I am sorry it has taken long to write another blog post. I have been very busy with my eCommerce dropshipping business, Get Happy e-Deals, which is a blessing. I am now willing to confirm that this business model WORKS!

Is Dropshipping Legit? Benefits & Disadvantages Listed - Make a Living from Home in 2017It really does, and it works very well even. It was a bit tough to get started but shame on the person who gives up.

From the beginning to approximately 3 months into my dropshipping journey, it felt very distant to be able to make a living on it, and we only got a sale here and there. We bumped into hurdle after hurdle and got some product refunds that hurt us a bit.

The reason to these refunds was AliExpress sellers that failed to deliver in time, which led to angry customers believing their items would never show up. This needs to be advised: DO NOT use the free standard AliExpress shipping when dropshipping from AliExpress.

We did that mistake (hence the frustrated customers), and it took over 60 days before the item was delivered to the customer. Not good! Of course you will have a bunch of angry customers haunting you, which is a bit frightening and disheartening just starting your eCommerce business.

Make sure to only choose sellers that are using E-packet. E-packet delivers in about 12 to 20 business days, sometimes up to 30 days, but it seems relatively secure, and it is a whole lot better than 60 days.

The eCommerce Secret – Find THAT Product That Will Get The Ball Rolling

To look at the bright side of retail arbitrage, dropshipping or private labeling, I want to say that it is true what the professional eCommerce gurus say – “you have to find THAT product that will get your business going and then everything will start snowballing from there”.

Some weeks ago we found THAT product that boosted our sales dramatically. After trying all kinds of research strategies to find good products – trying to mostly sell products that already are best sellers, which most retail gurus recommended – I took my own direction and searched online, and found a very interesting toy.

I created a listing on our eCommerce store and on eBay, but did not know how it would turn out. I was hoping it was going to be a good item, but could never have expected the high demand after this toy.

I went to bed after an intense long day, and after waking up the next morning and when taking a look at my email inbox, I got a very pleasant surprise. My toy already had 24 sales! The sales kept coming in during that day and thankfully they keep coming in still. Hundreds of sales later, I thank the universe every day for my sales.

I finally understand that all prior hurdles, hard work, and disappointments have been worth while. I am starting to see that this is a business model you can make a good living on. BUT – there is a lot of hard work following when dropshipping!

Actually, you have to fulfill all orders yourself, since you have to make the order from the wholesaler that will ship the item straight to the customer. It is also a lot of customer service work with customers asking about their orders, shipping status etc.

The Best eCommerce Model

The best eCommerce model according to my beliefs and experiences is to private label your own products and then use the Amazon FBA Program to fulfill all orders, customer service, shipping inquires etc. I hope to use this business model more in the future. So far, we only have one product that we had manufactured, branded with our logo, and sent in to the Amazon FBA Program. It is this Collapsible Measuring Cups & Tablespoons Set:

Dine & Prep - Quality Kitchen Supplies - Collapsible Measuring Cups and Tablespoons SetMy plan is to first build up a good capital with the help of dropshipping, so that I can invest in manufacturing more of my own products. I will keep using dropshipping as well, but to less extent.

The fantastic side of dropshipping is that you do not have to put as much money up front in the beginning, since you do not keep any inventory. Find out more about dropshipping in prior blog post:

Is Dropshipping Legit? Benefits & Disadvantages Listed


We have increased our inventory with great products, huge discounts, and a much more user friendly website. Let me know what you think?

Get Happy e-Deals offers the best deals and bargains online daily 24/7!

I hope this blog post was motivating and useful for the person thinking of dropshipping or private labeling your own products. If you want to know more about private labeling, I have presented all aspects to think of and to avoid in my article:

How To Sell On Amazon For Beginners

If you have any questions about this blog post or something else, please leave a comment in the comment section below.

Best of luck to you all!

Stina Pettersson

Make a Living from Home in 2017
Email: [email protected]


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