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Conversations With Spirit And Extraterrestrial Beings Journal – Part 3

Conversations With Spirit And Extraterrestrial Beings Journal Part 2 - Author Stina Pettersson

Welcome back to my journal; Conversations With Spirit And Extraterrestrial Beings. I hope you enjoyed the first and second episodes. In the third episode, I will share about my visits from a certain extraterrestrial species I am calling; “the Poppers. I am also introducing the Ascended Masters and share their answers to existential questions – What is our existence here on Earth all about? What is the point?

I hope you will enjoy this chapter and I want to thank you in beforehand for reading.

If you came straight into this episode, you can find prior episodes here or jump ahead to the forth episode:


Disclaimer: This journal is not meant to convince, nor upset anyone. I am not claiming it is telling the only truth about extraterrestrials, multidimensional and spirit beings. I am just sharing my own experiences and interpretation of the messages I receive. It is up to each and everyone to make their own judgement about the information shared, and whether it resonates with you or not.  

April 14, 2018 – Meeting The Extraterrestrial Species “The Poppers”

A now, more or less, familiar extraterrestrial species was visiting me throughout the night and into early morning. I have come to call them; “the Poppers”. They always create a wall scattering/popping noise in the walls, or in any other solid material, when visiting. The noises are often so loud that they awaken me from my sleep.

I cannot physically see my visitors but I sense their presence in form of cold breezes that go straight into the bones and electrical currents on the body parts they are near. My hair stands up on my arms and legs and I feel “spaced out”. It is difficult to explain. You know you are in front of a higher presence of being of some kind.

I still do not know where they are coming from. Just that they are from outer space. I hope they will let me know of their origins soon.

To my surprise and amusement, I found a similar description of these beings in the book: Confessions of an Intergalactic Anthropologist, by Marcia Schafer. I have to add that many events from her book are very similar to my own experiences, so it was a nice validation of my sanity to read her book. It is easy to believe I am going crazy sometimes, and in those times, it helps to know other people are experiencing similar things.

In the first part of her book, she is presenting the different life forms she has met during her years, and one of the beings I believe are “the Poppers” from the way she is describing them:

“There are also beings that make clicking popping sounds that resemble a settling house cracking. Listen closely and there is a distinct difference in the sound. Houses do not click”.

I can very much relate to the continuation of her description (I was thinking it myself):

“One time I thought, “How do you do that?” They telepathed back that they compress and shoot air, which results in the sound we hear”.

While referring to this section of the book, “the Poppers” made this exact noise in the corner of my bedroom, next to my bed. They always create the loudest noise over there.

It was like they knew what I was writing about and wanted to give me a confirmation they were there.
Wow! My hair was standing on my body and I started giggling a bit. “Hi there, I can hear you”, I said.

Strangely enough, I never feel fearful by their presence. The noises appear daily, several times a day/night, so I have gotten used to them. I also feel they do not want to harm me. If so, they would definitely have done so by now.

Although, I have to admit it can frighten me a little when they wake me up by a loud popping noise next to my bed in the middle of the night. But it is mostly the surprise element that frightens me. I know, they do not mean to harm me.

April 15, 2018 – Receiving Communication From “The Extraterrestrials”

I could receive communication from the “the Poppers” once. I was sitting on the edge of my bed ready to go to the bathroom and brush my teeth. I heard three knocks in the wall next to me. I closed my eyes and cleared my mind, trying to pick up on any information from them.

I asked where they were from and what they wanted? I was telephated back they were from outer space and have come to study my behavior. They find humans amusing and want to learn more about them. They are researching the behavior of humans.

About 10 minutes later, I found myself thinking about something totally different.
NOO, I thought to myself. I wanted to ask more! Why did I lose track on the communication? Dammit! (Excuse the French). I also had the feeling I had lost about 8-10 minutes of time.
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From my natural curiousity, I probably tried to pick their brain on more information about why they are here and what their motives for studying human behaviors are. They must have blank-slated me for getting too curious.

I felt weird and confused right after. I was still wondering where the time had went and why I had lost focus. I was also in some strange daze.

April 16, 2018 – The Extraterrestrials Said
Hi To My Friend

I was giving my friend, Pierce (not his real name), a healing session for his back pain and “the Poppers” decided to say hi. They compressed air and shoot it into the shower glass in the bathroom. It created a clicking/knocking noise. I have the bathroom inside my master bedroom, and the door was open, so you heard it loud and clear.

Pierce: “What was that??”
Me: “I believe they are my extraterrestrial friends, the Poppers”.
Pierce: “Creepy!”

Pierce did not ask who they were because I had told him about them already. Now, he actually got to experience them.

Pierce: Do you ever feel frightened?
Me:“No, not really.”

“The Poppers” are making noise all around me. I believe the main purpose is to make me aware they are there monitoring my behaviour. Maybe, they do not want to be sneaky, without me knowing they are there so they make sure I always hear them.

Here are some of the common places where they often create the noise:

  • The left corner of my bedroom wall (my dog, Abigail, never slept good in that corner and was waking me up several times every night, pacing around in the room. She always ended up in my bed, crawled up next to me. After moving her to the other side of the room, she slept the whole nigh in her bed and only jumped up in the bed in the morning).
  • The shower glass.
  • The ceiling fan.
  • The AC outlet in my room.
  • My computer monitor.
  • The metal exterior out on the porch.
  • Basically, all walls throughout the house where I happen to pass by. They do not make themselves heard to any of my roommates. Only if they happened to be in the same room as me and “the Poppers” are there.

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Chills And Tingling On The Top Of The Head

As I am writing this, there was a clicking sound in the ceiling fan. In the next second, I got chills all over my body and it started tingling intensely on top of my head.

I believe these are visits from light beings. They can hide from our physical vision and travel through dimensions as pure energy.

My chakras are activated when the light beings are present. I always get a tingling sensation on top of my head that also happens only from reading about spiritual matters or extraterrestrial beings.

It pleasantly tingles when I am writing on the journal which I believe are my Guardians/Masters who are excited I start recognizing and acknowledging my true path. They are activating my crown chakra to give me an encouraging push. I feel their light energy poring in.
The chakra activation helps us increase our intuitive and psychic abilities. Our light bodies are activated and our awareness of higher planes of existence is expanded.

April 20, 2018 – Hearing From
The Ascended Masters

I read another part of Marcia Schafer’s book that was strikingly similar to what I had experienced. I was visited by the invisible energy/light beings one evening and I asked to see them. They then showed themselves as pure energy hovering on top of me, all around my face and head.

Looking at them with my normal vision, I saw small golden glitter filling my whole room, and from my peripheral vision I saw silver/grey/blackish energy. It resembled when the old TV’s did not find any channel or signal and it was all a murmur of black and white dots. We used to call this phenomena: “The war of ants” (directly translated from Swedish).

“The war of ants” was what I was seeing but the energy seemed alive and advanced/intelligent. With my eyes closed, I saw beautiful patterns. I often see these patters when I am put in the altered, wonderful, high state of mind by my galactic friends/energy beings I have mentioned in prior episodes.

It is difficult to describe how it really looks with words but I remember a binocular toy from the 80ties that you twisted the handles on and different colors and patterns appeared. If you have any experience with this toy, you can relate to what I am seeing. It is stunning!

Interestingly, Marcia Schafer explains her encounter with these multidimensional beings as:

“A wave pattern of energy that comes into my sphere that is then decrypted by my consciousness”.

Just like me, she then receives information from the energy beings. I also feel an overwhelming sense of pure, unconditional love. I feel sooo good – beyond words – during their visits.

Many times, have they communicated:

“You are never alone”. “We will always love you”. “We are here for you”.

Hearing this and let it sink into your consciousness is such a wonderful feeling. I cannot thank them enough for being there for me. I love them so much! There are no words!

I just know I have known them for a long time and that they are family. A knowing, I believe will become crystal clear again when crossing over from this 3D reality to spirit.

Marcia calls them, the Ascended Masters, which is exactly what they communicated to me the first time I had the honor to get a visit from them.

“We are your Masters”, they answered when I asked who I had with me.

To make it easier and more familiar to us humans, they also have regular names. My Masters present themselves as; Thomas, Eric and Alma. Who is coming is depending on the subject I am thinking of and what is going on in my life at the time.

Thomas gets involved in business matters. For example when I seek guidance about my web design/marketing business. Eric is the specialist on scientific and existential matters and knows everything about the Universe and Space. Alma is visiting when I have emotional issues and in need of extra support. She has a motherly energy about her. They are all amazing in their own way!
Every emotion or word telepathed from these highly evolved energy/light beings are of unconditional love. They are very humorous too and make me laugh so very often.

Last time Eric came to visit, he communicated a rime:
“Stina, den fina”.

He used my native language, Swedish. It means: Stina, the beautiful one.

It rimes in Swedish so that makes it even more fun. Friends and family are using this rime when they want to put a smile on my face. I smiled even bigger hearing it from Eric – my Ascended Master.

Eric gave me another encouraging push: “You are progressing fast”. “Keep up the good work”.

I believe he was referring to my awakening and increased awareness to what is going on in this world. I am doing research on other galactic beings, astral projection and extraterrestrial technology (that can save the planet but has been hidden from us for decades). I am mentioning more about this in a prior article:

Zero Energy, Zero Gravity And The UFO Disclosure – Save The Planet!

I want to know and share the truth about who we are and what we are capable of when using all our powers, not just a tiny percentage of our brain and consciousness. I am curious to know what would happen if humanity would freed itself from the controlling forces that keep us in-slaved.

I want to know more about what happens to us when we die? Do we stay as non-physical beings in spirit? Do we have a choice to incarnate to another physical body and get back to Earth? Can we choose to go somewhere else?

I learned from the famous author, Dolores Cannon (who unfortunately passed away in year 2014 from an accident), that it depends on how far we have come with clearing our past life Karma. If we managed to clear our Karma from past lives, we can choose to stay in Home Source or Heaven (as she calls it) but if we still have work to do, we need to incarnate to another body and work on clearing it again.

You can watch a video clip with Dolores Cannon about life after death here:

Dolores Cannon’s Most Famous Books

December 10, 2018 – Dolores Cannon Visited Me In Spirit

I am jumping ahead in time again but something amazing happened last night, while I was meditating, and I just had to share it with you. Dolores Cannon came to visit me in spirit. She had watched me for a while studying her material and wanted to say hello.

Dolores confirmed what her patients had been telling her was true (during their deep state of unconscious hypnosis). If you have not watched any of her YouTube clips or read her books yet, I highly recommend it.

Dolores told me she was still going through spiritual training and clearing her past life Karma in the afterlife. She was waiting on a judgement whether she needed to incarnate to another physical body or was free to stay in Home Source. I am not sure who was going to judge this or if Dolores herself was the judge on her spiritual growth.

When I asked if she was doing well, she confirmed she was doing great.
Quoting Dolores’s words:

“Isn’t it amazing to know that we can still be here for you from this side? You can always reach out to me if you have questions about my material and I’ll be happy to give you an answer”.

Dolores also mentioned, if I would study her books, I would get close to finding out the truth about all existential questions I am seeking answers on and know what to expect when crossing over from this physical reality. I normally find it easier to watch video clips but her books are next on my list.

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What Is Our Existence On Earth About?

I have received clues about life after death and reincarnation from past life recalls. I am describing one of my past life recalls in the second episode of Conversations With Spirit And Extraterrestrial Beings.

In a following past life recall, I was a Native American (Indian) Medicine woman. This explains my love for the Native American fashion of feather ear-rings and Pocahontas shoes. I have a dream catcher next to my bed and am very fascinated by their spiritual believes and rituals.

A number of psychics/mediums have told me I have healing hands. This has also been confirmed by my Spirit Guides who encourage me to work with healing. It may actually become a reality in a near future. I feel I am drawn towards helping people to feel better and heal what is broken within.

I also found a connection between my RH negative blood group and the Cherokee Indians. Pretty cool.

This is a validation of the fact that life does not just end when we die. I believe reincarnation will be seen as natural as breathing in the future.

Another validation on the existential truths I am seeking I get from being able to receive more and more communication from the light/energy beings. The more I ask, the more information I receive about the true nature of human beings and why we are here.

To give you an example, I need to jump ahead to current time again on December 9, 2018, when I asked my Masters the following questions:

Me: “What is our existence here on Earth all about? What is the point?”

Now, it may sound like I was depressed asking this but it was not the case. I just have a deep desire to know what we are meant to do in this life. What the “hamster wheel” is about, really?

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Me: “What is the purpose with the whole amnesia process when incarnating here on Earth? Why don’t we remember anything?”

My Masters: “It’s simply to gain the memory back and realize your true self and where you come from. Basically, it is an experiment to see if you can remember who you really are, while you are in this physical reality. A reality that is often troublesome and easily pushes people off track. It requires continuous spiritual growth to overcome tough situations. It is a test to see if, despite this, people can higher their vibration/frequency to a frequency of pure love and grow spiritually”.

My Masters continued: “If people can relate to each other with pure unconditional love, it will increase the frequency of the planet. Evil and corruption cannot exist on this frequency and a “new” Earth based on love and compassion can be created”.

I was also told, we would get our true powers back and be able to manifest whatever we want to create in life just by thinking about it. Abilities we naturally have in spirit.

The manifestation by thought is a power we first have to earn by increasing our frequency and also be able to keep the vibration. It has to accompany an intent of pure unconditional love, because if this gift would come in the wrong hands, it could potentially be used to destroy humanity and the whole planet.

Keeping the frequency of unconditional love is not an easy task. Try to only think loving thoughts for a whole day. It is close to impossible even for such a short duration of time. Just hit the afternoon traffic and you are back to square one.

April 24, 2018 – Visions Of The
Star Children

This night, when in bed and still awake, they showed me two visions. The first vision was of a 13-14 year old boy wearing a brown T-shirt. He was being pushed out from some kind of portal or a stargate into the deep forest. The boy was nervously looking around, not knowing where he was.

I am not sure what this vision was about but I believe it may be a metaphor for the amnesia we are going through when incarnating on Earth (since that had been a topic of discussion lately). We are born on Earth, all confused with no memories of where we come from, and have to find our way back to the Divine connection – our real Home.

The other vision was of me. I was looking into a big mirror and the reflection looking back at me was familiar but had crystal clear, slightly larger eyes with narrow pupils. My eyes were light blue as the clearest ocean.

I remember thinking: “Wow, I look good”.

I did not see anything else. The vision ended there and I was thinking it was so odd. What was that about?

The next morning, I opened up YouTube to watch one of my regular video clips. I like to watch videos in the morning to keep myself entertained while getting ready.

To my surprise, I came straight onto a video clip of the “Star Children Amongst Us”. The video clip had a photo of a young girl with crystal clear, big blue eyes, exactly like the ones I had in my vision.

The video was about the star children who are coming from other dimensions or planets within our Universe. They have been incarnated on Earth as light workers for the purpose of awakening people. They are here to spread love and increase peoples’ vibration/frequency. You can watch it here:

I could not help thinking if this synchronicity was meant to tell me I am a star child.

There is more…

Two weeks prior to this incident, I asked my Masters where I was from. They showed me a name of a planet called, Ana eXon (the spelling of how I saw it). I thought I must have a vivid imagination or was making it all up. At lest, the first time they told me this.

I was seriously debating whether I was going nuts but they kept showing me the letters of Ana eXon.

Some days later, I decided to Google it. I searched for: Planet Ana eXon and to my big surprise I found information about a planet with the name: Ana-Exon!! It turned out to be one of five planets in the Hevrov Star System.

“Wow, this is getting interesting!”, I was thinking.

April 22, 2018 – Why Am I Getting All This Attention From Energy Beings?

Last night, my Galactic friends were working intensely on me. I woke up several times throughout the night and for every time I awoke, they were still there. I felt blissed out, stoned and groggy. I noticed my dog, Abigail, who was next to me in bed was feeling groggy too. She was making the same noise of being out of it as on New Year’s when I was forced to sedate her. She has an extreme fear of fireworks and my veterinarian had recommended offering her calming medication. I feel so bad for my baby girl and I am terrified she one day will get a heart attack from all stress.

Read the continuation in part 4 of Conversations With Spirit And Extraterrestrial Beings Journal. I hope you enjoyed this episode.

Find prior episodes or jump to the next episode here:

Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below. I would love to start a discussion about this phenomenon, spirituality or extraterrestrial life. Anything in fact.

Love and blessings to you all! 

Stina Pettersson
Founder – The Future Is Your Creation
Email: [email protected]

About The Author

Stina Pettersson - The Future Is Your CreationStina Pettersson, the author of Conversations With Spirit And Extraterrestrial Beings Journal is originally from Sweden but have resided in Miami, Florida, for the past 5 years. She left her beautiful home country for her love of the sun and warm weather. She does not cope well with the cold and darkness during autumn and winter in Sweden.

Stina grew up on the country side, in a town called Malmslatt, a bit outside of Linkoping. Her biggest passion in life has always been animals and she wishes she could save them all from abuse and despair. Stina was a true horse girl throughout her teens and had the fortune of having her own beautiful black horse that she won many show jumping competitions with – a precious gift from her mother and father. She wants to get back to working with horses in a near future.

Stina is also a former hip hop dancer who has performed on various arenas in Sweden and Miami. Dancing was a big part of her life for 21 years. She is now slowing down a bit due to ACL replacement surgery in both knees but nothing keeps her from long walks in nature with her two adorable dogs, Max and Abigail, and sweaty gym sessions.

Stina has a long career behind her as a web- and graphic designer/marketer and is also running her blog: The Future Is Your Creation – On her blog she teaches people how to start their own business online, provides tips of jobs you can work with remotely, educates on different eCommerce business models and share her spirituality.


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Stina had her first spirit encounter at the age of 5 – and from that time on – strange things started to happen. From fear of not fitting in, she tried suppressing her sensitivity to the spirit and extraterrestrial world throughout her teens, but has in recent years accepted her ability to receive communication and healing from other dimensions. She is now cherishing the mysterious side of her life and fells it is a blessing.

This journal was meant for her personal remembrance only but she kept receiving messages from different extraterrestrial light beings encouraging her to share the information with the world and help spread their message. She calls them her spirit galactic friends.

Copyright © 2018 Stina Pettersson
All rights reserved.

No parts of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the copyright owner.

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