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Conversations With Spirit And Extraterrestrial Beings Journal – Part 1

Conversations With Spirit And Extraterrestrial Beings Journal Part 2 - Author Stina Pettersson

I have been writing on a journal about my recent experiences with extraterrestrials, multidimensional and spirit beings for the past 9 months. Although my plan is to publish an actual eBook about the subject in a near future,  I took the decision to share it here on my blog in episodes, starting with part 1. The first episode introduces my background – how it all started – and the first strange event happening back in December 2017. I hope you will find it interesting and worth your time. I want to thank you in beforehand for checking in!

Disclaimer: This journal is not meant to convince, nor upset anyone. I am not claiming it is telling the only truth about extraterrestrials, multidimensional and spirit beings. I am just sharing my own experiences and interpretation of the messages I receive. It is up to each and everyone to make their own judgment about the information shared, and whether it resonates with you or not.    



Conversations With Spirit And Extraterrestrial Beings Journal – Part 1

Last night, I was on cloud nine. I had a visit from some highly spiritually evolved beings called the Blue Avians. It took me almost a year to figure out it was not the first time I had communicated with them and that they are always around to guide me when I feel lost or confused. In fact, the Blue Avians are here to assist humanity in our awakening – to shift the consciousness of our species for the good of all.

Meetings With Spirit And Extraterrestrial Beings Journal Part 1 - Author Stina PetterssonPeople who have met the Blue Avians in person, describe them as bird-like humanoid beings with blue/indigo feathers. They are about 8 feet tall and slender in body type. They radiate pure unconditional love and wisdom.

Even though they are visiting me as pure energy and have not appeared in their physical form yet, I can confirm they emanate a state of bliss and pure love when they are visiting. You are literary on cloud nine.

To try and make a fair description of how I perceive them, I would describe their energy as static. Like the black and white noise of an old TV when it did not pick up on any channel. The first thing I notice when they visit is a flash of indigo/blue/white light which follows by a cold breeze and a sense of static energy around my body.

Never, have I felt so at peace with myself and my surroundings as during their last visit. I always feel “high as a house” when I am near their wonderful energy. What I have come to realize is that in order to communicate with me they have to increase my frequency or vibration to match theirs. As a result, I feel completely stoned and in total bliss.

The Blue Avians are naturally high-density beings and exist on a higher frequency than us here on Earth. Their visits are very similar to when my Guardian Angels/Masters are visiting. I believe, the Blue Avians are here as Guardian Angels for humanity as well. They are light beings who fight for justice and want to increase the love-vibration here on Earth.

The Blue Avians are encouraging us to serve one another and ourselves. The repeated message is that we need to stop being so destructive towards each other and our planet.



The Blue Avians, among other light beings and extraterrestrials, have visited me for more than a year now. Initially, they mostly performed energy work on me to upgrade my DNA and to help increasing my vibration and psychic abilities. I was told, they need me to help share their message. This does not make me special. The Blue Avians are working with many people to do the same.

Although, they did mention (when I asked: Why me?) they reached out to me because of my RH negative blood type (explained further ahead in my journal) but also past lives and where I originate from.

Other extraterrestrials are just curious about our human behavior and want to study our everyday life. One species, in particular, that visits me from time to time, I named; the Poppers. They do not talk much, but they create loud popping or cracking noises in the wall when being present. I asked them how they did this and was told they compress air and shoot it to create the sound. It is their way of communicating their presence.

Each time any light being is visiting, my telepathic and psychic abilities are increasing. The telepathic communication gets easier and easier to receive. In the beginning, I picked up on sporadic words and could not make out full sentences, but now the conversation flows easily. I also get better at predicting future events (yet only related to my everyday life).

I sense and pick up emotions from energy/spirit beings everywhere. I had no idea there are so many invisible beings surrounding us at all times. I need to block them from my consciousness daily to be able to focus on my everyday life here on Earth and not just talk and take messages from them.


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How Did It Begin? My Very First
Spirit Encounter

I was not the child that saw spirits everywhere and was constantly talking to them. However, I did have a spirit encounter at the age of five that stuck with me ever since, and what I believe, kept me open to continued spirit interaction throughout my life.

I remember sneaking downstairs to my mother and father’s bedroom like I always did after not being able to fall asleep in my bedroom upstairs. I was terrified of darkness when I was a child. I was convinced evil monsters were hiding under my bed at night. I could not even let a toe peek out from under the sheets, without thinking someone would grab on to it and pull me down into darkness.



Meeting My Guardian Angel

I laid down in-between my mother and father, and suddenly I saw my mother standing by the bottom end of the bed looking slightly transparent but still very much like herself. She was just standing there calmly watching over me. I turned my head to the right, where I knew my mother was lying snoring next to me. She was still there sound asleep, but when turning my head back to center, she was also standing on the side of the bed. How could this be?

I did not react with fear. I just remember thinking it was strange how my mother could appear at two different locations at the same time. The whole experience was very peaceful and loving. After some seconds, the standing version of my mother had disappeared.

I still remember this like it was yesterday. I now understand it was my Guardian Angel who was taking my mother’s appearance to not make me feel frightened. My Guardian Angel was just there to check in on me.

Later on in my teens, I saw shapes of spirit entities from time to time. I guess what is commonly described as ghosts. I do not like to call them ghosts, because they are human souls like us but in a non-physical form.

At one occasion, I was tickled by a spirit entity on my leg. Little did I know then that this would develop to an everyday experience some years later.
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Spirits Playing Pranks

Spirits love to play pranks on us still living here on the Earth plane. Often, it is a loved one trying to communicate a message.

My belongings were so often moved around in my home (still are). It did not matter whatever apartment or house I was living in. It kept happening over and over again. For a while, I honestly thought I was going nuts – knowing that I put the keys on the dresser – to later find them in the bedroom. Or when the votive candles I knew I carefully put in the left corner of my windowsill, had been separated and moved. I always moved them back but they kept moving day after day.

Meetings With Spirit And Extraterrestrial Beings Journal Part 1 - Author Stina PetterssonToday (October 19, 2018), they played a new prank on me. I could not find my house key and was running around in the house, blaming myself for taking the key off the key chain.

I had done this to be able to enter the house, open the garage door from the inside, and still have the car engine running.

Anyhow, I was desperately looking around until something was telling me to look under this decorative platter (I keep on a desk not far away from the entrance door) and…there it was!

Despite the fact it was kind of annoying to have to look for the key, I could not help laughing. The spirits love to show us they are visiting from time to time. They just love to make impressions.


My Deceased Friend Kalle

One day after coming home to my apartment in Stockholm, Sweden, someone had placed long pieces of toilet paper, shaped as a cross, over my hair accessories basket which was standing on the bathroom floor. I was single at the time and was only living together with my beautiful Rottweiler, Diva. No one else had keys to my apartment. Needless to say, I am pretty sure this was not a trick by a dog.

One of the stranger events to occur, was when I came home after swimming Diva at an arthritis rehabilitation center for dogs and found small piles of sand on the kitchen floor. Three neatly placed piles of sand to be exact. I need to add I had vacuumed and wet swiped the whole apartment before going. I was seriously wondering if someone had stolen the spare key and was playing tricks on me but the spare was still where I had left it.

The sand piles were of very fine sand (like the kind in a time glass) and so carefully placed on the floor in neat little piles. It was nothing, whatsoever, indicating someone had been inside the apartment except for the piles of sand.

Sometimes when sitting in the sofa, I felt an odd and very strong smell in the living room. I first thought Diva had rolled in something smelly while being outside and the odor had stuck to the living room mat. I even washed it to see if the smell would go away but it kept re-appearing now and then.




The smell was so strong and unlike anything I had ever put my nose into. It was a sticky, warm and musky smell. What I later learned, after bringing a psychic/medium to my apartment, was that it was the smell of marijuana the spirit who was visiting was smoking before he had passed. I had no experience with marijuana before moving to Miami, Florida, and did not recognize the smell. If you have smelled it, you know it has a very distinctive smell. In Miami, you smell it daily, but in Sweden, not so often.

The reason I decided to bring a psychic/medium to my apartment, was I had not yet accepted my psychic abilities. I was also tired of waking up in the middle of the night by a woman screaming or an unfamiliar alarm going off. The way things were escalating, I figured “someone” wanted to communicate a message.

Without going too deep into my meeting with the psychic/medium, there were several spirits eager to leave messages. My grandparents came through to give me a few pointers and to let me know they are watching over me. It was nice and comforting to hear they are still around. They made sure to express their disapproval of my tattoos as well (funny).

My friend and classmate, Kalle (not his real name), who tragically took his own life at age fifteen came through and admitted to be the one messing around with my things. The medium explained he was happy I was still thinking of him and he comes around to mess with me a bit now and then. Kalle, also communicated he knew I could sense him. Another reason why he kept coming around.

The medium commented: “Why try talking to someone who does not listen? Spirit entities are always trying to get in contact with those that can pick up on them. You would probably not try speaking with someone who keeps ignoring you. It is the same for them”. I will elaborate on why some people can pick up on spirit communication, while others have it more difficult, a bit more later.

Kalle, was also behind the smell of marijuana since he was under the influence when he committed suicide. I still think of Kalle almost every day and more of his pranks will be mentioned throughout the journal. He is still with me, so very often, and I can finally receive messages from him. It definitely makes it easier. Talk about having patience with me during all these years when I was not open to communication from higher frequencies.

Kalle was together with my best friend at the time. He was handsome, popular with his classmates and, of course, also the ladies. He seemed happy but was obviously carrying a heavy burden he could not manage dealing with any longer. That he decided to leave this Earth came as a big shock. It was devastating. I wish I had known what he was going through and could have been there for him. Helped him!

I would probably not have developed my psychic abilities as fast if it was not for Kalle. The desire to understand what was going on when all my things moved around, the voices and the sudden panic attacks I knew were not mine, was speeding up the awakening process. At this point in time, I know Kalle is doing wonderfully well where he is right now and it helps my grief.


The only thing that people who have passed and left our physical existence here on Earth feel regret for, is that the people they leave behind are grieving them. They pass on to such a happy place. A place of love and unity with the Creator or Home Source (whatever you wish to call it) and can still go and visit their loved ones, in spirit form.

Before incarnating to a physical body, we all create our own contracts depending on the mission we came here to work on and the Karma we bring with us from past lives. Together with our spirit guide, we decide our own fate on Earth, while still in spirit form.

Because of our free will fate can change, but in the end, we all return home and get to meet our loved ones again. Some people claim that life is a pre-designed game we are all playing – taking different roles and characters until we are loving and pure enough to ascend to the next level.

It seems easy “over there in spirit” but after going through the amnesia of the birth process and you forget what the heck you came here to do, it gets hard at times. The goal is to remember who you really are, where you came from and try to be the best possible version of yourself – in service to others.

Speeding Forward To Current Time

Speeding forward to the current time and to my new home in Broward, Florida. My things keep moving around but at this point in time I know it is Kalle saying hello and a few other spirits that are trying to get my attention.

The pranksters know I have OCD tendencies and want my home clean with all my belongings in place. They know I always notice when things are moved from their original location. Sometimes, they make a mess and can be really annoying because they want to communicate a message.

I know I must be difficult for them because I am caught up in work too often and cannot pay attention to my invisible friends even if they pinch my toes or push something down from a shelf. Unfortunately, that is life here in the 3D reality, where you have to chase after money to survive.

Things Are Getting Physical

I never feel fearful or believe it would be evil intentions behind this little game. Oh well, I have to admit I got a bit shaken up a couple of months ago, when working on my laptop and I started to feel strong electricity around my forehead and down my arms and legs. In the next second, the glass vase next to me was slammed down on the floor and was shattered into pieces.

This particular situation felt a bit threatening.

I shouted: “This is enough! Talk to me but do not destroy my belongings”. After calming down a little, I decided to write a note asking: Do you need help? I want to help you. I placed it where the glass vase was originally placed but nothing happened.

I have now learned that their energy comes out too strong sometimes but their intention is hardly ever to hurt or scare anyone.

On the more playful and amusing note, my makeup is thrown in the trash bin now and then. For a while, when Kalle tried to get my attention, there was a new piece of makeup in the trash almost every morning. If it was not my mascara, it was my concealer or lipgloss.

When sitting on my bed watching a movie on Netflix one day, I heard a loud popping noise, like when something hard is hitting an empty plastic bucket.

Did Kalle just throw my mascara in the trash bin? Is he here NOW?, I thought to myself. Really!


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The bathroom was located inside my master bedroom and I always kept the door to the bathroom open. There were always things going on in there and I made sure to not let it pass by my awareness.

And…YES, I was right! I ran inside the bathroom to look and the mascara was lying at the bottom of the trash bin. The situation made me laugh. “Hi Kalle! Thank you for visiting your little prankster”, I said.

My friend in the afterlife surely got my attention this time.

December 2, 2017 – Strange Happenings

I was in bed relaxing and all of a sudden a name popped into my mind. The name I received was; Travis. I was thinking: Who is Travis? Do I know anyone with that name? What did that come from? I had not been thinking of anything remotely close to Travis.

After thinking about this for a while, I went back to solving my Swedish crosswords. I love to do that at night before sleeping. My mother sends them from Sweden. It makes me tired and exercises my brain.

I forgot about Travis and kept on with the crosswords until my eyes were, more or less, closing by themselves. I decided to shut down the lights and dose off to dreamland.


The Natural High Experience

A few seconds later while still awake, I felt a tingling sensation all over my body – from the top of my head to my toes. It was a nice and comfortable feeling at first but developed into a feeling of being electrically charged. The electricity nipped/pinched me on certain places on my body. It was rather painful at times.

Adding a couple of seconds, I experienced heat. It felt hot like fire on my arm. It was literally like someone was holding a lighter under my arm. I have sensed this before when a psychic medium had to remove a spirit attachment from me and help this spirit to the light. Their energy can feel extremely hot or cold.

In the next moment, my bed sheets were pushed down and it felt like someone physically sat down next to me. I felt hands touching my feet and they kept moving up my legs adding even more weight onto the bed cover. My heart started beating fast. I was terrified. I sat up in bed trying to figure out what was going on.

I was looking around but I did not see anyone or anything. When my fear had increased to the point where I was ready to run out of the room, I felt a nice and calming sensation filling up my whole body, starting from my feet. The feeling was incredibly calming and I sensed a feeling of love pouring over me. All my worries faded away. I was amazed at how good I felt!


Entertainment Earth


I started to feel stoned like I was high on some kind of drug. I recalled the way morphine made me feel (Doctors had given it to me before my ACL and appendix surgeries). My legs felt warm and weightless. Like they were levitating in the air. The room started spinning slowly but it did not make me dizzy. It was just comforting.

When I closed my eyes, I saw pink and purple colors and beautiful patterns. I used to have a toy of binoculars when I was a child and when rotating the handles it was making the most beautiful patterns. The patterns looked similar to them.

After opening my eyes again, I saw small shimmering stars in the air. It was beautiful!
The incredible high state of mind was going on for quite some time – for 20 minutes at least.




At times, the feeling of unconditional love got so strong that my eyes were overflowing with tears from all emotions I was feeling. I automatically started sending thoughts of love. Love was all I felt in that moment. I thanked whoever made me feel this good and loved. I just knew I loved this being so much.

The stoned feeling started to subside a little – to five minutes later – increase TENFOLD again. It escalated to the extent it felt like my body was going through strong G-forces. It was like when riding in a roller-coaster and you feel your body is pushed up and pressed down at the same time. It was very frightening. I closed my eyes hard, somewhat paralyzed from the experience.

All of a sudden, a blue light opened up from the darkness behind my eyelids. I telepathically received a voice telling me: “He is seeing the light”. “We are taking him now”.




Everything became calm and quiet again. All my sensations – the G-forces and the stoned feeling – went away. I felt totally exhausted and nauseous. I walked up from bed on shaky legs and grabbed a glass of water. What the HECK just happened??? Did they use me as a channel to help someone cross over to the light? Did they remove an attachment? Or WHAT was that?, I was thinking to myself.

Needles to say, I did not sleep that night. I was way too blown away from what just happened. My thoughts were making flips in my head. I could not wrap my head around what just happened, even how hard I tried to make sense of it all.

The next day, I felt down and empty. I have not felt as bad in a long time. It was like all my life-force had been sucked out of my body and mind. This feeling lasted until noon and then I slowly and steadily came back to my normal self.


The G-Forces Are Back

The same event repeated itself a week later but they gave me two names this time: James and Emily. My spirit galactic friends (like I came to call them) communicated murder, so I guess they had died abruptly.

Such a shame. I got so sad receiving this information and blessed them in thought.

If a person dies abruptly by an accident, murder or if he/she took his/her own life, it can make them confused and unable to leave the Earth plane. They get stuck in, the so-called, astral plane.


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Also, if a loved one is intensely grieving the person’s death, the crossed over person can get stuck there too. It gets difficult for them to let go and move up dimensions.

The astral plane is described to me as the place of “nowhere” or “nothingness”. It feels dark and empty. Not a nice place to be stuck in. They see people but they do not see or hear them. It must be confusing, to say the least.

Sometimes, people who died abruptly like this need help moving up dimensions. Some, do not even realize they are dead to this physical life.

What On Earth Is Happening To Me?

Back to the situation with James and Emily. The same strong G-forces passed through my body like the strongest F5 tornado. It created such an impact on by body that I got terrified my heart would pop out of my chest. I could feel my heart beating so hard it almost came up my throat. I also had the feeling my head was pressed downwards and would end up by my feet. An incredibly scary sensation.

When the G-forces had reached their maximum strength, everything just stopped. I did not hear any voice or was seeing any light this time, but like last, my body and mind were totally blank-slated and exhausted. I felt nauseous again and ran into the restroom to sip water from the tap.

What on Earth is happening to me??, I thought to myself.

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If it would not start out with the amazing feeling of unconditional love and being comfortably stoned, the whole thing would be terrifying! Since “they” (the invisible beings) are making me feel so loved and calm in the beginning, I am trying to convince myself it must be something positive that is happening. Hopefully, it is also helping the persons’ with the names I am receiving.

December 4, 2017 – Strange Things
Got Even More Strange

Part 2, 3 and 4 of Conversations With Spirit And Extraterrestrial Beings Journal are now released. Check em’ out!
Conversations With Spirit And Extraterrestrial Beings Journal Part 2 - Author Stina Pettersson

Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below. Maybe, you have similar experiences? I would love to hear from you. If you would like to share this with your network, I will appreciate it immensely.

Love and blessings to you all! 

Stina Pettersson
The Future Is Your Creation
Email: [email protected]


About The Author

Stina Pettersson, the author of Conversations With Spirit And Extraterrestrial Beings Journal is originally from Sweden but have resided in Miami, Florida, for the past five years. She left her beautiful home country for her love of the sun and warm weather. She does not cope well with the cold and darkness during autumn and winter in Sweden.

Stina grew up on the countryside, in a village called Malmslatt, a bit outside of Linkoping. Her biggest passion in life has always been animals and she wishes she could save them all from abuse and despair. Stina was a true horse girl throughout her teens and had the fortune of having her own beautiful black horse that she won many showjumping competitions with – a precious gift from her mother and father. She wants to get back to working with horses in the near future.

Stina is also a former hip hop dancer who has performed on various arenas in Sweden and Miami. Dancing was a big part of her life for 22 years. She is now slowing down a bit due to ACL replacement surgery in both knees but nothing keeps her from long walks in nature with her two adorable dogs, Max and Abigail, and sweaty gym sessions.

Stina has a long career behind her as a web- and graphic designer/marketer and is also running her blog: The Future Is Your Creation – On her blog she teaches people how to start their own business online, provides tips of jobs you can work with remotely, educates on different eCommerce business models and shares about her spirituality.


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Stina had her first spirit encounter at the age of five – and from that time on – strange things started to happen. Stina tried to suppress her sensitivity to the spirit and extraterrestrial world throughout her teens, from fear of not fitting in, but has in recent years accepted her ability to receive communication and healing from other dimensions. She is now cherishing the mysterious side of her life and sees it as a blessing.

This journal was meant for her personal remembrance only but she kept receiving messages from different extraterrestrial light beings encouraging her to share the information with the world and help spread their messages. She calls them her spirit galactic friends.

Copyright © 2019 Stina Pettersson
All rights reserved.

No parts of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise without the prior written permission of the copyright owner.


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