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Amazon just released 10 tactics to help drive “Sponsored Products” and “Headline Search Ads” campaign performance during the Holiday season to maximize sales. If you missed it, this is a 2nd chance to view the Amazon Holiday advertising tactics.

#1. Start Early – and Think Beyond the Big ‘Deal Days’

Greet the season with a fully baked strategy. Set measurable goals and have a plan in place for tracking them. When it comes to setting KPIs (key performance indicators), consider what you ultimately want to accomplish.

Plus, remember that your strategy should extend beyond tentpole events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It is recommended that you run your campaigns through January to capture incremental traffic. Adjust your start and end dates.

#2. Ensure Your Retail Readiness

Microplane 40020 Classic Zester Grater Stainless Steel Blade – FREE ShippingHoliday traffic means more clicks, impressions, and sets of eyes on your Amazon product detail pages. Preseason, take a critical look at the products you intend to promote and make sure their detail pages are set up for success.

A strong detail page includes:
• High-quality images.
• Correct product titles and no typos, misspellings, or inaccurate information.
• High number of reviews.
• Products rated greater than 3.5 stars.

#3. Bid Strategically and Use Manual Targeting

If there is ever a time to bid more competitively, it is the holiday season. Higher bids boost your chances of winning more competitive auctions. Consider increasing bids 2 weeks prior to Black Friday/Cyber Monday.  Keep bids elevated through the end of January due to the expected rise in the average cost-per-click (CPC).

We also recommend that you launch manually targeted Sponsored Products campaigns to maintain control over your conversions.  Watch a 3-minute video on creating manual targeting campaigns.

#4. Be At the Top

Another reason to run manually targeted Sponsored Products campaigns during the holiday season: you gain access to Bid+. Bid+ optimizes your bids for Top of Search results when they are more likely to lead to sales or conversions. This feature helps your ads be more competitive, which can result in more impressions, clicks, and sales.

Enable Bid+ within your manually targeted Sponsored Products campaign to help increase your chances of winning top-of-search placement. Watch a video on how to enable Bid+.  

#5. Add Ads

Amazon FBA - Prepare Your Amazon Advertising For Holiday 2017 - Make a Living from Home in 2017

Use the Other ASINs report to view details on other ASINs purchased after a customer clicked on your Sponsored Products ad, and add these products into your holiday campaigns.  Use this report to identify the other ASINs sold, and review which ads (advertised ASINs) and keywords were attributed to the sale. Review the Other ASINs Report.

#6. Test, Test, Test

Maximize the potential of your Headline Search Ads* by testing specific elements in Q3 and early Q4. Plan to test for a minimum of 2-3 weeks so campaigns can be optimized for peak seasons.

Consider testing these components:
• Landing pages: Drive to a custom landing page or create an Amazon Store if you are looking to increase sales.
• ASINs: Experiment with the ASINs you show in your Headline Search Ad if you want to help improve CTR.
• Images: Try different images/logos in your Headline Search Ads to improve CTR.
• Headlines: Test a thematic seasonal message against more evergreen copy to see if seasonality impacts your CTR.

#7. Be Cognizant Of Your Copy

New Innovative Kitchen Towel Hook – 1 Single Or Set Of 2 Self Adhesive Towel Hooks – Premium Chrome Finish & Easy Installation – Firmly Holds Towel without Tearing – Ideal as Bath, Bathroom, Shower or Outdoor Towel holders – FREE ShippingCraft clear, engaging copy for Headline Search Ads* using sentence case capitalization. Keep promotional copy actionable and direct.

Be careful to avoid the pitfalls that will delay campaign approval:
• Price callouts in copy (e.g., dollar value or a % discount).
• Time-sensitive copy (e.g., “Cyber Monday”).
• Unsubstantiated claims (e.g., “World’s best phone case”).
• Superlatives (e.g., “Best Seller,” “Best,” “Highest Quality, “Ultimate”).
• ALL CAPS or no capitalized first letter.
• Misspellings and text errors.

#8. Optimize Your Keyword Focus

Leading up to the holidays, launch your campaigns with many broad match keywords targeting across branded, competitive, and category terms. Over the next few weeks, optimize your campaigns for the
best-performing keywords, and gradually shift from broad to phrase match, and then from phrase match to exact match. Watch this video on how match types work.

#9. Don Not Go Dark

Amazon FBA - Prepare Your Amazon Advertising For Holiday 2017  - Make a Living from Home in 2017

Monitor your budget to make sure you do not run out mid-flight. You should consider raising budget caps by 150%-350% to accommodate heightened demand. Plan to use a Daily Budget, which you can adjust at any time.  Adjust your Daily Budget in Campaign Manager.

#10. Stay In-the-Know

Do not wait until the holidays are over to assess how your campaigns performed. Our reporting lets you see what is working in your Sponsored Products campaigns—and lets you know where you need to optimize to hit KPIs and help drive sales.  Learn how to view and download your reports with this video.

Best of luck to all Amazon sellers! I hope you will rock this Holiday 2017!

Stina Pettersson

Make a Living from Home in 2017
Email: [email protected]

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