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Conversations With Spirit And Extraterrestrial Beings Journal – Part 2

Conversations With Spirit And Extraterrestrial Beings Journal Part 2 - Author Stina Pettersson

Welcome back to my journal, Conversations With Spirit And Extraterrestrial Beings. I hope you enjoyed the first episode. In the second episode, things get even more strange and I will share about the initial meeting with my, as I call them, galactic friends and spirit beings. Thank you for checking in and I hope you will enjoy what I am about to share next!

If you came straight into this episode, you can check out the first episode or jump ahead here:

Disclaimer: This journal is not meant to convince, nor upset anyone. I am not claiming it is telling the only truth about extraterrestrials, multidimensional and spirit beings. I am just sharing my own experiences and interpretation of the messages I receive. It is up to each and everyone to make their own judgement about the information shared and whether it resonates with you or not.  
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December 4, 2017 – Strange Things
Got Even More Strange

I was in bed but had not yet fallen asleep and got another name sent to me. This time it was the name was; Dana. Is that a name even?, I was thinking. I had not heard it before, and I knew, I definitely did not know any Dana.

Nothing more happen that night.

Two weeks later when browsing the shelves at Home Depot, searching for a broom, a store representative approached me asking if I needed help. I recognized this man from earlier when I had been there shopping flowers for my pots on the porch.

This man seemed like a very kind man. In his late 40thies, I would guess. He had long blond hair in a ponytail and beard. I instantly assumed he was a Harley Davidson biker, which turned out to be true. Funny!




After showing me all brooms and I finally had come to a decision, I thanked him for his time. Before leaving, he asked for my name. I introduced myself with a handshake and said: “My name is Stina”. I returned the question and asked: “What is your name?”  He then pointed on his apron, which said; Dana in capital letters.

Wow! That was the name they gave me the other night, I thought to myself. I had imagined a woman having that name but now this big man was telling me he was Dana. I laughed a little and was thinking it was interesting I had received a premonition.




April 1, 2018 – Past Life Visions

My Angel Mother And I

Jumping ahead to April 1, 2018, I experienced my first vision of a past life. It is a bit difficult to share this section of my journal since I do not want to come out as someone believing I am special in any way. I am not special, nor better than anyone else. I just happen to get a glimpse of my past lives now and then.

In this life, I am sensitive to other dimensions/frequencies and outer planetary beings which is something everybody can develop sensitivity for. Although, not all people have tuned into this frequency just yet.

What happened on this occasion was that I received communication from higher dimensional beings, telling me I had been an Angel in a past life. I had decided to incarnate here on Earth into a physical body to have a human experience. I wanted to come here as a so called; light worker with a mission to help people and animals to heal.



If you recognize yourself or someone you know as a light worker, I am sharing some common characteristics of Earth Angels further ahead. I had no idea there were such behavior characteristics investigated until some months ago. I can definitely relate to the aspect of wanting to be a good listener and support to others but always get stuck in disastrous relationships oneself.

To get back to my first past life vision, it was of me as an Angel. The reason I know I was an Angel was that it was communicated to me at the same time as I was given the vision. I was standing in some kind of doorway/big window watching over people. I got the feeling I was looking out for people from a Universal perspective. I saw black space but it was light all around me. Like it was emanating from me.

When standing in the doorway/big window, I was looking down on a big crowd and felt love and concern towards all of them. I looked similar to how I look today but with longer, thicker and wavier hair. I was dressed in a white tunic and was bare feet.

Some days later, I had a continuation on my first vision. I saw my Angel mother sitting next to me caressing my face. I was lying down on my back like I was asleep and she was gently stroking my cheeks, forehead and hair. I felt so much love emanating from her. I have never experienced this kind of love before. It was incredible!

I felt I had such love for her in return and I started missing her immensely. I wanted her to be with me here on Earth. I missed the Angel mother I did not know I had. It was such an emotional experience that I was crying elephant tears. It felt so real.


Visits From My Angel Mother

My Angel mother has come to visit me in her energy form several times after my vision. It always makes me so emotional that I burst into tears. I cannot help it. Her presence is so magical and Divine that it is impossible to hold back the tears.

Last time she came to check in on me, I asked her if I could see her in her materialized shape/form. She answered I will see her “real self” (form) in a near future. I got a bit disappointed from that reply. When I insisted on wanting to see her now, in this moment, so I could give her a hug, she told me she could not lower her vibration as much as needed to materialize here on Earth. It was just not possible for her.

She told me she was hugging me right in this moment. I could not feel her physical arms around my neck but I did feel feather-light touches all over my arms and cheeks. It gave me rushes of amazing bliss and unconditional love. I am still blown away and completely in awe over this Divine experience.

I feel so blessed to get to experience encounters with any spirit or galactic being. It surely opens your eyes. There are so much more to life than what we see with our physical eyes. When scientists decide to put more focus on the unseen and the human consciousness (quantum physics), they will not only evolve, but take a remarkable step forward.

I came across a remarkable person, Dr. Joe Dispenza, who has done studies on our brain under meditation, and he has made amazing discoveries. When our consciousness connects to the Divine energy during meditation and we reach a pure state of bliss, the body heals itself from any condition/illness present. Pretty cool!


“You Are An Earth Angel!”

What I am about to tell you now may sound a bit strange which is understandable. I met a woman while at the park walking my dogs. She had a dog herself so I stopped to talk to her. Our dogs started playing and we were chit chatting during their play session. I immediately sensed she was spiritual, like me, so we had a lot to talk about.

After our initial meeting, we continued to meet up walking our dogs. After our forth meeting, she told me she was convinced I was an Earth Angel. She explained that her Spirit Guide had communicated this to her after our last meeting.

I was trying to comfort her about a difficult situation she was going through when we met that day and she could not believe I could care so much for a stranger. She said it really lifted her spirit and she felt at peace with herself for days after our talk.

She explained her Spirit Guide told her: “We put you together with an Earth Angel”. She also expressed having seen wings behind me.

By a coincidence, I later came across an article about Earth Angels and it did mention just that. If a person is clairvoyant, they can pick up on and see the energetic wings of an Earth Angel.

Believe me, when I say I got speechless when she told me this. I started giggle nervously because I have never felt special in any sense and my own life has been challenging in many ways. Would an Earth Angel have so many problems in this life? She stopped me and said she really believed I was. She was not joking.

I honestly had no idea what an Earth Angel was at this point so I had to use the Google giant. After doing some research, I was surprised to see I could relate to almost everything describing the character of Earth Angels. Did she know something I did not?

What Is An Earth Angel?

An Earth Angel is described as a person that has been an Angel in a past life and is sent to Earth to have a human experience. This would explain my past life visions. It does not mean that Earth Angels are perfect or have any special powers but they are light workers who often try to help other people and are here to spread love.

They are also here to assist all souls in the awakening and ascension process. What I am trying to do with sharing my experiences, I guess.

Earth Angels have strong intuition and are psychic. They are empaths and pick up on peoples’ emotions and subtle energies everywhere.

What was strikingly accurate for me, was they often feel like they are from another planet. They do not feel they fit in here. I have a strong sense I may not be purely human or from this Earth. I cannot explain how and why excatly but I later got a confirmation on being slightly different.


I was told by my Spirit Guides that I am from another planet, called Ana eXon. I first thought my mind made it all up, but when I actually Googled it, there was a planet with that name in the Hevrov star system. I researched this planet and it is said to still be populated by humans and another humanoid race. I do not know about the accuracy of the source though.

I also have a strong connection to animals and nature. I love animals more than people and can relate to them. Like mentioned, I wish I could save all animals from abuse and despair and give them the good life they deserve. They are the biggest gift to humans and can teach us so much.

Even the most distrusting animals feel calm with me and are drawn to me. I always got to help people ride their “problem” horses. They were aggressive and difficult to control, but with me, they were perfectly calm and good horses.


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Signs You May Be An Earth Angel

Here are some questions you can ask yourself and if you relate to them, and answer yes on most of them, you may be an Earth Angel:

  • Do you feel like you are from another planet? Or that you are a lone wolf?
  • Do others seek out your wisdom and guidance or even vent their frustrations towards you?
  • Did you have a difficult childhood?
  • Are you unable to tolerate violence on any level?
  • Are you interested in energy healing, metaphysical topics or philosophy?
  • Do you love all of humanity even though you can see our collective flaws?
  • Are you able to notice subtle energies and vibrations?
  • Are you naturally intuitive, empathic or sensitive?
  • Do you find your overall outlook to be non judgmental and you are able to see the good in others.
  • Do you strive to support, heal and empower others?
  • Do you worry about the state of life on this planet and know you are meant to do something about it?
  • Do you have a deep and natural connection with animals and nature?
  • Are you drawn to grow spiritually and uncover your innate soul wisdom?
  • Have you suffered trauma, crisis or several difficult life situations?
  • Do you feel deeply protective of nature, animals and children?
  • Are you aware of past lives where you have suffered or even been killed for your gifts and healing abilities?
  • Do you ever wake up in the middle of night alarmed but without knowing why?
  • Do you have intense or spiritual dreams?
  • Do you find yourself fast to forgive people and give them second chances?
  • Do you encourage growth and accountability in others?
  • Do you seek a bigger purpose in life? Do you wonder why you are really here at a soul level?
  • Have you met your spirit guides, guardian angels or the ascended masters supporting you in your life?
  • Do you look younger than your chronological age?
  • Do you suffer from pain or disease that doctors cannot explain?
  • Do you know you have experienced reality as a spiritual being before?
  • Do you feel a longing to “go home” that you cannot really explain?
  • Do you have an innate understanding of the magic of life, the universe and simply being alive?



The RH Negative Blood Group Mystery

I want to develop my feeling of not being completely human a bit further. It may be explained by the fact that I have a rare blood type that only 15% of the world’s population has. I am RH negative. This blood type goes by many names, for example; blue blood, Royal blood or alien blood.

Most people are RH positive which has a positive factor relating to monkeys. The RH negative blood type cannot be cloned and the scientists do not know where the blood comes from. A great deal of people say it is alien blood, originating from the old Nephilim Gods or the Annunaki’s. Others say it may be Royal.

I later got an explanation from my Guardian Angels/Masters which makes sense. You can read about further ahead in the journal (a future episode).

Our body temperature is lower than of people with RH positive blood and this caused me problems more than once. To mention an example…I was hospitalized for burst appendix about 10 years ago. Since my temperature was not high enough for the doctors to realize the severity of my condition, they took other emergency cases before me (I had five doctors checking me before they could give me a proper diagnosis). They were lacking rooms for surgery that day. I was in excruciating pain but had to wait for surgery for 12 hours before they took me in.

I could feel my appendix burst after 5 hours at the hospital. I remember the feeling like it was yesterday. It was quite a relief at first and I felt the pain subside a little. I felt something float out in my body. Little did I know it was all the pus from the appendix literally exploding in my body. Surprisingly enough, it made the pain ease a bit for a while.

However, when trying to stand up to go to the restroom, I experienced one of the most excruciating pains I have ever felt. Only my throat abscesses were worse (yes, I had two and I wanted to die from the pain).

I woke up the next day from my doctor examining me. When he noticed I was awake, he said: “Hun, you are so lucky to be alive with all the pus you had in your stomach”. Go figure! All this, because my temperature was still considered normal to my Doctor but it was alarmingly high for me from having the RH Negative blood.

Nurses sometimes believe it must be something wrong with the thermometer. They are shaking it and taking my temperature over and over again, to later realize there is nothing wrong with the actual thermometer, but I have THAT LOW temperature.

Another strange factor with the RH Negative blood group is that the mother rejects her baby fetus if it is RH Positive. The body recognizes the fetus as something foreign and automatically rejects it. Also, if the RH Negative and Positive blood mix, it is life threatening to the mother or child. Isn’t that strange?!

RH Negative Characteristics

RH negative people have some special characteristics which are:

  • A feeling of not belonging
  • Truth seekers
  • Sense of a “mission” in life
  • Empathy and compassion for Mankind
  • An extra rib or vertebra
  • Higher than average IQ
  • ESP ability (extrasensory perception)
  • Love of space and science
  • More sensitive vision, smell, hearing and other senses
  • Increased of psychic/intuitive abilities
  • Lower body temperature
  • Higher blood pressure or very low
  • Predominantly blue, green or hazel eyes
  • Red or reddish tint hair color
  • Increased sensitivity to heat and sunlight
  • Empathetic illnesses
  • Ability to disrupt electrical devices
  • Experience strange unexplained phenomenon
  • Psychic dreams
  • Prone to Alien abductions


April 6, 2018 – Receiving Healing From My Galactic Friends

It was daytime at my doctor’s visit, about 1.30pm, when I got an intense headache on the left side of my head. It only lasted for some seconds. I have learned it is an indication I have someone (a spirit entity or energy being) with me. Most of times, it is a Spirit Guide checking in on me when I get this special burst of headache on the left side. Deceased family members and close friends give me headache on the right side instead. Do not ask me why…Maybe, so I can recognize them.

I also felt the familiar cold breeze cooling my body so I closed my eyes and tried to clear my mind. It was one of my Spirit Guides, Thomas, coming to tell me not to worry about the Doctor visit. Everything would be okay, he said. I thanked him for the reassurance and told him I loved him.

I had been so nervous all morning, even days before, to be injected with the vaccines I was there to accept. I was going against my strong beliefs that vaccines are all bad and was never going to take any. Thomas came to calm my nerves. I was forced to take the vaccines to get my Green Card here in the United States. I think it is pure blackmail to force immigrants to be injected with tones of vaccines in order to get a Green Card. Especially now, when we are aware of the dangerous side-effects of vaccines. 


My Galactic Friends Helped With The Aftermaths Of The Vaccines

The same night as my vaccine injections, my galactic friends came to perform energy work (healing) on me. They came straight after I was going to bed, around midnight. I was reading a book but put it away when sensing their precense in the room. I tuned in to listen if they would communicate something in my scare of the vaccines. Would I later develop cancer or any other life threatening condition?

I know vaccines are about population control and are, in fact, harmful to the body. Vaccine has nothing to do with helping people get healthy, even how much the Government is trying to make you believe it has. Quite the opposite. The pharmaceutical industry wants to make sure people need costly medications to keep their money-cow alive. We cannot become too healthy. It would be bad for the instances depending on our money. I have so much more to say about this subject but I will save it for another forum.

The Energy Work Can Be Initially Painful

During the time my galactic friends were performing energy work on me, they sent a vision of me riding a big, muscular black horse. Just the kind I am dreaming of affording one day. I think it was their way of comforting me that everything was alright and that my future is looking good after all.

They had to ensure me everything was okay a couple of times that night when fear took over. The energy work (healing) can be quite painful from time to time. Only the initial sting though. I would describe it like being pinched by a big needle, like when you take the flue shot, and it felt a bit frightening before I knew what was going on. They often pinch me on my forehead, temples, chins, feet (especially my big toe) and arms. Occasionally, also on the hips.

It is so worth the initial pain, because the most amazing feeling of being stoned always follows each pinch. I feel high, at peace and happy.

The pinch is created by a high frequency light. They have explained that the beam of high frequency light is what feels like an initial sting or pinch.

During the healing process, they gave me visions of two different spacecrafts. One of the spacecrafts was hovering over the lake where I walked my dogs some hours earlier. It was round in shape with blue and red lights underneath. The other spacecraft was flying over an area I did not recognize. It was larger than the first and oval in shape. Maybe, this is a precognition of where I might see their spacecrafts in the future or them just showing me they were around earlier as well.

April 7, 2018 – Receiving A DNA Upgrade

As usual, my galactic friends came to work on me after my first trip to the restroom about 2am the morning. They always make sure I am awake when they are visiting. I do not really know why just yet, but I believe they want it to be a conscious experience so I can share it with you folks to assist in the awakening of Humanity.

They put me in this amazing high feeling of love and no worries, as always. I felt calm and in peace with myself and my surroundings. I felt very stoned. Such an amazing feeling. This is getting addicting. An addiction, without an actual drug, which is good.


I was thanking them telepathically for visiting and told them I loved them. “We love you too Stina”, I received back. I fell asleep in total bliss but woke up again at 5.14am. I needed to use the restroom once more. I had worked out at the gym late in the evening and had been drinking too much water. After using the restroom, I jumped back into bed.

Seconds later, my galactic friends came back to perform some more energy work on me. The high feeling got even more intense. I felt the familiar feeling of a needle entering my cheek area and another entering the right leg.

Right after the pinching sensation, it always starts itching intensely on the pinched areas. I am trying my best to not itch since I have been told they are upgrading my light DNA, but sometimes, it is unbearable. I need to add I still want them to do this and feel very blessed having this experience.

For every upgrade, I get more intuitive and can channel spirits and extraterrestrial beings from higher realms of existence much easier. I also get precognitions more often. I am extremely sensitive to pressure changes in the air nowadays and often get temporary headaches and ringing in the ears, if the frequency and air pressure change. I feel energy beings everywhere. They give me all kinds of sensations, from picking up on emotions to being electrically charged. Hot and cold sensations are also a strong indication someone is around.

I am very excited to see how this will develop and I will share what I am going through, I promise. In all, I am staring to feel very comfortable around my galactic and spirit friends.

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April 9, 2018 – Johnny The House Spirit

My galactic friends were visiting me on and off during the night but stayed shorter than usual for each visit. I did not sleep well that night so I noticed them come and go several times. I also felt a different sensation from what I normally feel.

Normally, they start their energy work from my feet and move up towards the top of my head, but on this occasion, it was like they did not manage to move passed my feet. A bit alarming was I had the feeling my right foot was burning. It was not a comfortable feeling at all. I could not help thinking it had something to do with the vaccines I was injected with earlier. The vaccines must have messed with my energy body.

I asked my Galactic friends about it and they telphated back they were working extra hard on healing my body after the vaccines. They confirmed the vaccines were not good for the body and had blocked the previous upgrades, somewhat, but could be dealt with. They advised me to eat and drink clean and get lots of sleep to help fight the side effects from the vaccines. They ensured me they would do their best to assist my body as well.

As usual my house spirit was active all day and night, making himself heard by all means. I only have to enter the room and he creates a knocking/popping sound somewhere to make me aware he is there.

Forgive me, I must introduce my house spirit. His name is Johnny. He lived (“lives”) at the house and have been there ever since I moved in three years ago. He refuses to accept he is dead to this physical plane and is lingering around the house. He has no intentions on leaving. He made that clear.

I tried to help him to cross over to the light, but he refuses to leave. I believe, the house is his safety-net. He did communicate he had lived in the house for long. As soon as I stepped my foot inside this house, I got a clear vision of Johnny. He is a tall, slender man, in his late 50thies with black hair and a mustache.

He is harmless but has scarred me and the dogs a couple of times. Not to forget, prior roommates he scarred half to death. I still do not understand how he does it but he can recreate the loud noise of our massive wood entrance door slamming shut, even that it is already closed. It can make your pulse go up a bit, so to speak. He flips the door handle as well.

He sometimes pushes things off their shelf. Other times, he just makes it sound like he does. When you look, nothing has fallen. He likes to push down the hanging basket in the shower with all the shampoos, conditioner, shower gel etc. It makes a loud noise you cannot mistaken. The bottles are heavy and when they fall down in the bathtub they slam towards the surface pretty hard.

When Johnny decided to show himself one day, I and the dogs got pretty shaken up. I was sitting on the bed watching a movie with the dogs lying beside me. The door to my room was shut but I have a space of 5 inches beneath the door you can see under.

All of a sudden, we saw big male feet (I would guess size 12, at least) walking outside the door towards the AC thermostat which is located next to my room. The dogs went ballistic and jumped up in standing position on the bed, growling with their fur standing all over their backs.

I first thought it must have been my roommate’s son, Samir, who came home earlier from the trip he had taken. I was alone in the house over the weekend.

I opened the door but did not see anyone. I called Samir’s name but no answer. I went knocking on the door to his room but sill nothing, so I opened it to check if he had his earphones plugged in and did not hear me. Nobody was in the room, nor the house.

The dogs were still running around, barking and searching the house. This was odd behavior for them and nothing they would normally do. They never barked when Samir was coming home since they recognized his steps but this was something different.

Max, who is my little bodyguard, could not relax in over an hour afterwards. Gosh, I love my babies to death. Max was lying next to me on the bed with his fur still raised on his back, starring towards the door.

I still cannot wrap my head around how they do it. How come spirits can be, more or less, invisible most of the time but sometimes decide to materialize and look like they once did in physical form? I have read they sometimes can lower their vibration to match ours here on the physical plane and that is when they can be seen by us. I am not sure what to believe just yet. If you have the answer on this question, please educate me. I am dying to know.

Johnny was pretty annoying, during the first year, in the sense he kept me from sleeping. He made cracking/popping or bouncing noises all around. I am a light sleeper so it made me wake up several times at night. I felt he wanted to annoy me so that I would move from the house. I was pretty sleep deprived during that time.
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I was not going to give in on his wish and efforts to make me leave, because I loved the house, and still do. Instead, I decided to have a talk with him.

I got a good opportunity when I was sitting in the backyard, next to the lake, meditating. I felt his presence coming closer and closer so I telepathically sent him a message. I told him I had no intentions on leaving the house any time soon so he better deal with it. I commented that I was the one paying the rent now, since he was dead, so we had to find a way to live together in the house.

After our talk (or he did not really say much), he actually calmed down. He still makes noise every time I enter the room, especially the restroom, but he does not keep me up at night anymore.

Have I told you how irritating and frustrating it is to have someone sneak-peak at you in the restroom?!! I have yelled at him so many times to give me my privacy, at least in there!

His defense was that the restroom used to be his kitchen. This may actually be true, though, because one of our neighbors told us the house had burnt down some years ago and it had been completely restored.

Anyhow, I am very grateful he lets me sleep nowadays. I do sleep a lot better and do not feel completely drained each morning, like I used to. I am trying to send him light and love so that he can find his way home one day.


April 14, 2018 – Meeting The Extraterrestrial Species “The Poppers”

Who are they? Find out in part 3 of Conversations With Spirit And Extraterrestrial Beings Journal :

Find all episodes here:

If you have any comments, please feel free to share them in the comment section below. I am very open to discuss this phenomenon, spirituality and extraterrestrial life. Anything in fact.

If you would like to share this with your network, I would appreciate it immensely.

Love and blessings to you all! 

Stina Pettersson
Founder – The Future Is Your Creation
Email: [email protected]


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About The Author

Stina Pettersson - The Future Is Your CreationStina Pettersson, the author of Conversations With Spirit And Extraterrestrial Beings Journal is originally from Sweden but have resided in Miami, Florida, for the past 5 years. She left her beautiful home country for her love of the sun and warm weather. She does not cope well with the cold and darkness during autumn and winter in Sweden.

Stina grew up on the country side, in a town called Malmslatt, a bit outside of Linkoping. Her biggest passion in life has always been animals and she wishes she could save them all from abuse and despair. Stina was a true horse girl throughout her teens and had the fortune of having her own beautiful black horse that she won many show jumping competitions with – a precious gift from her mother and father. She wants to get back to working with horses in a near future.

Stina is also a former hip hop dancer who has performed on various arenas in Sweden and Miami. Dancing was a big part of her life for 21 years. She is now slowing down a bit due to ACL replacement surgery in both knees but nothing keeps her from long walks in nature with her two adorable dogs, Max and Abigail, and sweaty gym sessions.

Stina has a long career behind her as a web- and graphic designer/marketer and is also running her blog: The Future Is Your Creation – On her blog she teaches people how to start their own business online, provides tips of jobs you can work with remotely, educates on different eCommerce business models and share her spirituality.


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Stina had her first spirit encounter at the age of 5 – and from that time on – strange things started to happen. From fear of not fitting in, she tried suppressing her sensitivity to the spirit and extraterrestrial world throughout her teens, but has in recent years accepted her ability to receive communication and healing from other dimensions. She is now cherishing the mysterious side of her life and fells it is a blessing.

This journal was meant for her personal remembrance only but she kept receiving messages from different extraterrestrial light beings encouraging her to share the information with the world and help spread their message. She calls them her spirit galactic friends.

Copyright © 2018 Stina Pettersson
All rights reserved.

No parts of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the copyright owner.

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