The 2018 Upgraded Version Of The Interactive Baby Sloth Who Talks Is Here – Here’s How To Get It Before Christmas!

Interactive Baby Sloth - Buy it at Get Happy e-Deals

The Most Wanted Christmas Gift 2018 – The Interactive Talking Baby Sloth

UPDATE DECEMBER 20, 2018 – Get Happy e-Deals Now Carries THE Brand Original WOWWEE FINGERLING SLOTH But It DOES NOT TALK

Kids of all ages are obsessed with the newest toy trend Fingertip monkeys and unicorns, and it is no wonder that toy stores all over the world are having a hard time keeping them in stock. If you are a parent, you might remember the holiday chaos surrounding Hatchimals last year (that are still a hot item), with re-sellers pricing them at double, even triple the price.

It seems that the same is true for Fingertip monkeys this year, but if you want to buy your child something even more trendy, in fact a 2018 pre-sale toy, Get Happy e-Deals has just released an upgraded version of the Fingertip character family – The Interactive Baby Sloth Who Speaks Back!

This version of the Interactive Baby Sloth’s repeats all you are saying, makes other funny noises, blinks its eyes and moves its head. It makes a loud noise when it gets excited. It is just a great companion and very entertaining for your child.

Interactive Baby Sloth - Buy it at Get Happy e-DealsIt comes with a high quality USB charger, instead of batteries, which is required for the earlier WooWee versions. It also comes in a hard, nice retail box, the type as of iPhone boxes.

Note, that this is not a WooWee Fingerling, but a more developed and enhanced version that now also speaks. Apart from this, they look exactly the same.

However, you will have to be quick to get it. This version is not a small potato anymore — it is a hot potato that you may have a tough time getting your hands on before Christmas. Get Happy e-Deals reports having 75 of these left in stock but they are going fast as hot cakes. The sales director, James Fay, informed us that they are unsure if they will be able to re-stock again before Christmas.

Interactive Baby Sloth - Buy it at Get Happy e-DealsIf you are not familiar with Fingertips, they are tiny, robotic monkeys, unicorns, and now sloths that can cling on to your fingers, pencils, notebooks, and other surfaces while they interact and respond to your touch and sound. Best of all, they are easy to play with and adorable, which is why they are so popular with young kids and adults alike.

The holiday exclusive upgraded version of the Fingertip, is not a monkey, but a sloth, so he looks quite different from the regular monkey and unicorn Fingertip robots. The Baby Sloth is brown and white, and just adorable.

Make Sure To Get Your 2018 Talking Interactive Baby Sloth Fingertip Robot Now!

Get Happy e-deals offers 1-3 days shipping within the U.S., so you still have time to get it before Christmas.

Interactive Baby Sloth - Buy it at Get Happy e-Deals

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Happy Holidays!

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