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Welcome back to my journal; Conversations With Spirit And Extraterrestrial Beings. I hope you enjoyed prior episodes. In the forth episode I will share about telepathic communication, mass awakening, and the fact that we are immortal beings. I am also sharing about receiving light DNA upgrades from my Galactic friends and how it increased my psychic awareness and ability to perceive energy beings. If you ever doubted the reality of spiritual and extraterrestrial matters, I hope that what I am going to share in this episode will change your mind. Thank you in beforehand for reading.

If you came straight into this episode, you can read the first, second, and third episodes here:

April 22, 2018 – Why Am I Getting All This Attention From Energy Beings?

Last night, my Galactic friends were working intensely on me. I woke up several times throughout the night and they were still there every time. I felt blissed out, high and groggy. I noticed that my dog, Abigail, who was spooning me in bed felt groggy too. She was making the same noises, she had done on New Year’s, when I was forced to sedate her.  My poor baby has extreme fear of fireworks.

I asked my Galactic friends why I was getting all this attention from them. I received the answer that they were preparing my body for the 4th and 5th dimensions. This is what they told me word for word:

“Stina, you are a natural leader. You are a person other people look up to and follow. By working on you and making you experience the 4th and 5th dimensions, we want you to tell your story (experience) and help awaken other people”.

I was too out of it to follow up with more questions. When I am in this blissful, high state of mind and body, I do not wish to speak. I just want to be fully in it and enjoy every second.

I do not want to comment on their statement that other people look up to me. I can only say that it may come natural when you are good in sports and not fear authorities.
Back to the subject of awakening …from reliable sources, I have attained information that we (humanity) are moving towards a crossover to the 4th and 5th dimensions. From the perspective of evolution, it is our destiny to do so. Although, there are forces out there that are working on preventing the ascension to all means possible. I will develop on this statement further, when I have gained a bit more information.

“In this moment, while writing on this piece, my hair is standing on top of my head. I feel electrically charged and it tingles here and there on my body. When I touch the parts of the body, where the tingles are the most intense, I feel heat poring out. I bet my Galactic friends are waiting on me to stop writing and lay down to relax, so they can get on with their daily energy work. Let’s see what happens tonight”.

April 24, 2018 – My Telepathic
Conversation With Albin

The intense spiritual awakening I am going through right now is getting interesting.
On my evening walk with my babies, I walked into an energy field that gave me chills all over my body – the good chills that tickles you so you start shivering a bit. The chills lasted about a minute or so.

“What was that?” I was thinking.
In the same second as I was thinking it, an answer popped into my mind: “It was a Spirit you just passed”. I recognized this voice very well. It was one of my Spirit Guides, who had come to educate and guide me through the meeting with Spirit, Albin.

I am going to try and retell the conversation with my Spirit Guide and the Spirit entity, Albin, that I picked up on. The whole conversation with the both of them was telepathic:

Me: “Wow, that is so cool”. (Commenting on what my Guide just had told me).

My Spirit Guide: “He wants to talk to you”.

Me: “Well, I can talk to you, but I don’t think I would be able to perceive him”.

Before I had finished this sentence, I heard: “Hi Stina! I’m Albin”.

I intuitively sensed that it was no longer my Guide that was talking. It was a different voice I was perceiving, with a different set of emotions.

Me: “Hi Albin! How are you?”

Albin: “I’m good good. All is fine, thanks.

Me: “Cool! What are you doing here?”

Albin: “I used to live here. In the grayish house over there”. (Referring to a house across the street from my house. I cannot describe how, but I sensed which house he was pointing at).

Me: “Are you here visiting?”

Albin: “Yup, just here checking in on my family”.

Me: “It was really nice to meet you Albin”.

Albin: “You as well Stina. Take care now”.

Me: “By the way…How did you know my name?”

Albin: “We learn a lot up here *Giggle”.

Me: “It sure seems like it”.
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I am now thinking to myself: “Oh Boy, I AM GOING CRAZY! I hear voices in my head! I am talking to myself! SCAAARY!”

My Spirit Guide was now back and was interrupting me: “No, you are not crazy. This is very real”.

Me: “So who am I speaking with now?” (Not knowing if it was Albin, who was still communicating with me).

My Spirit Guide: “We go by many names. You can call us: Thomas, Eric, or Alma. (Mentioning all the names they have used when communicating with me in the past. Let me develop this further. They are individual Guides, but they are part of the “we are all one” consciousness. It is difficult for us in this 3D existence to understand exactly what it means. I do not understand this either yet).

My Spirit Guide: Whatever you prefer Stina. We are all one, you know”.

Me: “That is the part I quite haven’t figured out yet”.

My Spirit Guide(s): “You will. Don’t worry. You have made huge progress lately Stina. You will get it soon”.

Me: “Thank you so much. I’m so grateful that you guys are here with me, guiding me. I want to say that I love you and appreciate you”.

My Spirit Guide(s): “We all love you so much Stina. Now, if you ever feel lonely, you can always talk to us”. *Giggle

Me: *Laughing “Well that is fantastic!”

My Spirit Guide(s): “There are so much more for you to discover. You will see!”

Me: “I’m excited”.

My Spirit Guide(s): “We bet you are”. *Laughing

Me: “You guys are a lot of fun!”

My Spirit Guide(s): “Good bye for now Stina”.

Me: “Good bye dear”.
This conversation blew my mind! Especially, on how clear and easy it came to me. It was, literally, like sitting face to face talking to a person.

Although, I was still questioning myself and my sanity. I was contemplating whether I had such vivid imagination that I made this whole thing up.

What speaks against it being just imagination, is the fact that the answers were transmitted to me incredibly fast – before even finishing my own sentences. I doubt that my brain had the time and capacity to double process the information. Figuratively, to come up with a question and answer it at the same time.

I have no relation, whatsoever, to the name; Albin. How would I be able to make it up that fast? I guess this will remain a miracle, until I get further knowledge about this phenomena.

Update February 3, 2019 – It Is Very Real!

Because of the fact that I am almost a year behind in publishing my journal, I need to comment on what I just shared, and tell you that so much has happened since April 2018. I can with 99.9 percent certainty, confirm that all this is REAL. As real as can be!

What started out as sporadic conversations with Spirit Entities, who are still Earth bound in the astral plane, has developed into everyday telepathic conversations with all sorts of energy beings.

I have received so many confirmations on what they have told me is accurate – that I would be stupid to continue questioning the validity of the information – and how I am able to receive it. I have also spoken with many different extraterrestrials, all in energetic form, and received so much valuable information. All, that I will share with you, of course, in future episodes.

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Our Guardian Angels Are So Close

I want to share an amazing event that happened about three months ago, which was a confirmation that our Guardian Angels are closer to us than ever. I will describe an interaction with one of my Guardian’s that gives me amazing chills, just by thinking about it.

A Confirmation From Alma

Like usual, I felt a cold breeze. It felt refreshing to say the least. I started to feel slightly lightheaded, and I sensed a mild electrical current that created tingles on my right arm, shoulder, and neck. I asked who was there with me. I telepathically received the name; Alma.

I know Alma very well. She has this motherly energy about her that is incredible and so filled with pure love. I know that Alma is my Angel mother from a past life. If you want a deeper explanation on this, you can back up and read the second episode.
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I asked Alma if she could touch my hand. I wished to get a physical confirmation on our meeting. I remember thinking the same exact phrase three times: “Please touch my hand” “Please touch my hand” “Please touch my hand”.

All of a sudden, I got a cold, gentle breeze in the palm of my hand. It was centrally located in my right palm only. I felt a strong energy surge going up my whole arm, and I started feeling high and euphoric (like always when their Divine presence is near).

This lasted about five minutes, and I thanked Alma over and over again for this wonderful experience. I was crying from all the emotions I felt from our contact. It is so addicting. I really wish I could feel that good all the time. What a rush!


I have noticed that when my Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides share this feeling of pure and unconditional love, I just want to declare how much I love them.

I can relate to the wonderful euphoric feeling that NDE’ers (Near Death Experiencers’) are talking about, when crossing over to the light. When I hear them mentioning the experience as a feeling lost for words, I can fully relate. There are no words that can describe exactly how wonderful it feels sensing your Guardian Angels.

If humanity could vibrate at this Divine vibration, there would be no more wars. The hatred between people and races would no longer be able to exist. Instead, we would live in peace and harmony here on Earth and with our Galactic friends, throughout the whole Universe.

I dare to claim that other species, or extraterrestrial races, are far more spiritually evolved than us and are already living in peace with each other. They are coming here to educate us (humankind) on how to live together, without all hatred and destruction, and how to take care of our precious planet that we are destroying a little bit more day by day.

My wish is that more and more people will awaken to their true selves as Spirit Beings, and be able to receive communication from extraterrestrials and light beings. Any person, who has experienced these wonderful and loving interactions, would no longer be able to stay egocentric and self servant.

A global awakening would really change humanity for the better. We could save Mother Earth, implement free zero energy, and stop starvation.

April 27, 2018 – My Wish For A Mass Awakening Correlates To My Actual Mission

My Galactic friends came about 12.30AM to start their energy work. I felt the need to get a more fundamental explanation to why they are visiting me so intensely, on a daily basis so, once again, I asked:

“With all the attention you are giving me, what is my mission? What is it that I am supposed to do?”

The answer I received was:

“By helping you to experience the 4th and 5th dimensions of reality through your own awakening process, and with the healing powers you will bring back with you, you will help other people to awaken. There will be no mistaken it”.

I was overwhelmed by this answer and very excited for the future to come. I have always had such a deep desire to understand “the unknown”.
This may not come as a surprise, since my life path number is 7, which is said to be the spiritual life path number. It is said that people with number 7 have strong intuition and are able to receive information from the higher levels of consciousness through their dreams and other channels.

This relates to my RH negative blood type that also strengthens these abilities. Plus the fact that I am born into the astral sign of Scorpio. Scorpios are all for the mystics and life after death.

I sense that it is only a matter of time before my Galactic friends will take me on an out-of-body-experience, or a so called astral projection. With this phenomena, they can take me everywhere throughout the Universe and educate me more deeply.

I have never experienced astral projection this far. But people that have, all say that they can see their physical body still lying in bed sleeping, while they are sitting/standing next to it, watching it. They literally pop out of their physical body, and with their energy (etheric) body, they can travel among the stars and other realities.

Sounds pretty amazing to me!

I did, however, tell my Galactic friends that I cannot leave my dogs behind. *Giggle They kindly ensured me that my dogs are not even going to realize that I am gone, until I am back again. I am okay with that.

Some people are afraid they would not be able to return to their physical body, but rest assured that it can never happen. Just by thinking of your body, you will bounce back into it again. Very annoying for those, who are training to consciously decide when to leave and return to the body. The slightest fear or thought of physical Earth, takes you back into the physical again.

The Useful Perceptions

I love the warnings and perceptions I am now able to receive. They are very useful. My Guardians’ sent me a vision of a big water bottle, with red cross-marks over it, like it was not meant for drinking. I did not think that much about it, until I was at my friend’s place to give a computer class.

I went to the kitchen, like usual, to have a glass of water, but when asking my friend is she wanted a glass too, she shouted:

“Nooo, don’t drink that! We just got a warning that the water is contaminated here in Aventura”. 

I suddenly thought of the vision from last night. This was it. They had warned me about the contaminated water. I whispered: “Thank you for the warning!”

It is amazing how much help you can get when you tune in to the Universe.
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This reminds me of another perception I received the other night. I am currently helping out as a stable assistant at a ranch with 16 horses. I help feeding them, cleaning the stalls, take them in and out the pastures etc. The vision I received was an image of a bucket spilled out on the ground.

The vision disappeared as fast as it came. The perceptions are very short in duration. You get an immediate awareness of what is going to happen, but that’s it.

The next day, I was driving the tractor to go and empty five buckets of manure, after mocking out the stalls. Normally this goes very smooth, but on this day and exactly like in the vision, one of the big buckets with manure slipped off the tractor and spilled onto the driveway. This also happened TWICE during the short drive out to the field, where we empty the manure.

Not a big deal, but if I had taken note of this perception, I could have been more careful when loading the buckets onto the tractor, and maybe avoided the double effort of raking it all up again.

May 6, 2018 – We Are Immortal Beings

On this day, I asked for proof that I was not losing my mind. Sometimes, I doubt everything that is going on and need to ask for some kind of evidence that what I am experiencing is real. The physical sensations I cannot ignore, but it is easy to reject the telepathic communication as I am talking to myself, or that I am imagining everything I am told.

I asked the energy beings to tell me something I would never come up with myself. A seconds later, I was telephated:

“The Turkish minister and people are fleeing Syria”. 

I asked if this, in fact, was true. I admit, I have not watched the news in a while, since they are always filled with tragedies and horror stories. It is also a form a mind control – to keep us occupied with all the bad drama, so we cannot feel sincerely happy and increase our vibration.

I got a YES back.

I swear to you that this is absolutely NOT something I would normally think of. I decided to research this on the Googled giant, and to my surprise, it was almost right. People were fleeing Syria to try and find shelter by the minister of Turkey. Amazing!

They sure convinced me there. I am not going bananas, yeeeiiih!

“The truth is that I am receiving information from highly evolved beings, who have the ability to visit Earth in energy form and educate me, and other people, on spiritual and evolutionary matters. They are assisting in our awakening, so we can remember who we really are – immortal beings and a part of the I AM presence, i.e. God”.

Remember this. Remember that YOU are the creator of your own life. You are God in the sense that you can manifest what you want to create. You just need to remember HOW you once did this.
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May 13, 2018 – PAIN!

When lying in bed reading a book, my Galactic friends came on their daily visit, but this time their treatment was quite painful.

The pain started in the back of my left calf. It felt like they were cutting me with a blade or such. I burst out: “Ooaach that hurts!”

I got telepathed back that they were so sorry for the pain they caused, but that they were stepping up my DNA activation.

I tried to keep it together, since I know that what they are doing to me is for my well being and for me to be able to fulfill my mission.

Next, the same cutting pain appeared in my right arm, left finger, and forehead. This sounds terrifying, I know, but what calms me down is the amazing feeling of being so comfortable high that comes with it. The feeling of being stoned follows every pinch or zap, which makes it less frightening. It is a comfort that it cannot be that bad.
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I also noticed that I was starting to see their energy better. Before each cutting/pinching sensation, I saw transparent small dots flying before my eyes, and in front of the pages of the book, I was reading. I was amazed by this.

I decided to lay the book aside, and shut off the lights, to fully focus on this event. I closed my eyes and tried to clear my mind in order to receive possible communication.

About 5 minutes later, they sent me a vision of my right wrist. It was transparent and was shimmering with light. Since my arm was lit up with this blue/white light, I saw the blood veins so clearly stretching out along my arm. It was a very cool experience.

I got a download saying: “Light DNA activation”.
I was thinking: “Wow, I get it now. This is what they are doing to me. Incredible!”

They continued with telling me that I was doing good progress, but that they had to step up their energy work a bit after all the chemicals that had invaded my body, from the vaccinations I had been forced to take the same day.  The vaccinations were blocking the DNA activation.

Now, I just have to ask you readers this question: Why do you believe they want us to take vaccines for all sort of things? Think about this for a second.
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I deeply regret that I compromised my health for the cause of a Green Card, but what is done is done. Now, I have to deal with the side effects and try to get the toxins out of my body. Luckily, my Galactic friends are helping me healing my body from the toxins.

They also mentioned that my curiosity was, and will always be, the main key to my spiritual progress.

“Keep being curios, wanting to learn more, and the experiences will follow. It will help your ascension process”, they explained.

I confirmed that this will be no issue, since I am naturally extremely curious. I want to learn everything about the Universe, life after death, reincarnation, Angels, Spirit Beings, extraterrestrial life – the corruption and secret-keeping behind extraterrestrial visits, their spiritual evolution and technology – and so forth. I cannot get enough of this information.
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May 14, 2018 – WTF?!

I had a less pleasant experience today. It was about 9PM, and I was sitting in bed working on my lap top. All of a sudden something/someone pinched my left big toe so hard that I flew up in bed, screaming out loud: “Aooach! Stop doing that! It hurts!”

The pain subsided for some seconds, but then another hard pinch followed. It felt like someone was sticking a big needle deep into my toe. Again, I shouted: “Seriously stop it! You’re hurting me”.

I started to feel a bit worried, because I know that my Galactic friends or light beings would not hurt me like this…

Read the continuation in part 5 of Conversations With Spirit And Extraterrestrial Beings Journal, which will be released shortly. I hope you enjoyed this episode. If you missed the first three episodes, you can find them here:

If you have any comments, please feel free to share them in the comment section below. I am very open to a discussion about this phenomenon, spirituality, and extraterrestrial life. Anything in fact.

Make sure to check in, now and then, for the release of part 5. If you would like to share this with your network, I would appreciate it immensely.

Love and blessings to you all!

Stina Pettersson
Founder – The Future Is Your Creation
Email: [email protected]

About The Author

Stina Pettersson - The Future Is Your CreationStina Pettersson, the author of Conversations With Spirit And Extraterrestrial Beings Journal is originally from Sweden, but have resided in Miami, Florida, for the last 5 years. She left her beautiful home country for her love of the sun and warm weather. She does not cope well with the cold and darkness during autumn and winter in Sweden.

Stina grew up on the country side, in a village called Malmslatt, a bit outside of Linkoping. Her biggest passion in life has always been animals, and she wishes she could save them all from abuse and despair. Stina was a true horse girl throughout her teens, and had the fortune of having her own beautiful black horse that she won many show jumping competitions with – a precious gift from her mother and father. She wants to get back to working with horses in a near future.

Stina is also a former hip hop dancer, who has performed on various arenas in Sweden and Miami. Dancing was a big part of her life for 21 years. She is now slowing down a bit due to ACL replacement surgery in both knees, but nothing keeps her from long walks in nature with her two adorable dogs Max and Abigail, and sweaty gym sessions.

Stina has a long career behind her as a web- and graphic designer/marketer, and is also running her blog; The Future Is Your Creation – thefutureisyourcreation.com. On her blog she teaches people how to start their own business online, provides tips of jobs you can work with remotely, educates on different eCommerce business models, and share her spirituality. About a year ago, she started her own eCommerce store, Get Happy e-Deals, together with one of her best friends here in Miami; James F.


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Stina had her first spirit encounter when she was 5 years old – and from that time on – strange things continued to happen. From fear of not fitting in, she tried to suppress her sensitivity to the spirit and extraterrestrial world throughout her teens, but has in recent years accepted her ability to receive communication and healing from other dimensions. She is now cherishing the mysterious side of her life and sees it as a blessing.

This journal was meant for her personal remembrance only, but she kept receiving messages from different extraterrestrial light beings encouraging her to share the information with the world, and help spread their messages. She calls them her spirit galactic friends.

Copyright © 2018 Stina Pettersson
All rights reserved.

No parts of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the copyright owner.

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