Facebook’s Comeback – Introducing AI Artificial Intelligence To Predict Shopping Behavior

Facebook's Comeback - Introducing AI Artificial Intelligence To Predict Shopping Behavior - Make A Living From Home

As you probably know, Facebook was quite recently in hot waters regarding the Cambridge Analytica Scandal, where Cambridge collected personal information on approximately 80 million Facebook users to later use this data to help Donald Trump win the 2016 presidential election.

You can read more about this here:

Is Facebook Too Cool For School In 2018 – Quite The Opposite!

Facebook's Comeback - Introducing AI Artificial Intelligence To Predict Shopping Behavior - Make A Living From Home

As a comeback, Facebook is introducing an artificial intelligence (AI) that will help advertisers target consumers before they have taken a decision to make an actual purchase. This was reported by The Intercept last Friday, after viewing a confidential document describing the offering.

“Facebook’s pitch to advertisers, according to The Intercept’s report, is that the technology enables companies to target people based on decisions they have not yet made, with the goal of influencing them to change their minds.

For example, if Facebook can tell a company which customers have started to think about jumping ship, that company then can put together a package of perks to reinforce customer loyalty and keep those customers in the fold.

The data the new service taps is aggregated and anonymized to protect user privacy, according to the report” (source: E-Commerce Times).

When trying to motivate the consumer benefits with Facebook’s AI technology, which is based on FBLearner Flow, Facebook means it will reduce the noise of too much advertisement not related to the interest of the consumer. The ads are tailored to the consumers needs and help them cut through the noise of limitless choices.

This is how Facebook describes FBLearner Flow:

“…we use the power of machine learning to provide you with unique, personalized experiences. Machine learning models are part of ranking and personalizing News Feed stories, filtering out offensive content, highlighting trending topics, ranking search results, and much more.

FBLearner Flow is used by more than 25 percent of Facebook’s engineering team. Since its inception, more than a million models have been trained, and our prediction service has grown to make more than 6 million predictions per second”.


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Is Facebook’s AI Technology Really
A Good Idea?

In this sensitive time, after the Cambridge Analytica scandal, you automatically wonder if the new AI technology really is a good idea for Facebook to introduce to the market. It will definitely benefit the brand owners that will be able to most efficiently tailor their ad campaigns, but what about the privacy of Facebook users?

Is this going to be CLEARLY communicated by Facebook?

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Or will you find that you happen to accept sharing your personal information somewhere in the well hidden fine prints in terms and conditions? If not clearly communicated, this will once again breach the trust issue of Facebook users.

Facebook Should Focus On Rebuilding The
Trust Of Its Users

Facebook's Comeback - Introducing AI Artificial Intelligence To Predict Shopping Behavior - Make A Living From Home

Facebook cannot afford losing more users after already lost most of the younger age group – 16-25 years old – to Snapchat and Instagram.

“These are delicate times for Facebook. Use of any technologies to target Facebook users should be considered very carefully, especially right now,”
Tod Loofbourrow, CEO of ViralGains told the E-Commerce Times.

What do you think about this?

I personally do not like being monitored from the moment I wake up until going to bed. Although, with our Smartphone use, it does not stop there either. They are constantly able to track and monitor our behavior virtually.

At the same time, this AI behavior tracker is nothing new. I bet you have noticed that as soon as you search for something on Google, whether it is for shoes or a kitchen knife, you are from that moment on, being spammed with advertisement of shoes or kitchen knives.

Your search behavior is instantly recorded, and these ads show up everywhere – in the right sidebar of your Outlook email (now also on top of the email feed), on Facebook, when browsing blog posts and so forth.


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Please share your thoughts on this. There is nothing more rewarding than to know you have an audience reading your material.

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