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Do you feel like the Universe is working against you for some reason? Do you take one step forward, but before you even had the chance to celebrate your victory you are pushed three steps back again? Do you simply feel that good luck and fortune are not meant for you? Well, I have been there and I finally have the solution for you to become successful in all areas of your life and create the life you are dreaming of – once and for all! It is actually very easy when you know how to manifest your dream life.

Know, that this is not a joke. It is none of those scam programs that just want to claim your money. It is, in fact, a scientifically and mathematically proven method and I offer this incredible formula/knowledge totally for free.

I sincerely want to help people reach their full potential and become truly happy. The Universe is graciously abundant, so there is well enough prosperity for everyone.

An Introduction To My Past Struggles

First, let me give you a brief introduction to my own past struggles, so you can get a glimpse of what I am coming from before I found this incredible formula. In this sense, you can see that my struggles were real, and I was not just a lucky person who gracefully moved towards even more good luck and fortune. I actually had to take action and turn my life around to the better.

If you are not interested to learn about my past, just skip ahead.

Luckily, my struggles are now history and I am finally creating the life I am dreaming of and feel happy and fulfilled in the process. I am not fully there yet, but I am getting closer and I see how well this scientifically and mathematically proven method really works.



I have always been an extremely ambitious person. With this, I have also put incredible high demands on myself, which has caused a lot of self doubt and mental agony. I have always been good at what I devote myself to, but I have suffered mental and bodily stresses from a strive for perfection.

In my early teens, I won the Swedish Championship in show jumping with my gorgeous black horse, Keribo (now running on the green fields in heaven). My dear mom and dad had to wake up in the early mornings to drive me around to various competitions, and almost froze to death during winter training. I will be forever grateful to them and for this time. I know and appreciate that having your own horse is an incredible luxury and may only be a dream for many. I was blessed with parents that had a situation that made this possible!

As I am writing this, I am actually working on manifesting well enough income so I am able to afford my own horse again – now when I have to pay for it myself^^.

Stina Pettersson DancingIn my later teens from 18 years and up, and after sadly enough outgrowing my precious pony, I was introduced to Hip Hop dancing by a friend of mine. I was instantly hooked and was dancing professionally for about 22 years.

After ACL replacement surgery in both knees, I had to retire from dancing and it is now only a hobby. It is too painful and hard on my knees to still dance actively on a professional level. It was extremely difficult to accept that my body could not do what my heart desires anymore.

It has been and still IS, hard on me to not identify myself as the dancer I used to be. I was literary living and breathing dance.

During my years as a dancer, I seriously started to wonder whether I had dark forces working against me. When I was on top and had a good flow, an injury ALWAYS happened that forced me back down into rehabilitation training and having to start over.

And let me tell you, for each torn ACL I had to go through 12 months of rehabilitation training before I could get back to dancing again.

Furthermore, if it was not my knees, it was my back, hip or neck. There was ALWAYS something stopping me from enjoying life and my dance career at its best.

Surely, it is tough on the body to be a dancer. Especially, in the commercial street styles I was active in. There is a lot of acrobatics involved.

It was not only me who believed there was something working against me in regards to all my injuries. My friends often said that someone must have put a bad spell on me or something. It was just too much happening all the time!

I did not believe in spells at the time, but now after everything I have been through, I am not so sure anymore. I have met with three psychics/mediums, who all said I had bad eyes thrown on me from people that did not want me to succeed as a dancer. The “Swedish” jealousy I guess.

This is a video of me and my dance students from Sweden – I started a dance crew with name G-Fiction.

Also, now after developing my own psychic abilities, I understand that there are multi dimensional dark forces out there working against us from reaching our goals and fulfillment. They do not want humanity to awaken to its true potential, but rather keep us in quarantine. More about this in the eBook I am currently writing on.

However, I need to add that there are, of course, more beings of light and love that are working in our favor – all the time and throughout our whole lives. During this past year, I have been blessed to discover how to open up channels and be able to communicate with my Spirit Guides and other highly evolved beings. They give me so much comfort and incredible valuable guidance.

I want you to know that you do not have to be able to do this in order to succeed creating your dream life, using the formula I will present.


To finish my story. On top of my injuries I was also seriously ill a lot. In 2006, I got appendicitis which almost killed me. My appendix burst and this caused a serious amount of pus being released into my stomach. When waking up after the surgery, the doctor told me I was lucky to be alive.

He had a lot of nerve saying so, since he was responsible for taking me into surgery and should not have left me waiting for 12 hours at the hospital! With the bad energies working against me, they took other cases before me. The nurses considered me stable enough to wait because I happen to be naturally low tempered from having the RH negative blood type, so to them I did not show any signs of an alarmingly high fever.

At the bad shape I was in I was close to crossing over to the light and leave Earth behind for good. I did not know this about my blood type back then. If I did I could have informed the nurses about it and been my own advocate.

About six months later, I was diagnosed with two throat abscesses close after one another. Believe me if I say that I wanted to die. I begged the doctors to sedate me, but nooop. You have to be conscious while they put a big needle down your throat to burst a hole in the inflamed abscess.

If I tell you that I would rather go through the pain from my burst appendix again than having to experience another throat abscess, it is an understatement! You are so incredible sick and are drooling pus from not being able to swallow your own saliva. It is just too painful.



I suffered from several cysts bursting on my ovaries. Not particularly pleasant and extremely painful. I had severe cell changes on my appendix and had to surgically remove a piece of it.

I also suffered from IBS (Irritated Bowls Syndrome) for 12 years, and constantly had stomach pain or felt nauseous from eating something my stomach did not stand, which was basically ALL food. I was in and out the hospital so often that I should have earned a VIP card. I honestly think that most doctors at Karolinska (our head hospital in Stockholm, Sweden) had at least once had their fingers up my butt back then. Eeuhh… incredible humiliating!

I could not even handle my job the way I wanted. I was employed at the international division of the company I was with as a marketing specialist, so I had to travel to England to manage their exhibitions from time to time. My first trip to Birmingham, England, only lasted to the in-between-landing in Copenhagen.

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Twenty minutes before landing, I got extreme pain on the left side of my forehead. It was literary like someone was stabbing me with an ice pick. My travel neighbor noticed I was in agony and called on the flight attendant. She just told me to try and bear with the pain, so before landing I had passed out and was unconscious from the pain.

I woke up in an ambulance that was taking me to the hospital in Copenhagen. They scanned my head, but did not find anything.

The doctor banned me from continuing my flight, so I had to take the train back to Stockholm. I was so angry and embarrassed for not even making it to England. On my second try, I managed the whole flight to Birmingham, England, but got ill with the same symptoms on the way back home and back to the hospital I went.

It was on the way back to Stockholm that time at least, but the doctors in Copenhagen were still like question marks over what was happening to me.

I still suffer from flying, but if I prepare with Cortisone spray for two weeks in advance, I can mange the flight. I seem to have a chronic blockage in my sinuses and cannot pressure equalize when flying.


The facilities where I was working while this occurred had mold, so I also developed asthma and got sick with pneumonia three times. I tried to get the management to look into this, but I guess it would cost them too much money to repair and remove the mold and they ignored my wishes. I am trying to not feel resentment towards them for handling it so poorly.

On a good note, the mosy important and obvious thing is that after moving to sunny Florida my asthma disappeared, and I now feel healthier than ever.

Was My Will To Succeed Enough?

Still, I was fiercely driven and stubborn. I wanted to succeed against all odds. Because of my determination to always “get back up in the saddle”, I have performed on some big arenas and shows, like for example; the MTV Music Awards – together with my best friend and dance partner in crime – Petra Kardell. Girl, I miss you every day!

This video is of a rehearsal with me and Petra, in May 2013, when I taught her my choreography to Usher, Scream. 

I have performed as a dancer/model on the Adidas Promotion Tour and also worked as a background dancer to several artist. The most recent artist I performed with here in Miami was Nelson O Polanco – a Latino/Hip Hop artist.

I am also in some music videos, for example First Time with Sunblock. I did experience a lot, even that my struggles were real, and that I am grateful for.

Stina Pettersson performing in Miami

This is from November 2013, background dancing to Nelson O Polanco (unfortunately not in the picture – only us dancers) in Miami, Florida.

I also wanted to be great at my other profession. I was smart enough to attend college besides my dancing to get a degree in a field not involving my body. I knew that eventually my body would give up.

After 12 years as a marketing consultant, I decided to open my own marketing/web design business. I first started a small agency on the side of my full time position: Face It Design & Marketing, but when the company I had been with for five years started giving me problems because of it, I quit my employment and took my business full time. I did ask my manager before I started my marketing/web design agency if it was okay to do so and got approval, but after actually getting clients they thought otherwise.

In all commotion, I also decided to make the biggest move of my life. After a two month vacation in Miami, Florida, I decided to move permanently to Miami to try and make a life for myself – across the world – far away from Sweden and my safety net. This was back in May 2013.

It was a big culture shock to come from Sweden, where most people are reliable and business minded. When first trying to run my business in Miami, I got scammed over and over. I was used to the Swedish process of: → executing your job →  sending an invoice for the job accomplished and →  within 10 to 15 days, get paid.



Oh no, not here! I had to learn the hard way to take payments up front, or have them pay the whole sum before even starting my work.

I continued with my business for four years, but it never became as financially rewarding as I wished for and needed it to be to fully survive. Like mentioned in the beginning, I had the feeling of taking one step forward, but in the next minute being pushed three steps back again because of some unfortunate event. I was barely scraping by and was stressing about not having enough money all the time. It was no longer fun to be in this position.

I knew I had to do something. I had to make a change.

A bit more than a year ago, in April 2017, I came across a webinar where two guys were teaching how to private label your own product – source it from China – and then sell it on Amazon. I decided to give it a go and partnered up with one of my best friends’, James.

Our private label product was not any success. It took 7 months to sell only 500 units, but they did sell out before Christmas last year.


Fiverr Pro


At the same time, I educated myself on another eCommerce business model, called dropshipping and started using this eCom model as well. I also ran into affiliate marketing, and started my blog: Make A Living From Home, now: The Future Is Your Creation.

When our eCommerce business finally took off, we hit a brick wall.

We sold hundreds and hundreds of a popular toy before the Holidays, which we dropshipped from AliExpress (Chine). However, the supplier shipped a second edition version of the toy that should have gone straight into the trash.

Holy smokes that hit us hard both emotionally and financially!

Our customers were furious, with all right, for receiving these poor copies as Christmas gifts, so we had to apologize for our life’s worth and refund each and every one of them.

AliExpress handled the situation unbelievable poorly and shut down our account after only having opened twenty disputes trying to get our money back, at least. After AliExpress shut us down, we had no means of getting our dropship money back and lost thousands of $$$.

I highly recommend to NOT dropship from AliExpress! I wrote an article to alarm other dropshippers:

⇒ Do Not Dropship From AliExpress On Amazon!

As you probably realize by now, my professional journey has not been easy. Again, I was barely scraping by and had to use most of my savings to solve the AliExpress situation. It felt like I was never going to succeed and be able to create the life I wanted, so NO my strong will was NOT enough!

The list of energy draining events goes on, but I need to cut here. Otherwise, I will never come to the most important aspect of this article. I wanted to be honest and open with the fact that I have been through the common struggles of many. A lot of times, I felt like the unluckiest person in the world. But then you have to think of the people, who may not even have food to eat or are ill with a life threatening condition. All of a sudden your problems seem quite insufficient.


Texas Home Cash Buyer - Sell Your House Fast For Cash


So, How Did I Turn This Bad Cycle Around?

That is exactly what I am going to introduce to you know. You will be surprised how easy it is.

What Is The Secret To Good Fortune, Prosperity And Abundance?

How To Create Abundance, Prosperity And Good Fortune - I Offer You The Key To This Sacred Knowledge! - Make A Living From Home


You will probably be as surprised as I was when I first discovered the simplicity of the incredible formula, which I owe my new life to. My new life that is now including a real estate investing business, Texas Home Cash Buyer and a move to Austin, Texas. Many great things have happened and my life is clearing up financially as well as emotionally.

The formula, which was the secret to turning my life around – and IS the secret to Universal abundance. prosperity and good fortune.

This formula, proven throughout history, actually derives from an ancient symbol, called; the Sri Yantra symbol.  The Sri Yantra is a form of mystical diagram that consists of nine interlocking triangles, which surround a central point known as a bindu. These triangles represent the cosmos and the human body.

How Does The Sri Yantra Symbol Work?

My first reaction was feeling skepticism to the fact that some symbol was going to help my emotional and professional life.

However, the Sri Yantra is not JUST ANY symbol, but a 12.000 year old Hindu symbol that is mathematically proven to relate to and interact with the Universe.


To make it simple…You have probably heard of the Law of Attraction. What you send out to the Universe you will receive. The science behind the Sri Yantra symbol is taking this simple process one step further.

The Sri Yantra symbol helps elevate yourself and manifest dormant human powers, which we were told throughout history was just “hocus pocus”. The religious leaders even dammed the people using these powers as being witches and burnt them on poles.

These supernatural powers were, in fact, used by many extremely successful people, such as: Nikola Tessla, Mahatma Gandhi, Ralf Waldo Emerson, and Thomas Edison. Just to mention a few.




Normally, we are using such a small percentage of our brain. The Sri Yantra is assisting in activating the sleeping parts of the brain, which makes us as humans very powerful. The “elite rulers” on this planet do not want us to discover these dormant powers. Us discovering our natural powers and start using them would make it more difficult for the controlling forces and the Government to keep humanity under control – hence why this knowledge is suppressed.

If you want to read more about the “dumbing down” process and what the Shadow Government is hiding from the people/masses, check out my recent article:

⇒ Zero Energy, Zero Gravity And The UFO Disclosure – Save The Planet!

Do Realize That…

You Are A Being Of Infinite Absolute Powers!

First of all, remember that you are a being with infinite absolute powers. You can reprogram yourself on a subconscious level and manifest what you want to create in life. This is done with the help of the patterns and mathematical calculations of the Sri Yantra symbol.

You are basically activating and tapping into your dormant creative powers and are bending time and space – reality.

Some, call it superhuman powers, and are abilities like; psychic abilities, telekinesis, astral travel, telepathic communication, and so forth.



It is all about reaching full harmony in life and empowering yourself. You can do this in every area of your life; love, business, money, health etc.

A step in this, is to detach yourself from your current reality that does no longer serve you. You need to remove all negative distractions in your life. The Sri Yantra exercise in the video further down allows you to do just that. I highly recommend that you try it.

It is not as easy as manifesting your life through meditation or visualization. These are both good exercises, but they will not fully do the job. The fascinating thing with the Sri Yantra symbol is that when looking at it during the exercise you are activating and opening channels to the Universe.
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When the symbol is coming to life during the exercise and you start seeing different 3D patterns is the point when the Universe starts working in your favor.

The great Sri Yantra symbol was used to engineer the pyramids in Giza. It is still seen as an ancient technology, not just a symbol.

Everywhere you put this symbol becomes more prosperous and harmonious. Farmers for example, have used the Sri Yantra symbol to improve their crops. They clearly noticed that the soil and crops became much more fertile and flourished when the symbol was near.

Sri Yantra – The Key To Abundance, Prosperity And Good Fortune!

How To Create Abundance, Prosperity And Good Fortune - I Offer You The Key To This Sacred Knowledge! - Make A Living From Home


Before you watch the video below and start your meditative exercise, you need to answer nine questions. If you rather prefer, you can go through the video exercise without writing down your answers and instead answer the questions in your head.

Although, if you want to ensure the strongest manifestation possible, I would recommend to write down all answers and really take this step seriously. It will help you maximize the manifestation of your desires in the video exercise.

I took my time to carefully consider each and every question and to make sure the life I wished to create was close in my mind. The questions are somewhat repetitive, but they are related to the different levels of the Sri Yantra symbol and they all have a specific purpose. The levels are also related to the different chakras of your body.


I am NOT LYING when I tell you that things started happening ONLY after one hour!

I have no reason to lie to you. I am NOT selling any course. I am NOT affiliating with the person, who created the video exercise. I provide this information totally for free. I only receive a small commission from the ads on the site (only if someone clicks on them) – that is all.

I honestly want to share with you what miraculously helped me when I was at my worst.

Also, you do NOT have to purchase the guy’s course at the end of the video. I never did. The Sri Yantra exercise is ALL YOU NEED to create your dream life.

His course is probably very good, but we should not forget that it is his cash cow and probably the real purpose behind creating the video. I will always be grateful he did create this video, but as I am giving him free PR with sharing it here on my blog it is a kind of “pay it forward”.

To get back to how well it works…Sale after sale started coming in from my Amazon and eBay business and I made more sales in ONE HOUR than I had previously done in a whole week.


It is now about a year ago since I first found the Sri Yantra symbol exercise and I have manifested my out of state move to Austin for the experience of trying a new place and culture in the U.S. and I have manifested a new real estate investing business, where only my own efforts decide how much money I make.

I also know how to get back to emotional fulfillment if I start feeling lost.

It surely is amazing!

Introduction Questionnaire – Sri Yantra

#1. Base Level: The Root Chakra, Safety, Security, And Success – What Would It Take For It To Happen? What Would Make You Truly Happy?

#2. Second Level: The Sacral Chakra, Middle of Pelvis – What Do You Want To Create?

#3. Third Level: The Solar Plexus Chakra, Stomach – What Do You Need To Do To Make What You Want Happen?

#4. Fourth Level: The Heart Chakra, Unconditional Love – Who And What Help Do You Need To Fulfill Your Goals? What Help Do You Need?

#5. Fifth Level:  The Throat Chakra, Blue Energy – What Do You Need To Attract To Implement What You Want?

#6. Sixth Level: The Third Eye Chakra, Head, Consciousness – What Protection Do You Need To Create What You Desire?

#7. Seventh Level: The Crown Chakra, Indigo Light, Intuition – What Is Affecting Your Life Negatively?

#8. Eight Level: Mind, Body, Spirit, And Wealth – What Do You Need To Accomplish To Be Truly Happy? What Current Reality Do You Need To Detach From To Accomplish What You Want?

#9. Ninth Level: Clarity, Truth – Are You Completely Clear On What Would Make You Truly Happy?


Legit Jobs For Stay At Home Mom And Dads - Make A Living From Home

Video Exercise – Sri Yantra

If you do not want to hear a lot of the information I have shared already in the introduction, you can skip forward to 41 minutes into the video. If you want to hear a deeper explanation and history of the Sri Yantra, you should of course listen from start.

Good Luck Creating The Life You Have Always Dreamed Of!

Believe me, it works wonders – it is really a miracle!

Please, please, PLEASE come back and share with me what happened some days after the Sri Yantra exercise. I am dying to hear how well it worked for you and what you managed to create and manifest in your life.

May we all live the abundant, happy and healthy life we all deserve.

Lots of love and good fortune!

Stina Pettersson
The Future Is Your Creation
Email: [email protected]

If you had, or are having, your spiritual awakening and want to learn more about the different symptoms you often experience during an awakening, check out my prior article:

⇒ Spiritual Awakening And Kundalini Rising – I Am Awakened!

I am also sharing more of my spiritual awakening, and the strange events happening to me on a daily basis, in my journal:



About The Author

Stina Pettersson - Founder of The Future Is Your Creation

Stina Pettersson is an aspiring entrepreneur who is working on achieving her goals as an affiliate marketer/blogger, real estate investor and web designer.

Stina Pettersson is originally from Sweden but have resided in the U.S. for the past 6 years. She started her American journey in Miami, Florida, and recently moved to Austin, Texas.

Stina was active as a professional dancer for 21 years but she was forced to slow down her dancing after ACL surgery in both knees. She is now back to her roots, with her beloved horses and also enjoys daily nature walks with her two adorable dogs, Max and Abigail.

Stina has the gift of being able to receive communication from the spirit and extraterrestrial world which she loves sharing with her readers.

“My main goal is to maintain a flexible lifestyle, where I set my own schedule. Even that I work hard, I love what I do every day. I also have the opportunity to help other people which is a huge gift.”







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