this opportunity and check out the training at Wealthy Affiliate.

      All my best to you!

  4. Brandon Cox

    I love that this article gives some hope to people who are having a hard time finding work as well as people who have big dreams. Web development, for example, can wind up being a big income earning profession. This is an excellent list, and I’m thankful you thought of both the SAHM’s and the SAHD’s! Great information!

    • Stina Pettersson

      Hi Brandon,

      Thank you so much for your kind feedback! It makes me very glad to hear that it gives hope for people, who struggle finding the right fit for them. Also, the big dreamers with big goals. I never gave up on a career from home and am happy to be able to give that opportunity to others now.

      Yes, I I’m trying to think about both the SAHD’s and SAHM’s. To only focus on the latter would not be right. That’s very out-dated nowadays when dad’s are staying home with their children as much as moms.

      Thanks again for your comment and I wish you a beautiful 2017!


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