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Karatbars International Complaints – The Naked Truth About Karatbars International 2019 Update

Karatbars International Complaints – The Naked Truth About Karatbars International 2017

Karatbars International

Website: https://www.karatbars.com
Founder & CEO: Mr. Harald Seiz
Program Cost: Free to join
Rating: 4 out of 10

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My Personal Introduction To Karatbars

I was introduced to Karatbars from a man working out at the same gym as myself. We started talking while doing cardio on the treadmills. We spoke about work, and he told me he had a business opportunity, he wanted to present to me.

I told him that if it was about a MLM opportunity, I did not want to waste my time, but he promised it was much more interesting than that. He told me it was about investing in gold, which caught my attention. I am one of those people, who think investing in gold is a good idea for the future, since we never know what will happen to our currencies Worldwide.
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I met him two days later at a café not far from the gym, so I could head over for a workout after our meeting. He presented Karatbars (their website), and then we watched their introduction movie. He said it was better than him explaining the business, since he did not know so much just yet. He was new to Karatbars himself.

I asked him; “why would you do that?”

He continued with telling me that the only thing I needed to do in exchange was to find 3 people who want to invest in gold as well.

“Kaching!” The coin dropped and I understood that this was another MLM business opportunity.

It was just presented a bit more romanticized when offering to pay for my first investment in gold. Don’t we all want beautiful, shiny, valuable gold?!

I thanked him politely, and said that I was not interested in any MLM business model, since I have tried it earlier with a company called, Nu Skin, and they are all built the same – the money is in recruiting, which I really dislike to do.

Nu Skin was a big failure for me, and I lost a lot of money in the process trying to become an independent distributor, so I learned my lesson. You can read about my journey with Nu Skin below if you want:

Is Nu Skin a Scam? Hear it From My Own Experience! 2019 Update

It would have been different if you could start making money from investing in gold only, but NOP – there is not where the money is.

Let us look closer at Karatbars and their business model.

If Karatbars interests you this far, take a look at their introduction movie. You have to excuse the misspelling of the word “Englisch” in the title of the movie, since the company is from Germany^^.

Karatbars International Overview

Karatbars - the Naked Truth - Make A Living From HomeKaratbars International was founded in 2011, and operates in over 70 countries as of today.  Their headquarters is located in Stuttgart, Germany.

Karatbars International is a global eCommerce business operation that specializes in selling gold bars. The company is financially secure, debt-free, and fully self-funded, and distributes these gold bars through affiliates.

Karatbars claims it is a logical, affordable, and universal solution to the world’s current debt and currency crisis. The company offers 7 ways for affiliates to earn income through its binary compensation plan. More about this further down.

Karatbars’s own presentation: “Karatbars International GmbH offers a wide range of products and options in the 999.9 fine gold market space. Our core products are 1g, 2.5g, and 5g minted 24 karat gold ingots from LBMA accredited refineries”.

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The owner and founder of Karatbars, Mr. Seiz, wanted to offer a way to help people buy gold for less than it costs. Less than it costs? Hmm….I don’t agree (find the cost of Karatbars gold further down).

His mission was to bring gold to the masses. He invented a business model where people can buy gold at a discounted price, which allows people to invest the Gold, and change the currency into a much more valuable and secure investment commodity.

However, there is a but…it always is..Continue reading to find out more.

The Process Of Buying Gold And How Much Does Karatbars Cost?

Is Karatbars a Scam or a Legitimate Business Opportunity? Make a Living from Home in 2017

Karatbars gold is purchased by first completing a simple form online (on their affiliate website), where you also have to upload your identification. Once the form is submitted, you will receive an email including a form that must be signed electronically and be submitted.


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After submitting the documents, a Karatbars International executive will call you to discuss options and inform about the process involved in purchasing the right gold for the best retirement benefits.

How Much Does The Gold Cost?

To get a gram of pure 999.9 gold, you have to invest in Karatbars Silver Level, which cost $371.49. They start with a Bronze Level, but it does not even give you a gram of gold.

Then you have Karatbars Gold Package, which costs $844 and included 14 x 3% bonus cards, 14 X $106 bonus cards and 2 X 1g gold cards. Obs., all prices are originally in Euros, but I have converted them to $.
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Karatbars also has a VIP Package. The VIP package costs $2040.55 and Karatbars claims it to be; a full business in a box. It contains all of the previously listed items in the other packages, but contains even more bonus cards, brochures, and 3 x 1g gold cards.

As you can see, and what I have read from doing my research online, the gold is way over-priced to buy as it is. You can buy gold cheaper at another gold supplier. You also have to pay for shipping.

However, to solve expensive shipping costs, Karatbars offers a vault where people can store their gold until later, when they can ship more gold in one shipping.

How Can They Claim Their Gold Is For The Masses To Buy?

So how can they say that their gold is as discounted that the masses can afford it? What Karatbars business opportunity offers is basically to earn discounts when signing up other people with Karatbars.


The more members you get to sign up under you, the cheaper the price of gold gets. In this way, Karatbars can claim their gold is for the masses to afford. Well, how many people do you have to recruit before the gold gets discounted to market prices?

Karatbars International – The Good
And The Bad

Karatbars International Complaints – The Naked Truth About Karatbars International 2017

Pros With The Karatbars Business Opportunity

  • Good to invest in a secure source, or foundation for the future, with our fluctuating currency.
  • The value of gold will never go down.
  • Good to be able to invest in gold to discounted prices (slightly a weak statement though, since I do not know how many people you have to recruit to get the discounted price).


Cons With The Karatbars Business Opportunity

  • Based on a MLM business model, or pyramid scheme. Only the top people can take advantage of the bigger discounts on gold.
  • Too hard to recruit like minded people and get them to recruit as well.
  • If your down-line does not invest enough efforts into enrolling people, everything fails, and you will not be able to buy gold for a discounted price anyhow.
  • The gold is over-priced even to a discounted price. You have to have such a huge team to get the good discounts.

    Note! 1 Gram Of Pure Gold Is Worth $50.80 And Karatbars Charges $371.49!

  • Not enough people see the value of investing in gold yet – they are still not aware that the currency can lose all its value with a blink of an eye.
  • The commission percentages are very low compared to similar competing business opportunities.
  • Karatbars’s website needs significant improvement in explaining the compensation plan, and for overall user experience, and appearance.

Now to the question I think many are wondering about..



Is Karatbars International A Scam?
Or Is It Legit?

Well, gold has been around for 5 thousand years, and it has also been the world currency for 2,800 years. Gold is definitely here to stay and is great investing in.

Karatbars’s business model is what many people call a pyramid scheme, or a ponzi scheme.

The people on the top of the pyramid with most people in their down-line, are the ones that can buy the gold cheapest, and make the “BIG” investments.



But Is Karatbars A Scam? No!

It is a business opportunity like any other MLM company, and if you are seriously good at recruiting people, you can buy discounted gold and invest in it for the future.

Karatbars offers 7 different ways for affiliates to earn income. These are:

  1. Direct Commissions
  2. Unilevel Bonus
  3. Generation Bonus
  4. Package Bonus
  5. Dual Team Bonus
  6. Karatbars Pool
  7. Karatbars Gold Fund

I would definitely have jumped on the bandwagon if one did not need to recruit people to get the gold to a good price. I will invest in gold in a near future, but I doubt it will be Karatbars’s over-priced gold.

The thing is that the Karatbars gold is even too costly for many people when discounted.


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How Does The Karatbars Business Opportunity Work And Who Is It For?

Karatbars International Complaints – The Naked Truth About Karatbars International 2017

The business opportunity is not a way to earn commissions from sales, like other affiliate programs, but to be able to buy gold to a discounted price as you build a team. The larger team you can build with people under you (your down-line), the more discounts you will get.

Unlike paper currency, the value of gold will always increase. In other words, the more gold you can invest in today, the better prosperity and safety-net you are building for the future. It would be nice to know that you can retire, with peace of mind, and maybe also a lot earlier than others.



Your first task is to enroll 3 like-minded individuals to the program. This is what the man from the gym tried when targeting me. He said he needed me to be able to build his organization.

When you have got your 3 people to sign up, you have to make sure that they find their 3 people each to do the same. If the people below you, will not recruit their 3 people each, everything fails.

You will not be able to buy gold to a discounted price, which was why you worked your a..* off trying to recruit in the first place. This is absolutely a dilemma, and I understand why many people are against Karatbars, and their business model.

Karatbars Tools & Training

The training as an affiliate with Karatbars consists of:

  • Conference Calls
  • Training Sites and Webinars (Also Available in Spanish)
  • Training Calls 2x Per Day –  7 Days Per Week
  • Skype and Interactive Facebook Support

Karatbars Support

The support is through all the training models, as mentioned earlier, and also from contacting your sponsor that got you to sign up.


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Conclusion/Verdict –
Karatbars International

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The program is not a bad idea. It is just that it is very difficult to find and recruit like-minded people and be able to buy the discounted gold. You may also have to enroll a big team before you can afford buying the discounted gold even.

However, it is great that Karatbars gives an opportunity to invest and build a more secure foundation for the future, since we never know when the paper currency is going to lose all its value.


You can also make purchases with the cards you get from Karatbars, which is good. They also say that a converter machine is coming soon as well, which will convert your gold into cash when you need to make a purchase.

Karatbars has very mixed reviews out there. I believe this is a result of people’s negative feelings towards pyramid schemes. So many people, (including myself), that have tried MLM companies have failed, and sometimes failed big time.

The price of failing has also been costly in many cases, since you have to purchase products or pay for monthly memberships every month, to be able to do the business.

Karatbars International At A Glance

Website: https://www.karatbars.com
Founder & CEO: Mr. Harald Seiz
Program Cost: Free to join
Rating: 4 out of 10
Verdict: Legit

Sign Up Karatbars

Contact Information:
EU Support: +49 (0) 711 128 970 00
US Support: + 1 224 829 00 47 

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