eCommerce Apprentice Program – Get Personal Support Starting Your eCommerce Business

Welcome To My eCommerce Apprentice Program!

I guess you came here because you are tired of doing all time consuming research online on how to get started with your own eCommerce business, and be able to cash in those lovely sales profits each month.

The eCommerce sellers on YouTube brag about their successes, but they never give you the secret formula. Their bait is a promise you will get access to the secret formula IF you join their costly Amazon/eBay training.

Let me tell you, there is no secret formula!

There Is No Secret Formula That Will Make You Rich Selling On Amazon
(Or Any Other Marketplace) – Only Hard Work!

Use Your Time Wisely

You may rather want to use your time wisely, and learn from someone who already have experienced the pit falls and knows how to avoid or recover from them.

Also, someone who can be your personal support and help, while you are going through all the steps of:

  1. Registering your business.
  2. Applying for a resale certificate.
  3. Offering strategies and help doing the product research to find profitable products.
  4. Help you to find authorized suppliers.
  5. Apply for brand approval on Amazon.
  6. Help setting up your product listings and start selling.

You will always run into some temporary road blocks on the way to building a successful eCommerce business, and it can be of great benefit to get some extra help overcoming them.
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If you feel this would be of value to you, you should definitely consider joining my apprentice program. I will be there for you, guide and coach you through the whole process of starting your very own eCommerce business, whether you want to sell on Amazon, eBay, or on your own eCommerce store.

Why Choosing My eCommerce
Apprentice Program?

First of all, most Amazon training programs cost $995 – $35.000, and when moving towards the latter, it starts becoming outrageous. With these mayor training programs, you also have to fight for the attention among many other students.

I only accept 3 students at a time, and only charge an one time fee of $795 for my personal support. My apprentice training is not only a bunch of video tutorials to watch. I will be there all the way through the start up process, until you have found and listed your first product/products.

If you are not locally in Austin, Texas, we can work together via Skype, Face Time, and regular phone calls.

If you are already a seller, but you have gotten stuck and need help overcoming an issue, I also offer coaching for $50 per hour.

Time frame apprentice program: Of course, there has to be a time frame to the apprentice program. It is also to push you to take action and not getting off the path somewhere on the way of creating your eCommerce business.

My apprentice program offers a generous time frame of 4 months to get this undergo. If it would take longer than 2 weeks to get your business registered, we can prolong the time frame. Depending on the state you are residing in, the processing time can take a bit longer.

For more information, contact Stina Pettersson at: [email protected]

Disclaimer: My apprentice program does not guarantee that you will get sales. It is up to each and every student to take action and implement the knowledge offered from the coaching.

The third party marketplaces change their rules and regulations frequently, which I cannot be held responsible for. You have the responsibility to ensure that you are following the rules and regulations on the marketplaces you are selling on.

How Do I Make Money With This Blog?

For starters, I make money from the advertising on my blog, like the ads you are seeing on this page.
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I also market and sell other peoples’ products and earn commissions doing so. This way of earning an income is called Affiliate Marketing.

Sometimes, it can be a lot easier to sell other peoples’ products, instead of inventing the wheel yourself.

However, this is not a fast solution to make money. It takes time and hard work, but there is no limit on how rewarding it can be.

If you want to learn how I make money with this blog through affiliate marketing, and get started fast, you are welcome to contact me for my affiliate marketing coaching as well.

If you are still not sure, you can read more about me in About This Boss or check out my articles in my Make Money Blog.

My motto is: To make a full time income while still keeping your freedom!

Best of luck to you all.


Stina Pettersson
Make A Living From Home/The Future Is Your Creation
Email: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]