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5 Rules That Will Boost Productivity For Your Business

5 Rules That Will Boost Productivity For Your Business

Author: Rita Vasquez

Business owners have so much to think about. And as the owner, you are responsible for everything.

This could include the day-to-day running of the business, things like financial management, supplier discussions, and marketing.

As a result, productivity is vital.

You must understand how to be productive, and how to get the most out of your working hours.

To help, we have listed 5 simple rules that you can adhere to, to maximize your productivity as a business owner:

1. No Personal Internet Use Or Social Media During Work

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Smartphones while amazing for so many reasons can also lead to huge distractions. They can also greatly reduce productivity.

This is because we can easily get distracted looking on the internet, checking social media, or watching YouTube videos, for example.

If you want to remain productive as a business owner, you must work to reduce these distractions.

As a result, you can enforce the rule that there is no internet use or social media for personal reasons during work.

2. Always Take A Full Lunch Break

Having proper rest and a break between work hours is vital for productivity.

You should ideally not work for longer than 4-hours at a time without some type of break – preferably more. 

As a bare minimum, you should have the rule of always taking a full lunch break. This should ideally be a minimum of 30 minutes.

That’s 30 minutes where you can walk away from your screen, put your phone down, and relax.

Make sure you have a proper lunch too and perhaps use the break to take a short walk, or just clear your head.

These regular breaks will boost your longevity and as a result, your productivity.

3. Stick To A Set Work Schedule

A set work schedule is also important for productivity.

If you know exactly when, and for how long you are working, you can plan your tasks and make sure you use the time effectively.

You can use online planning tools like Asana to help with work schedules. For example, Asana allows you to schedule weekly tasks for you and your team.

4. Work Is Work, Personal Time Is Personal Time

A key to success is to create a clear gap between work and your personal life.

There must be a definitive gap so that you can enjoy both, and remain productive in both.

Once you have finished work, you have finished work. Switch your phone off, relax, and enjoy your personal time.

Similarly, when you are working, you should be working – the personal things unless urgent can wait.

5. Know Which Tasks You Can And Can’t Do

Lastly, you can boost your productivity by the way you handle task management.

Some tasks can be done in-house, while some should be outsourced or given to your employees. For example, you may want to outsource your accounting to an accounting firm. 

Sum up each task and how it could be completed. You can then boost productivity by assigning each one to the right person/company.

Sometimes it is beneficial to outsource jobs to third-party businesses when you do not have the special tools or knowledge.

However, if you have free tools or the means to do tasks in-house, you can save time and effort.

We hope you have benefited from this guide on productivity. It is important to make the most of your working hours and utilize the tips we have provided so that each day is a productive day!

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